#archlinux-ports | Logs for 2017-06-18

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[01:59:32] <tyzoid> I'm aware
[01:59:41] <tyzoid> lol brtln
[01:59:57] <tyzoid> I was out all day working
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[07:16:01] <tyzoid> So deep42thought: I just enabled ssl, and email, so the system is now sending activation emails
[07:16:40] <tyzoid> If you could include the server's IP in the SPF record for the domain, that would help activation emails not be marked as spam
[07:17:00] <tyzoid>
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[08:14:37] <deep42thought> tyzoid: activation emails come from the domain archlinux32.org?
[09:01:53] <deep42thought> Polichronucci: can you add a link to the forum to the website? I'm a little confused by the style sheet :-/
[09:16:05] <deep42thought> rewbycraft: If you desperately want to run some service, the job of a build master is currently vacant - Polichronucci didn't have time yet to set it up, and maybe it's a good idea anyway to run it on some real hardware instead of a virtual server?
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[10:54:34] <tyzoid> deep42thought: I have it set to noreply@archlinux32.org
[10:55:03] <tyzoid> I could send it from one of my domains, but I thought this to be the most appropriate
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[11:22:05] <deep42thought> tyzoid: yes, you're right - I just wanted to make sure, we're talking about the same domain
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[12:50:22] <rewbycraft> deep42thought: 1) I'm not desperate, I just don't want just 2 people to be saddled with the system load of a project like this. 2) I can do the build master, sure. On my hardware, virtual vs real hardware doesn't really matter since it's a VM running on real HW I control. (Instead of a VPS running on a host shared with many customers.) If you pastebin me your ssh key and system requirements, I'll
[12:50:22] <rewbycraft> fire you up a server and let you set it up
[12:50:35] <rewbycraft> Or if you have instructions, I'll set it up
[12:51:02] <deep42thought> I think it's better, if I set it up
[12:51:07] <deep42thought> there is still some experimenting aroung
[12:51:13] <deep42thought> s/aroung/around/
[12:51:15] <rewbycraft> Yeah, I figured
[12:51:37] <deep42thought> I was so bold and ported the script from bash to sh - and broke a lot :-/
[12:51:37] <rewbycraft> Still, give me some required specs (cpu core count, ram, disk space) and an ssh key and I'll see what I cna do
[12:51:47] <rewbycraft> Oh, and OS choice
[12:51:50] <rewbycraft> Although I'm gonna guess arch
[12:51:57] <rewbycraft> (Which is easy, I have an image for that)
[12:51:57] <deep42thought> must be arch
[12:52:04] <rewbycraft> No problem
[12:52:08] <rewbycraft> I've got arch images ready
[12:52:27] <rewbycraft> Takes 3 minutes to image the virtual disk because I don't have thin provisioning on that, but that's no problem
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[14:18:31] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: I also have a very clean arch image through vagrant
[14:18:40] <rewbycraft> Yeah
[14:18:44] <rewbycraft> I use the cloudinit scripts
[14:18:57] <rewbycraft> https://wiki.archlinux.org
[14:19:11] <rewbycraft> image-bootstrap works very well for me
[14:19:17] <rewbycraft> I just make a new image every few months
[14:22:53] <tyzoid> nice
[14:22:58] <tyzoid> I've never used openstack before
[14:23:15] <tyzoid> been meaning to for a while, but I haven't had a dedicated server to test it out on
[14:45:19] <tyzoid> So in other news, it appears that the new version of mkinitcpio-busybox has hit the mainline repos
[14:46:47] <tyzoid> That was the package that needed to be updated for the new version of glibc
[14:54:30] <rewbycraft> IF you want my option on openstack: It's really nice, but you gotta take the time to understand it. There is an "install guide", and it helps, but a lot of the specific configuration depends on your hw setup.
[14:54:45] <rewbycraft> So you'll spend a lot of time in the config references
[16:43:07] <brtln> you're running your own cluster?
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[17:05:52] <rewbycraft> Ya
[17:06:10] <rewbycraft> I really do quite like it
[17:06:32] <rewbycraft> I'm gonna spin up another one on my homelab to experiment with ceph bluestore
[17:08:31] <rewbycraft> One thing I've found to be really good is keeping it all in config management
[17:08:39] <rewbycraft> Makes it easier to keep an overview of how it's setup
[17:09:09] <rewbycraft> That said, I'm not a huge fan of the prepackaged "deploy tool" projects they've been taking on
[17:09:38] <rewbycraft> I think it's important to configure it yourself so you know how your env is setup and you don't have any hidden surprises
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[22:25:23] <tyzoid> yo, deep42thought
[22:25:29] <tyzoid> you on?
[22:29:59] <fsckd> tyzoid: allo, i tried to register on the bbs. it said it would email me a shiny new password. no email arrived. the website said to contact you in such a case.
[22:45:42] <eschwartz> fsckd: It goes to my spam.
[22:46:14] <fsckd> oh... i have to log in then. i don't see spam.
[22:46:24] <fsckd> don't see spam normally*
[22:47:05] <eschwartz> I specifically checked my spam to see if that was the problem
[22:47:31] <eschwartz> Known possible issue for services that have been set up within the past 48 hours :p
[22:48:13] <eschwartz> OMG since when does gmail warn you if email was not encrypted?
[22:48:31] <fsckd> never
[22:48:42] <fsckd> may be it means the smtp stuff was not encrypted?
[22:48:58] <eschwartz> I have a little red unlocked icon by that email, clicking the learn more link...
[22:49:39] <eschwartz> https://support.google.com
[22:50:13] <eschwartz> Sounds like a green icon would actually signify S/MIME encryption, though most things should simply use TLS -- which this doesn't
[22:50:38] <eschwartz> Also it is the generic "this message was similar to other messages that were detected as spam" warning
[22:53:35] <fsckd> S/MIME isn't the same as TLS. it is more of an alternative to PGP. this is new.
[22:53:57] <fsckd> and awesome
[22:54:18] <fsckd> may be not new. i had no idea.
[22:54:49] <fsckd> (no idea that gmail supported it.)
[22:58:10] <eschwartz> I know that S/MIME isn't the same as TLS, TLS just encrypts the transport channel
[22:58:17] <eschwartz> I was surprised too
[22:59:16] <fsckd> sorry, i misunderstood what you were saying
[22:59:23] <eschwartz> A quick google indicates it may be unique to the enterprise version of gmail
[22:59:51] <fsckd> oh, interesting
[23:00:40] <eschwartz> I meant, it appears that the red icon means it wasn't even sent over a *TLS-encrypted transport* so anyone could read the message as it traveled through the internet. Like not using HTTPS. But a green icon would indicate actual person-to-person private encryption.
[23:01:42] <eschwartz> Also meh, just use Thunderbird/enigmail :D
[23:03:19] <fsckd> hehe
[23:03:40] <eschwartz> http://www.tomshardware.com
[23:04:15] <eschwartz> tl;dr whoops you give Gmail your cert and they can read all your stuff
[23:04:36] <fsckd> sweet
[23:07:33] <rewbycraft> tyzoid, deep42thought: Now I'm temped to throw up an instance of archwiki for a potential wiki.archlinux32.org, although one could question if it's really needed
[23:08:48] <rewbycraft> I've got webservers already running, as well as an SSL terminating load balancer. It wouldn't be that hard
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