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[14:02:29] <deep42thought> Is there any documentation about how official packages are compiled and distributed?
[14:03:22] <deep42thought> I don't mean a documentation of compiling official packages myself, but how "it's done on archlinux.org"
[14:20:49] <brtln> what do you mean by distributed?
[14:20:54] <brtln> we just use devtools
[14:21:37] <deep42thought> well, I was wondering if there is some central build mechanism in place
[14:21:53] <deep42thought> e.g. only the source is updated and the package is built somewhere else
[14:22:14] <brtln> unfortunately no
[14:22:20] <brtln> due to the endless trust issues
[14:22:28] <brtln> and unsolved package database signing
[14:23:09] <brtln> packager builds his stuff locally or on "shared" build server, uploads packages to main mirror, and run script that puts packages in-place
[14:23:14] <brtln> (+ updates the database)
[14:24:08] <deep42thought> ok, thanks
[14:24:47] <deep42thought> and when a package is moved e.g. from testing to core, then it's not rebuilt, but only moved (and the source is moved, too, obviously)
[14:24:59] <deep42thought> am I right?
[14:25:03] <brtln> exactly
[14:27:20] <rewbycraft> Do you guys even maintain a "source" other than the pkgbuild (and related files)?
[14:28:35] <deep42thought> Isn't the PKGBUILG (+patches) including checksums enough?
[14:28:55] <rewbycraft> That's what I thought too
[14:28:56] <deep42thought> I mean, it's not enough to recompile if the source is unavailable, but it's all the information that's needed
[14:29:10] <rewbycraft> I just get confused because you keep calling the build files "the source"
[14:29:32] <rewbycraft> When you say source, I think of, you know, the program/library/etc source code.
[14:29:52] <rewbycraft> Took me a second to realise you mean the PKGBUILD and related as source
[14:30:13] <deep42thought> hmm, sry for the confusion - for me "the source" is whatever is needed to build it (e.g. a download link would be enough)
[14:30:15] <brtln> we do mirror the source code though
[14:30:46] <deep42thought> brtln: that's good news - can you tell me, where?
[14:30:48] <brtln> https://sources.archlinux.org
[14:31:09] <rewbycraft> For consistency sake, I presume?
[14:31:11] <brtln> see the link
[14:31:15] <rewbycraft> And for future availability
[14:31:16] <brtln> unless matrix got derpy and it wasn't send
[14:31:23] <rewbycraft> It sent
[14:31:23] <deep42thought> because I get several build failures due to unavailable sources
[14:31:26] <brtln> rewbycraft: for license reasons
[14:31:35] <brtln> and availability too
[14:31:43] <rewbycraft> brtln: ah right. There's a bunch of licenses that require you provide the source you use.
[14:34:15] <brtln> but from what I saw, we rarely use our own mirror in PKGBUILDs if something becomes unavailable…
[14:34:30] <brtln> usually people point at debian or fedora if checksum patches, dunno why
[14:34:35] <brtln> s/patches/matches/
[14:34:56] <rewbycraft> Probably because they're lazy and deb/fed are relatively stable places to get things from?
[14:35:20] <rewbycraft> Because I've done that before
[14:35:31] <rewbycraft> (For my private rebuilds)
[15:23:30] <deep42thought> brtln: these are not all sources, are they?
[15:23:49] <brtln> I thought they are?
[15:24:10] <brtln> ah, these are source packages
[15:24:30] <brtln> or not
[15:24:36] <deep42thought> I can find many, but not all source tar balls
[15:24:37] <brtln> no, looks like it's everything
[15:24:47] <brtln> sounds like a bug
[15:25:04] <brtln> I think it's supposed to have everything
[15:25:10] <deep42thought> maybe all sources which are not being renamed upon download?
[15:25:13] <brtln> I'm not sure who manages that
[15:25:44] <brtln> which package is missing for example?
[15:26:05] <deep42thought> gogllesmm from community
[15:26:10] <deep42thought> sry gogglesmm
[15:27:00] <brtln> indeed
[15:27:02] <brtln> sigh
[15:27:10] <brtln> that's exactly why we need more people
[15:27:22] <brtln> I will ping someone
[15:27:23] <deep42thought> it has some renaming ("...::...") in the source array - maybe that makes some trouble?
[15:27:26] <deep42thought> thanks
[15:28:28] <brtln> I wish I could spend that time playing on my 3DS or something :D
[15:33:36] <brtln> mkay, so only licenses that require us to share the source code gets mirrored
[15:33:43] <brtln> but somehow GPL3 is missing from that list
[15:34:28] <deep42thought> ah, ok
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