#archlinux-ports | Logs for 2017-06-17

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[05:41:32] <tyzoid> Alright, so just did a full arch install with an iso generated using the testing repo
[05:41:41] <tyzoid> everything up through installing/running with a GUI works
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[07:54:31] <deep42thought> tyzoid: nice :-)
[07:54:46] <tyzoid> sweet, you're back
[07:55:19] <tyzoid> so I was talking to a few people on #archlinux about what we're doing about a forum
[07:55:32] <tyzoid> and the general consensus was that we should create one on archlinux32.org
[07:55:47] <tyzoid> I didn't get a chance to talk to any of the admins/leadership, but that was just the general idea
[07:55:55] <tyzoid> what do you think?
[07:56:08] <deep42thought> that was City-busz_'s suggestion, too
[07:56:13] <deep42thought> and I think, that's right
[07:56:33] <deep42thought> However, my first try to get archweb running locally was not successful
[07:57:15] <deep42thought> sry, I need to go afk for 1/2 hour
[08:21:02] <tyzoid> so...
[08:21:04] <tyzoid> uh...
[08:21:08] <tyzoid> dat load average: http://cdn3.tyzoid.com
[08:22:43] <deep42thought> what did you do? just building the iso?
[08:24:25] <tyzoid> That's my arch32 mirror...
[08:24:27] <tyzoid> and mainline mirror
[08:24:42] <tyzoid> turns out my old minecraft servers started up mysteriously on it
[08:24:50] <tyzoid> but the cpu usage is exploding
[08:24:53] <deep42thought> :-)
[08:27:46] <tyzoid> the LOAD is TOO DAMN HIGH
[08:28:07] <tyzoid> Hi, My Name is Jimmy McMillin, and I represent the LOAD is TOO DAMN HIGH party.
[08:36:14] <deep42thought> I uploaded a new (and shorter) list of broken packages
[08:36:37] <deep42thought> I don't have time this weekend to look into this, but maybe someone in here has ...
[08:36:46] <deep42thought> https://eckner.net
[08:37:15] <tyzoid> What time is it over there deep42thought?
[08:38:36] <deep42thought> 8:38
[08:38:47] <deep42thought> satturday
[08:39:04] <tyzoid> okay
[08:39:27] <tyzoid> I wasn't sure how far off of my tz you were
[08:39:48] <deep42thought> you're 6 hours behind?
[08:41:02] <deep42thought> the broken packages listed there are ones that we need to compile, because the mainline version is higher than what we have currently
[08:45:39] <deep42thought> do you also have daylight saving time, currently?
[08:49:31] <tyzoid> yup
[08:49:45] <tyzoid> I'm on GMT-4
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[15:00:45] <tyzoid> Hey deep42thought: I just enabled rsync on my mirror: rsync://32.arlm.tyzoid.com
[15:00:59] <deep42thought> does pacman speak rsync?
[15:01:30] <tyzoid> idk, but it we want to use it as a US mirroring seed, we can now
[15:01:36] <fsckd> pacman uses libcurl
[15:01:43] <tyzoid> I think I'm the only mirror on this side of the atlantic
[15:02:44] <tyzoid> because we've got yours, rewby has one in france, and I've got mine in chicago
[15:03:06] <deep42thought> yes
[15:03:25] <tyzoid> also, bbs.archlinux32.org?
[15:03:35] <deep42thought> sounds good
[15:03:48] <deep42thought> should I set up dns to somewhere?
[15:03:50] <tyzoid> I can get it set up on my server using hosts files. I'll let you know when DNS should be ready to switch over
[15:03:57] <deep42thought> ok
[15:04:10] <tyzoid> That'll probably be tomorrow in your timezone
[15:04:29] <deep42thought> I can just set up dns now - it's nothing on that subdomain yet
[15:04:46] <tyzoid> right, but I'd prefer to not have the route public until all of the config has happened
[15:05:00] <deep42thought> ah, ok :-)
[15:05:16] <tyzoid> anyway, I'm off for a while
[15:05:18] <tyzoid> I'll be afk
[15:05:27] <deep42thought> cu!
[15:05:34] <tyzoid> I'll be on email if anything important comes up
[15:05:46] <deep42thought> ok
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[19:51:23] <tyzoid> hey deep42thought, welcome back
[19:51:30] <tyzoid> was just about to hop off again
[19:51:38] <tyzoid> I have the forum ready, if you want to set the DNS
[19:52:09] <tyzoid> just cname bbs.archlinux32.org to 32.arlm.tyzoid.com
[19:54:00] <deep42thought> ok, give me a sec
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[20:00:02] <deep42thought> should work now
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[20:16:47] <rewbycraft> If we need services, I also can provide some space. Just let me know if you need something
[20:16:54] <rewbycraft> I've got decently DDoS protected systems
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[22:29:57] <deep42thought> tyzoid: your https certificate is not valid for bbs.archlinux32.org
[22:30:38] <deep42thought> even worse: the vhost is not reachable via https at all
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[23:17:23] <tyzoid> yup
[23:17:46] <tyzoid> I haven't configured my letsencrypt for that domain yet
[23:23:17] <rewbycraft> (He already left, tyzoid)
[23:32:23] <brtln> he reads backlog anyway :P
[23:32:32] <brtln> s/backlog/logs/
[23:42:46] <rewbycraft> True