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[05:51:30] <tyzoid> So I run a mirror for the mainline arch linux software over at arlm.tyzoid.com
[05:51:41] <tyzoid> and when the switch comes around, I'd like to start hosting 32-bit packages
[05:52:35] <tyzoid> is there an rsync endpoint in place for mirror.archlinux32.org?
[05:52:51] <tyzoid> And how would this be handled once the switch happens?
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[06:31:15] <tyzoid> hey deep42thought: You missed my message about half an hour ago
[06:31:23] <tyzoid> but I run an arch mirror: arlm.tyzoid.com
[06:31:37] <tyzoid> and I'm interested in running a mirror for the 32bit packages once that's split from mainline
[06:32:17] <tyzoid> I saw the scripts on the archlinux32 github, and I'm wondering what sort of infrastructure there is in place already
[06:43:31] <tyzoid> you online deep42though?
[06:44:18] <deep42thought> hi, yes, was afk shortly
[06:45:59] <deep42thought> well, currently we have a virtual server for the website from Polichronucci, a container on a real server for the mirror from me, some older intel 6-core for building the iso and I use some i5 for the development.
[06:46:12] <deep42thought> a mirror would be a good thing to have, too
[06:48:07] <deep42thought> so currently, my (the?) plan is, to use mirror.archlinux32.org as main source from which all the other mirrors sync - but currently only http(s) is available, haven't got the time to setup rsync correctly
[06:48:43] <deep42thought> when there are enough other mirrors (and the load on this one is too high), we might start restricting access to mirror.archlinux32.org
[06:49:01] <tyzoid> cool.
[06:49:07] <tyzoid> I assume only the isos are there currently
[06:49:53] <deep42thought> and the irc logs :-)
[06:49:57] <tyzoid> ah
[06:50:50] <tyzoid> If you wanted to get syncing sooner, you could set up a temporary ssh user with rsa key auth to handle rsync
[06:50:53] <tyzoid> I could sync through that
[06:51:06] <tyzoid> Or we could wait until proper rsync is in place
[06:53:37] <deep42thought> hmm, I have some security concerns with the ssh-solution
[06:54:05] <deep42thought> there is a lot more data on this computer than this project
[06:55:17] <deep42thought> this week I'm still busy, but I'll set something up next week
[06:55:21] <tyzoid> alright.
[06:55:24] <tyzoid> No worries.
[06:55:28] <tyzoid> I'm on the mailing list
[06:55:34] <tyzoid> or you can reach me at tyzoid.d@gmail.com
[06:55:40] <tyzoid> I'm not usually on IRC
[06:55:50] <deep42thought> I would write to the mailing list once rsync is working
[06:55:56] <tyzoid> sounds good
[06:55:59] <deep42thought> maybe someone else there runs a mirror, too
[06:56:20] <deep42thought> one question though: what folder hierarchy should we use?
[06:56:30] <deep42thought> the one of archlinux or the one of archlinuxarm?
[06:57:49] <deep42thought> personally I prefer the one of archlinuxarm
[06:59:05] <deep42thought> so "example.com/$arch/$repo" instead of "example.com/$repo/os/$arch"
[07:00:14] <tyzoid> It really doesn't matter
[07:00:27] <tyzoid> some people use the arm syntax for their mainline repos
[07:00:45] <tyzoid> You can see it used in pacman.d/mirrorlist :)
[07:01:14] <deep42thought> but it's a lot of reordering and relinking if you want to merge different kind of hierarchies - or worse: if you sync from one type but want to use the other
[07:01:37] <tyzoid> True
[07:01:43] <tyzoid> It's not as bad as you'd think
[07:01:50] <deep42thought> hmm, ok
[07:02:01] <tyzoid> Usually you'd only sync from your tier 1
[07:02:09] <tyzoid> and you don't switch upstreams unless there's a bad situation
[07:02:14] <tyzoid> and it's usually temporary
[07:02:39] <tyzoid> like I once sync'd from a different upstream once, but that was when my upstream went down for 30+hrs
[07:02:46] <tyzoid> but it was another tier 1
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