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[06:54:03] <tyzoid> hey deep42thought
[06:54:07] <deep42thought> hi!
[06:54:18] <tyzoid> finally caught ya on IRC
[06:54:31] <deep42thought> chicago to germany is some time shift ;-)
[06:54:43] <tyzoid> Well, I'm over near Detroit, so that's one less hour
[06:54:45] <tyzoid> but still
[06:54:55] <tyzoid> Anyway, I assume you've seen my latest email?
[06:55:03] <deep42thought> I'm just about to answer
[06:55:06] <tyzoid> ah
[06:55:12] <deep42thought> but I can also tell you on irc:
[06:55:22] <deep42thought> so the build script is now identical to the one used in may
[06:55:37] <deep42thought> only thing that is changed are the packages
[06:55:44] <deep42thought> but they're still the official ones
[06:56:11] <deep42thought> and the archlinux32-keyring issue is in the back of my mind
[06:56:20] <tyzoid> I agree about archlinux32-keyring
[06:56:30] <deep42thought> that should be solved as soon as the new installation medium uses the current pacman from our mirrors
[06:56:30] <tyzoid> that'll be fixed once we get our own packages on the iso
[06:56:34] <tyzoid> ^
[06:56:39] <deep42thought> yep
[06:56:46] <tyzoid> Can you verify the sha256sum?
[06:56:47] <tyzoid> 820492317afe8a754a58319269fe093ded4af933422a2f72d24284c810ae2d44 archlinux-2017.06.12-i686.iso
[06:56:57] <tyzoid> That one had a segfault too
[06:57:05] <tyzoid> so I want to make sure it's intact
[06:57:14] <tyzoid> and that I have the right file
[06:57:42] <deep42thought> there is a sum-file next to the isos in the testing directory
[06:57:48] <deep42thought> and it tells something different
[06:57:53] <deep42thought> let me recheck
[06:58:07] <deep42thought> ah w8
[06:58:11] <tyzoid> whoops, didn't see that
[06:58:19] <deep42thought> it's 512 though
[06:58:35] <tyzoid> Yup, checks out for me
[06:58:42] <deep42thought> looks good
[06:58:43] <deep42thought> ok
[06:58:55] <tyzoid> any ideas on the new iso giving the segfault as well then?
[06:59:04] <deep42thought> nope, I'm clueless
[07:00:13] <deep42thought> you can try to build it yourself - maybe from a cleaner state (my system is currently a bit messy, because there are both mirrors in the list)
[07:01:10] <tyzoid> I'll make a vm for it
[07:01:15] <deep42thought> thanks
[07:01:24] <tyzoid> Vagrant work for ya?
[07:01:34] <deep42thought> what's that?
[07:02:06] <tyzoid> It's a system for managing virtualbox images
[07:02:21] <tyzoid> basically makes the process of creating/destroying vms to known states painless
[07:02:33] <deep42thought> use whatever you like
[07:02:49] <tyzoid> well, just thinking it might be useful for you if you wanted to use a vm for the build server
[07:03:09] <deep42thought> I ususally do stuff by hand in systemd-containers :-/
[07:03:35] <deep42thought> never actually looked into real os virtualization
[07:03:41] <tyzoid> to each his own :)
[07:05:39] <tyzoid> Once I've got the vm up, I could use a bit of help getting the CD build set up
[07:05:48] <tyzoid> I haven't had a close look at that repo yet
[07:05:50] <deep42thought> ok
[07:14:23] <deep42thought> you can just include archlinuxewe (it's my personal repo) into your pacman.conf - the url is https://arch.eckner.net - and then install archiso32 or archiso-dual
[07:19:01] <tyzoid> Is that your archlinux32 repo? or mainline repo?
[07:19:21] <tyzoid> for most stuff, I usually use my own mirror, as it's close geographically
[07:19:30] <deep42thought> this is not mirrored
[07:19:39] <tyzoid> ah
[07:19:57] <deep42thought> the archiso stuff is for x86_64
[07:20:42] <deep42thought> you can, of course, also just clone the git repo and check out the respective tags
[07:23:06] <tyzoid> hmm
[07:23:15] <tyzoid> so the archiso can't be built on a 32bit box?
[07:23:48] <deep42thought> yes
[07:23:52] <tyzoid> interesting
[07:24:14] <deep42thought> it was that way before february
[07:24:39] <deep42thought> I didn't have a look into the reasons, just kept the script capable of building i686
[07:28:54] <deep42thought> I have to leave in a couple minutes
[07:29:07] <deep42thought> but I'll read the logs when I'm back
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[08:05:34] <tyzoid> Alright, so I'm heading off to bed, it's 2am here.
[08:05:52] <tyzoid> I've tried to use your repo, but I can't seem to get the repo signature to verify
[08:06:00] <tyzoid> and I can't find the public key anywhere to import
[08:06:10] <tyzoid> the online keyservers don't seem to have it.
[08:06:26] <tyzoid> so I'm not sure if there's a package I need to install first somewhere that will trust the key
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[13:31:57] <tyzoid> Hey deep42thought, I just got up if you're still around
[13:32:05] <deep42thought> I am
[13:33:30] <tyzoid> sweet
[13:33:42] <tyzoid> Did you see the messages I sent earlier
[13:33:47] <deep42thought> yes
[13:33:51] <deep42thought> I sent you an email
[13:34:02] <deep42thought> I think
[13:34:14] <tyzoid> Yup, just got it.
[13:34:15] <deep42thought> yes, I did
[13:34:17] <tyzoid> My phone was slow to sync
[13:34:18] <deep42thought> ok :-)
[13:43:24] <tyzoid> So I'm looking through https://wiki.archlinux.org
[13:43:32] <tyzoid> trying to figure out how you have your build system configured
[13:44:41] <deep42thought> I just set up a systemd container, install archiso32 or archiso-dual in it, go to /usr/share/archiso/configs/releng, run ./build and that's it
[13:45:00] <tyzoid> alright then
[13:48:47] <deep42thought> here's the script, I use: eckner.net/build-arch-iso
[13:49:49] <deep42thought> ah, and the build script: eckner.net/build-iso
[13:55:53] <deep42thought> so the first is called outside the container, the second is inside (in /usr/bin) and is called by the former
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[14:52:15] <rewbycraft> Hey deep42thought, are the dual isos bootable yet?
[14:52:37] <rewbycraft> I vaguely remember someone having issues with them
[14:52:52] <deep42thought> rewbycraft: tyzoid had/has issues
[14:53:20] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: The May ones seem to work
[14:53:33] <rewbycraft> So .05 looks fine?
[14:53:42] <tyzoid> I got a fully installable system using 2017-05-01-i686
[14:53:51] <rewbycraft> All right
[14:53:51] <tyzoid> Didn't get a chance to test the dual one fully
[14:53:53] <tyzoid> but it should work
[14:54:04] <rewbycraft> Should is always the key word
[14:54:10] <tyzoid> yup
[14:54:21] <deep42thought> the dual bootable should have less issues than i686 only
[14:54:26] <rewbycraft> I'm getting a new archUSB ready
[14:54:29] <deep42thought> it has less changes
[14:54:36] <rewbycraft> So I figure may as well keep it dual-arch
[14:54:48] <rewbycraft> (I always have an arch boot-USB on me just-in-case)
[14:55:40] <tyzoid> Nice
[14:56:04] <rewbycraft> I run arch as my daily driver, so it's peace of mind to know that no matter where I go, I can unfuck myself
[14:56:11] <tyzoid> yup
[14:56:35] <tyzoid> I've got two arch usb sticks in my backpack :)
[14:56:45] <rewbycraft> I'm also going to pick up a server on thursday, so I also need to test that
[14:56:54] <tyzoid> whereabouts are you located?
[14:57:11] <rewbycraft> Netherlands
[14:57:14] <tyzoid> ah
[14:57:19] <tyzoid> can't help much there
[14:57:25] <tyzoid> I run a mirror out of Chicago
[14:57:30] <rewbycraft> where server gear is expensive as shite
[14:57:35] <deep42thought> :-)
[14:57:49] <tyzoid> deep42thought: It's building the image now
[14:57:58] <deep42thought> nice
[14:58:33] <rewbycraft> (It's worth noting that 24G ram costs 130+ euro, for a used server)
[14:58:51] <rewbycraft> * a server with 24G ram
[14:59:00] <rewbycraft> Which is stupid compared to UK and US
[14:59:10] <tyzoid> renting a dedi?
[14:59:22] <rewbycraft> No as in, buying a machine
[14:59:41] <rewbycraft> I got a deal on 20 euro for an older machine to expand my lab with
[14:59:45] <rewbycraft> (yay for contacts I guess)
[15:00:03] <rewbycraft> But those kinds of deals are VERY far and few between
[15:00:09] <tyzoid> so deep42thought: You might want to look into vagrant
[15:00:24] <tyzoid> I've got a vm set up, and I'm uploading the box to my server
[15:00:42] <tyzoid> It's basically a clean arch system with archiso32 installed
[15:00:50] <rewbycraft> I'm slightly annoyed that reproducable builds arent' really a thing
[15:01:04] <rewbycraft> Because then you could crowdsource image and package building
[15:01:05] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: That's why I'm making a clean vm environment for it :)
[15:01:15] <rewbycraft> Fair
[15:01:40] <rewbycraft> I'll probably see if I can provide a build server for archlinux32 once I clear my OVH dedi out a bit
[15:01:52] <rewbycraft> There's so much lab stuff on there that I should just move to my local machines
[15:02:27] <tyzoid> That would be cool. deep42thought manages this currently, so if we offload that, he'd have to get infrastructure set up to upload the images to the mirrors.
[15:02:41] <tyzoid> Perhaps we could have some automated tests to make sure the images work as well
[15:02:44] <tyzoid> now that would be sweet
[15:02:46] <rewbycraft> Yeah
[15:02:50] <deep42thought> yeah good point
[15:02:51] <rewbycraft> I can provide automatic image builds if needed
[15:02:54] <rewbycraft> I have a decent VM system
[15:03:04] <rewbycraft> I can spin up clean boxes really easily
[15:04:04] <rewbycraft> (For context, my system's based on OpenStack. If you want, I can provide an account on my OVH box's instance for archlinux32 use once I move a few vms to local machines)
[15:04:12] <tyzoid> Well, I'm going to get ready for the day, I'm leaving for work in about 15 minutes.
[15:04:25] <rewbycraft> The apis are well defined so you can easily automate stuff
[15:04:28] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: Is openstack compatable with vagrant?
[15:04:39] <rewbycraft> It's basically do-it-yourself AWS
[15:04:40] <tyzoid> if so, that'd be the easiest way
[15:05:00] <rewbycraft> Looks like there's a vagrant provider
[15:05:06] <tyzoid> sweet
[15:05:09] <rewbycraft> https://github.com
[15:05:16] <tyzoid> I'll send a link to the Vagrantfile once the box finishes uploading
[15:05:19] <tyzoid> I'm on wifi atm
[15:05:26] <rewbycraft> I've not got time at the moment do set anything up
[15:05:33] <rewbycraft> And I first need to pick up that server and move some stuff around
[15:05:34] <tyzoid> that's fine
[15:05:54] <rewbycraft> But I can ensure a public ipv4 and public ipv6 for the vagrant box
[15:05:57] <tyzoid> I'm in the US timezones, so it's not often that I can chat across the timezone gap
[15:06:22] <rewbycraft> And I've got a very decent ipv6 network
[15:06:26] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: Are you subscribed to the arch-ports mailing list?
[15:06:29] <rewbycraft> I am
[15:06:41] <tyzoid> sweet
[15:06:46] <rewbycraft> I've got an email acct purely for mailinglists
[15:06:49] <tyzoid> I'll send an email about the build system there
[15:07:06] <rewbycraft> If you need my ml account, mailings+arch-ports@roelf.org
[15:07:11] <rewbycraft> If you need me directly, contact@roelf.org
[15:07:33] <rewbycraft> (I have them as separate accounts because the ML one only goes to my desktop, not to my phone)
[15:07:46] <tyzoid> Ah
[15:07:49] <rewbycraft> (I don't need oss-security of *NOG spamming my phone with notifications)
[15:07:54] <rewbycraft> s/of/or/
[15:09:05] <rewbycraft> And my mailserver is setup to sort the +<something> into individual folders
[15:09:13] <rewbycraft> Which is just nice for organisation on the ML account
[15:10:49] <rewbycraft> Picking up a server with 20G of ram and an E5540, so that'll be sure to take some load off of the OVH machine
[15:11:07] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Bad news; the iso I built on my vm had the same segfault
[15:11:26] <tyzoid> I'm about to head out, but I'll continue this later.
[15:11:35] <deep42thought> tyzoid: thanks for the effort
[15:11:50] <rewbycraft> Automating the monthly ISO build+upload could be cool
[15:12:09] <deep42thought> an automated test is also a big plus
[15:12:16] <rewbycraft> So on the 1st of the month the server goes and builds the ISOs
[15:12:19] <rewbycraft> Yeah
[15:13:17] <rewbycraft> The server's got an E3-1245v3 so I'm sure that'll be decently performant
[15:13:42] <rewbycraft> Probably not much point to allocating >1 core to the build servers
[15:13:51] <rewbycraft> As most if not all builds are singlethread
[15:14:09] <deep42thought> the compression also takes much cpu but only one core
[15:14:17] <deep42thought> even if the build was multithreaded
[15:14:21] <rewbycraft> True
[15:14:38] <rewbycraft> It's not the fastest machine out there, but it's got pretty good reliability
[15:14:57] <rewbycraft> And a 1245v3 is still a pretty new-ish cpu
[15:16:16] <rewbycraft> '13 cpu
[15:16:19] <rewbycraft> Not bad
[15:19:07] <rewbycraft> That said, deep42thought, is there currently a way to make the archiso vagrant builds use a particular mirror?
[15:19:26] <rewbycraft> If we do build isos on my server, it's probably sane to have it use the mirror on the same hypervisor
[15:19:42] <rewbycraft> Because that's all but localhost traffic
[15:19:51] <rewbycraft> So should be faster
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[15:22:48] <deep42thought> It should honor your mirrorlist
[15:24:00] <rewbycraft> Fair
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[15:27:29] <tyzoid> Just about to head out here, but you probably don't need a full mirror to get the builds to work
[15:27:48] <tyzoid> couldn't hurt, if you've got a local one already, though
[15:28:36] <deep42thought> I'll be leaving in a few minutes, too
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[15:30:49] <rewbycraft> tyzoid: I've already got one of the public mirrors for archlinux32
[15:30:54] <rewbycraft> And that runs on the same machine
[15:30:59] <rewbycraft> So since that's there anywy
[15:31:01] <rewbycraft> Why not use it
[15:31:15] <rewbycraft> Saves me a bit of bandwidth
[15:31:22] <rewbycraft> Not that OVH gives a hoot
[15:32:30] <deep42thought> ok, I have to go now
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[23:50:49] <H-H-H> just wanted to say thanks for doing this guys lol i wish i had found this before going through the process of compilling my own 32bit packages/system from the arch repos lol
[23:50:57] <H-H-H> would have saved me some time
[23:56:07] <rewbycraft> Well, you won't have to keep 'em up to date now
[23:56:38] <rewbycraft> We've already got some test repos up. But I wouldn't call the pkgs 100% stable yet
[23:58:19] <H-H-H> well i have several 32bit systems i compile for (I used to run LFS systems but man they are a pia to maintain lol) so if you guys need/want any help just holla :)
[23:59:38] <H-H-H> my ultimate goal is to have a simple xfce4 system with systemd and using pacman but built for arm and 32bit/64bit so its the same accross the board :)