#archlinux-ports | Logs for 2017-06-19

[00:11:28] <brtln> entire mediawiki instance? seems pointless
[00:12:25] <rewbycraft> A bit, yeah
[00:12:44] <rewbycraft> But there's some stuff that could be relevant for the project, like a guide on how to switch from mainline arch to arch32
[00:14:31] <brtln> it could be part of main website though
[00:14:43] <brtln> like installation instructions are for alarm
[00:14:50] <rewbycraft> Ah, fair
[00:14:54] <brtln> believe me, the less infra to handle, the better
[00:15:40] <rewbycraft> Fair enough
[00:15:49] <brtln> rewbycraft: anyway, going back to openstack, that's a hobby project, or you do that at $DAYJOB too?
[00:16:07] <rewbycraft> I'm a student. I make some money on the side as an "admin for hire"
[00:16:22] <rewbycraft> Basically when people can't fix their own shit, they can pay me to come fix it for them
[00:16:42] <rewbycraft> My openstack setups are technically a hobby
[00:16:48] <brtln> how come some company haven't hired you is beyond me
[00:16:51] <rewbycraft> But are also like a showcase for me
[00:17:05] * rewbycraft shrugs
[00:17:12] <rewbycraft> Still haven't gotten a CS degree
[00:17:15] <rewbycraft> Working on it though!
[00:17:27] <rewbycraft> But my intention is to go into system/network admin
[00:17:31] <rewbycraft> Maybe at some hosting company
[00:17:34] <brtln> heh, me neither, after less than half a year I joined an openstack company
[00:17:39] <rewbycraft> Ah nice
[00:17:45] <brtln> that's why I keep asking :P
[00:17:53] <rewbycraft> I've been running my own openstack setups (two of them) for a few years now
[00:18:02] <rewbycraft> And have my own public network connecting the lot
[00:18:05] <rewbycraft> (AS202562)
[00:18:12] <brtln> if you're from Texas or Utah, I could probably recommend you
[00:18:17] <rewbycraft> Netherlands
[00:18:21] <rewbycraft> So ye
[00:18:25] <brtln> :D
[00:18:31] <brtln> not sure if we still have an office there
[00:18:42] <brtln> I thought you're from USA, looking at the clock
[00:18:43] <rewbycraft> I do intend on finishing my degree
[00:18:53] <rewbycraft> No, I've just got a shit sleepcycle
[00:19:06] <rewbycraft> It's the week before exam week
[00:19:07] <brtln> yeah, my proposition stands after you get a degree too
[00:19:14] <rewbycraft> So everything's got their deadlines right now
[00:19:22] <rewbycraft> And I'm waiting on some teammates to get back to me
[00:19:42] <brtln> yeah, my girlfriend also has exams now
[00:19:50] <brtln> so my sleep cycle became shitty with hers
[00:19:55] <rewbycraft> Heh
[00:21:13] <rewbycraft> But yeah, I run these kind of setups so I can go to a company and say: "I don't have much in the way of formal experience. But I do have experience."
[00:21:23] <rewbycraft> And then be able to show them something as proof
[00:22:19] <brtln> I can confirm that it works :P
[00:22:41] <brtln> still openstack is land of misery most of the time
[00:23:00] <brtln> if it works, perfect, when it doesn't, good luck
[00:23:06] <rewbycraft> Yeah, I know that
[00:23:09] <rewbycraft> I quite like teh challenge
[00:23:26] <rewbycraft> People have been telling me to use one of those pre-packaged deploy things
[00:23:31] <rewbycraft> Like kolla, etc
[00:23:35] <rewbycraft> (or the ansible stuff)
[00:23:38] <rewbycraft> But I refuse to
[00:23:52] <rewbycraft> Simply because I believe it is important to know your system inside and out
[00:24:07] <rewbycraft> So having my own (in my case saltstack) based deployment system
[00:24:09] <brtln> yeah, that's how onboarding looks for people joining us
[00:24:27] <rewbycraft> Hah, so you make them do it manually?
[00:24:29] <brtln> if they didn't do anything if openstack, they have a week to deploy some simple setup manually
[00:24:40] <brtln> then again using puppet-openstack or something similar
[00:24:46] <brtln> (mostly salt stack these days_
[00:24:49] <brtln> )*
[00:24:51] <rewbycraft> I like saltstack
[00:24:59] <rewbycraft> But I prefer writing my own states
[00:25:08] <rewbycraft> Unless it's something trivial like the openssh formula
[00:25:42] <rewbycraft> But I've done manual before
[00:26:09] <rewbycraft> Fun fact, actually, archlinux32.mirror.roelf.org and buildmaster.archlinux32.org are running on my openstack setup on an OVH server I have in strasbourgh
[00:26:30] <rewbycraft> It's a mitaka setup right now and needs to be updated, been a little bit swamped for time
[00:26:42] <rewbycraft> Been rock solid though
[00:27:35] <rewbycraft> And I've got a collection of servers sitting in my room that were a homelab openstack, then wiped and will become one again soon(tm)
[00:32:42] <rewbycraft> Current plan is to experiment with ceph's bluestore on the homelab
[00:33:03] <rewbycraft> As well as with runnign some parts of openstack in containers
[00:33:28] <rewbycraft> (I'm thinking the -api daemons and other such "housekeeping"/"backend" daemons)
[00:34:36] <rewbycraft> Here's a (grainy due to darkness outside) picture of my homelab: https://dl2.pushbulletusercontent.com
[00:34:42] <rewbycraft> Although
[00:34:46] <rewbycraft> I should stop talking
[00:34:58] <rewbycraft> This is entirely offtopic, if you're interested in hearing more, feel free to PM me
[00:35:04] <rewbycraft> I can go on for hours about this stuff
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[01:29:07] <tyzoid> fsckd: I assume you got the email after checking spam, then?
[01:30:12] <tyzoid> also eschwartz: We have the SPF record set to allow my server to send email on the domain, but it still shows SPF neutral in gmail
[01:30:20] <tyzoid> not sure if it's caching it or something
[01:30:23] <rewbycraft> Usually caching
[01:30:23] <fsckd> tyzoid: yes I did, thank you :)
[01:30:30] <tyzoid> but I'm not sure how that encryption would work out
[01:30:38] <tyzoid> doesn't there need to be an ssl cert issued for it?
[01:31:11] <rewbycraft> I don't think so
[01:32:43] <tyzoid> I'm reading into that then
[01:32:49] <tyzoid> I've got postfix as my mta
[01:33:00] <rewbycraft> So do I
[01:33:06] <rewbycraft> I think I don't have a signed cert on mine
[01:33:07] <tyzoid> but I don't have much experience with it
[01:33:09] <rewbycraft> And mine passes all checks
[01:33:13] <tyzoid> hmm
[01:33:30] <rewbycraft> This website's nice: https://www.mail-tester.com
[01:34:50] <rewbycraft> Alternatively, I can let you use my MTA
[01:35:46] <rewbycraft> But it's not too hard to setup postfix for basic service
[01:36:02] <rewbycraft> Mail-tester is nice for figuring out what's triggering
[01:36:50] <tyzoid> hmm
[01:36:57] <tyzoid> The famous spam filter SpamAssassin. Score: -4.9. A score below -5 is considered spam.
[01:37:15] <rewbycraft> -4.9?!
[01:37:20] <rewbycraft> Can you screenshot the result for me?
[01:41:19] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: http://dl.tyzoid.com
[01:42:25] <tyzoid> I think part of it is forum configuration and part is postfix
[01:42:36] <tyzoid> because the forum is adding the reply-to
[01:42:43] <tyzoid> so I'll see if I can't disable that at least
[01:42:45] <rewbycraft> the reply to needs to go
[01:43:30] <rewbycraft> ALso, it seems the actual account is www-data@cdn.tyzoid.com
[01:43:45] <tyzoid> Yeah, that's the bounce email set by postfix afai
[01:43:47] <tyzoid> afaik*
[01:43:58] <tyzoid> I don't think the forum software is adding that
[01:44:03] <tyzoid> but it's possible
[01:44:03] <rewbycraft> You'll have to somehow get it not to do that
[01:44:08] <rewbycraft> Or use something like sendgrid or mailgun
[01:44:12] <tyzoid> Well let me do a manual test with sendmail
[01:44:12] <rewbycraft> If you don't wanna bother with mail configs
[01:44:16] <tyzoid> and I'll see if it adds it
[01:44:47] <rewbycraft> Also, add reverse dNS to the IPs you send from
[01:44:50] <rewbycraft> That's a major factor
[01:44:53] <rewbycraft> I know it's silly, but it is
[01:45:08] <tyzoid> Not sure I can do that, since it's a vps host
[01:45:14] <tyzoid> but I haven't had issues with that before
[01:45:18] <rewbycraft> Yeah, then you're not gonna be able to send email properly
[01:45:29] <rewbycraft> Basically all email services require reverse-ip matching
[01:46:14] <rewbycraft> Again, I will recommend either using mailgun or sendgrid or I'll let you use my MTA
[01:46:20] <rewbycraft> (my MTA is setup properly)
[01:46:51] <tyzoid> If we do that, we'll need to get deep42thought to add your mta in the spf record
[01:47:03] <rewbycraft> That's doable
[01:48:11] <rewbycraft> I think "v=spf1 include:aperture-laboratories.science -all" *should* work for that
[01:48:56] <rewbycraft> That basically tells the MTA on the receiving end that anything that's permitted to send from that domain is permitted here. Which is basically my MTA
[01:49:05] <rewbycraft> (mail.aperture-laboratories.science)
[01:49:23] <rewbycraft> It's easy enough for me to run my user-create script
[01:49:36] <rewbycraft> And get you some smtp creditials to use
[01:49:52] <tyzoid> wait, you've got aperature-laboratories.science?
[01:49:56] <rewbycraft> Yeah, why?
[01:50:03] <tyzoid> #respect
[01:50:09] <rewbycraft> I've got it for the next 10 years too
[01:50:16] <tyzoid> ^_^
[01:50:16] <rewbycraft> Were you trying to get it?
[01:50:18] <tyzoid> nah
[01:50:24] <tyzoid> just thought it's sweet
[01:50:25] <rewbycraft> I'm a huge portal fan, that's why
[01:50:37] <rewbycraft> Try https://aperture-laboratories.science with headphones on
[01:50:43] <tyzoid> Beat the original one in about 4-5 hours
[01:50:54] <tyzoid> haven't played the second one yet, but I ahve it
[01:50:54] <rewbycraft> What do you mean?
[01:50:55] <tyzoid> have*
[01:50:57] <rewbycraft> Ah the game
[01:51:01] <rewbycraft> I love both games
[01:51:18] <rewbycraft> Also, yeah the site on that page is bad, the code stems from 2013
[01:51:22] <tyzoid> hmm
[01:51:24] <rewbycraft> Back when I was a crigny teenager
[01:51:25] <tyzoid> your site is loading slow
[01:51:30] <rewbycraft> that's odd
[01:51:34] <tyzoid> still connecting
[01:51:50] <rewbycraft> Oh. I'm getting DDoSed so the traffic's being scrubbed
[01:51:59] <rewbycraft> System's handling it
[01:52:10] <tyzoid> nah, google isn't connecting either
[01:52:18] <tyzoid> it's probably new tcp connections that the router is shitting on
[01:52:20] <tyzoid> one sec
[01:52:21] <rewbycraft> That's on you
[01:52:22] <rewbycraft> ;)
[01:52:29] <rewbycraft> But I'm actually being DDoSed
[01:52:37] <rewbycraft> System's handling it no problem
[01:52:39] <rewbycraft> So I'm quite happy
[01:52:55] <rewbycraft> curl -4 https://roelf.org 0.02s user 0.00s system 20% cpu 0.096 total
[01:53:01] <rewbycraft> So that's decent
[01:53:41] <tyzoid> I take that back, that was firefox being firefox
[01:53:42] <tyzoid> :/
[01:54:02] <rewbycraft> Ah. Yeah, my servers are responding pretty dang fast
[01:54:07] <rewbycraft> With sub1ms response times
[01:55:55] <tyzoid> okay, so my host supports rdns
[01:56:08] <rewbycraft> Nice
[01:56:11] <tyzoid> but should I point the rdns at my main hostname?
[01:56:14] <tyzoid> i.e. cdn.tyzoid.com?
[01:56:24] <rewbycraft> At whatever name your postfix reports itself as
[01:56:25] <tyzoid> and if so, would email validate properly on the archlinux32 domain?
[01:56:40] <rewbycraft> Yeah, MTAs are detached from the domains they send for
[01:56:44] <tyzoid> alright, sweet
[01:56:46] <rewbycraft> It mostly cares that the MTA matches itself
[01:56:52] <rewbycraft> that the MTA is who it claims to be
[01:57:10] <rewbycraft> And then they verify that the MTA is allowed to send for the domain it's trying to send
[01:59:03] <tyzoid> so the reply-to was definately from the forum software
[01:59:10] <tyzoid> I don't see the option to disable that though
[01:59:42] <rewbycraft> Yeeahh... I think it's doing that because it's using something like sendmail
[02:00:14] <rewbycraft> What's the bbs software called again?
[02:00:41] <tyzoid> fluxbb
[02:00:46] <tyzoid> It's the same as what archlinux uses
[02:01:01] <rewbycraft> Version?
[02:01:05] <tyzoid> I would have used mybb if it weren't that the archlinux theme was available for fluxbb
[02:01:06] <tyzoid> latest
[02:01:09] <tyzoid> 1.5, I think
[02:01:14] <rewbycraft> All right
[02:01:25] <tyzoid> If worst comes to worst, I can patch it
[02:01:31] <tyzoid> I write PHP as a day job
[02:01:36] <tyzoid> so shouldn't be a problem there
[02:01:48] <rewbycraft> I think the main problem is that it's PHP doing it, not the forum sw
[02:01:59] <tyzoid> I highly doubt that
[02:02:12] <tyzoid> since tyzoid.d@gmail.com is the contact email I set as the forum admin
[02:02:16] <tyzoid> and it seems to add that everywhere
[02:02:22] <rewbycraft> Ah
[02:02:23] <tyzoid> if it was cdn.tyzoid.com, I'd say php/postfix
[02:02:25] <tyzoid> but it's the other one
[02:02:27] <rewbycraft> Fair
[02:02:40] <rewbycraft> Yeah. I'd try to patch it out
[02:02:41] <tyzoid> and sendmail -t did reveal that it was postfix adding the cdn.tyzoid.com bounce
[02:02:43] <tyzoid> which makes sense
[02:02:52] <tyzoid> removed the reply-to header
[02:02:59] <rewbycraft> Can you pastebin your postfix config?
[02:03:01] <rewbycraft> (main.cf)
[02:03:11] <tyzoid> sure
[02:04:30] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: https://ptpb.pw
[02:04:50] <tyzoid> It's mostly default with a few minor things changed
[02:05:16] <rewbycraft> Okay, I suggest setting myhostname to cdn.tyzoid.com
[02:05:26] <rewbycraft> And adding archlinux32.org to mydestination
[02:05:40] <tyzoid> oh, whoops
[02:05:51] <tyzoid> what does mydestination do?
[02:06:05] <rewbycraft> It says the domains postfix is supposed to consider as "local"
[02:06:10] <tyzoid> oh, I see
[02:06:10] <rewbycraft> Or "handled by this postfix"
[02:06:17] <rewbycraft> So I think that should get rid of the reply to
[02:06:39] <tyzoid> I don't think so, since it didn't appear before
[02:06:45] <tyzoid> It only appears when sending from the forum
[02:06:57] <rewbycraft> Yeah, but it should prevent postfix from adding another one
[02:07:37] <rewbycraft> Anyway, give it a shot again with mail-tester
[02:07:41] <rewbycraft> See what it says not
[02:07:42] <rewbycraft> *now
[02:07:49] <tyzoid> I will once I set the MX record for cdn.tyzoid.com
[02:07:57] <rewbycraft> Shouldn't be needed
[02:08:32] <rewbycraft> That said, postfix is a royal pain to configure properlyt
[02:08:58] <rewbycraft> Unless you want to spend another 4 hours on it to do it properly, I really suggest using some other service to send email
[02:10:30] <tyzoid> I'd like to get it, if only for knowing how it's done
[02:10:39] <tyzoid> If I never try it, I'll never learn
[02:10:43] <rewbycraft> I'd recommend trying to set it up properly
[02:10:50] <rewbycraft> So you can also have incoming email
[02:11:04] <rewbycraft> but postfix setups are really badly documented
[02:11:21] <rewbycraft> There's a ton of "tutorials" that all do things slightly different and don't cover 100%
[02:11:28] <rewbycraft> And are therefore annoying to combine
[02:12:19] <tyzoid> Consider yourself lucky if your email goes to an inbox. Score: 3.7/10
[02:12:23] <tyzoid> Beats 0/10 :)
[02:16:23] <rewbycraft> I've got 6.9/10 because apparently my DKIM signer died
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[02:20:51] <rewbycraft> Restarting it fixed it
[02:20:52] <rewbycraft> Ohw ell
[02:21:03] <rewbycraft> 8.1/10 because I can't come up with an original message
[02:21:19] <tyzoid> lol
[02:21:54] <tyzoid> How about: Hi Joe, thanks for meeting with me on Tuesday. Are you free Thursday night for drinks? My treat this time. -- John
[02:22:05] <rewbycraft> I went for ultra sarcastic
[02:22:09] <rewbycraft> 10/10
[02:22:11] <rewbycraft> Worked too
[02:22:15] <tyzoid> noice
[02:22:46] <rewbycraft> I've got all the protection stuff setup too
[02:22:59] <rewbycraft> From dmarc to dkim to spf to outgoing-virus scanning
[02:23:06] <rewbycraft> (incoming too)
[02:23:45] <rewbycraft> https://www.mail-tester.com
[02:23:49] <tyzoid> Oh, rewbycraft, I figured out why it's attaching the Reply-To header
[02:23:54] <rewbycraft> Oh?
[02:24:22] <tyzoid> Apparantly the forum is configured that if a user/admin sends an email to a user through the forum, it uses their email address as the reply-to
[02:24:31] <tyzoid> and the way I was testing was triggering that
[02:24:31] <rewbycraft> Ah, fair enough
[02:24:33] <rewbycraft> That makes sense
[02:24:41] <tyzoid> so I think that's decent enough that I won't disable it
[02:24:45] <rewbycraft> Yeah
[02:24:47] <rewbycraft> Seems sane
[02:25:13] <rewbycraft> you should look through the link for my test email
[02:25:23] <rewbycraft> It's hilarious how many times it has mail.aperture-laboratories.science in it
[02:29:56] <tyzoid> hmm
[02:30:02] <tyzoid> apparantly the score increased by one
[02:30:03] <tyzoid> https://www.mail-tester.com
[02:30:09] <tyzoid> It picked up the SPF record I added
[02:30:55] <rewbycraft> Is the bounce-address correct now?
[02:33:53] <tyzoid> yup
[02:34:06] <tyzoid> and gmail no longer puts a big warning label on the emails now
[02:34:15] <tyzoid> even with the reply-to header field
[02:34:22] <rewbycraft> Thats nice
[02:34:29] <rewbycraft> You've gotten above gmail's spam limit
[02:34:33] <rewbycraft> Not bad
[02:34:41] <rewbycraft> I think once RDNS goes through you should be pretty okay
[02:34:49] <rewbycraft> For sending, at least
[02:35:00] <rewbycraft> If you're interested, I do recommend trying to setup a full MTA at some point
[02:35:04] <rewbycraft> Where you can do both incoming and outgoing
[02:35:12] <rewbycraft> Real PITA to do, but quite rewarding
[02:40:41] <tyzoid> Will do
[02:40:53] <tyzoid> probably not tonight, since I have some other things to attend to
[02:48:06] <rewbycraft> Yeah
[02:48:13] <rewbycraft> I'm gonna go sleep in a few minutes too
[02:48:17] <rewbycraft> Just gotta send some emails
[02:48:22] <rewbycraft> (Ironically)
[03:00:17] <rewbycraft> Night all
[03:07:54] <tyzoid> good night
[04:23:33] <tyzoid> If anyone else here hasn't signed up for the forum, I could use help checking whether the activation emails are making it to inboxes
[04:23:39] <tyzoid> everything should work now
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[08:40:49] <deep42thought> sudo systemctl restart boin
[08:42:00] <deep42thought> sry
[08:42:06] <deep42thought> my desktop was slow to respond
[08:42:15] <deep42thought> it should be clear, why
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[14:13:34] <rewbycraft> I just tested, the bbs emails are arriving just fine
[14:15:25] <rewbycraft> Also, I'm already spotting some inconsistent capitalization on the index page of "Archlinux32"
[14:17:09] <rewbycraft> And "System Administration" is missing a subtitle/description
[14:26:31] <deep42thought> can we somehow use the same title bar on the forum and the website?
[14:27:52] <rewbycraft> I don't see why not?
[14:28:13] <rewbycraft> One of the two has to change their bar
[14:28:33] <deep42thought> I think, both are worth changing ;-)
[14:28:44] <rewbycraft> Yeah
[14:28:58] <rewbycraft> The website's bar still needs the forum added
[14:29:15] <deep42thought> and the forum needs the website added
[14:31:04] <rewbycraft> The logo goes to the website
[14:31:38] <deep42thought> hmm
[14:32:56] <rewbycraft> I expected it to go to bbs.../
[14:33:00] <rewbycraft> But nope, goes to www.
[15:10:26] <deep42thought> btw: continuous build master status is now available on https://buildmaster.archlinux32.org and https://buildmaster.archlinux32.org
[15:10:45] <rewbycraft> Cool
[15:11:04] <deep42thought> the htmls are crappy, but the content should be clear anyway ;-)
[15:13:11] <rewbycraft> Ya
[15:18:31] <deep42thought> hmm, it's wrong to only look at build dependencies:
[15:18:52] <deep42thought> e.g. certbot has a runtime dependency with version specified - so this must be built before certbot
[15:19:27] <deep42thought> on the other hand, we'll get _a_lot_ more dependency cycles, if we also care about runtime dependencies
[15:21:51] <rewbycraft> Yeah, that's not optimal
[15:23:06] <deep42thought> we could just move broken packages to the end of the build list, mark them as broken and hand them out another time - in the hope they'll compile then
[15:23:18] <deep42thought> that's ugly, but would actually work
[15:23:44] <rewbycraft> I'd add a counter
[15:23:57] <deep42thought> and stop handing out at which number?
[15:24:04] <rewbycraft> That way you can see which packages have been going around for a while
[15:24:12] <deep42thought> ah, ok
[15:24:15] <rewbycraft> Not so much stop handing out, but moreso for the admin
[15:24:16] <deep42thought> just log it
[15:24:21] <rewbycraft> So you can spot packages which have been going around a bunch
[15:24:45] <deep42thought> currently I write the name of the build slave into the marker file
[15:24:47] <rewbycraft> Or maybe put a warning message out if a package goes around 10 times
[15:24:49] <deep42thought> I could just append it
[15:25:04] <rewbycraft> Possible
[15:29:08] <rewbycraft> My main point being that just cycling the packages would work, but you have to be able to figure out which ones are stuck in a loop
[15:29:29] <deep42thought> yes, got that
[15:29:37] <rewbycraft> Okay good
[15:29:51] <deep42thought> it's also nice to see if some build slaves fail with some packages more often, ...
[15:30:00] <rewbycraft> That too
[15:34:05] <rewbycraft>
[15:34:10] <rewbycraft> Oh. Wrong window
[15:34:11] <rewbycraft> Whoops
[15:34:45] <rewbycraft> (Chances are that IP address is useless to you anyway)
[15:35:40] <deep42thought> the regular interval for changing ones password is the time it takes to accidentally enter it in a public channel
[15:35:58] <rewbycraft> Heh
[15:36:10] <rewbycraft> Nah, it's the internal ip for my ESXi test host
[15:36:32] <rewbycraft> It's RFC1918 IP space anyway, aka similar to 192.168.x.y and 10.x.y.z
[15:51:23] <deep42thought> ah, no - this breaks breaking of dependency cycles:
[15:51:52] <rewbycraft> Breaks breaking. Wonderful
[15:51:52] <deep42thought> so far, when no packages had all dependencies met, the script would attempt to break the "best" dependency loop
[15:51:56] <deep42thought> :-)
[15:52:17] <rewbycraft> How do you define best?
[15:52:28] <deep42thought> it's the package which breaks the most loops
[15:52:42] <rewbycraft> Fair enough
[15:53:10] <deep42thought> I know, a greedy algorithm doesn't necessarily find the optimum, but I believe P!=NP and I don't want to solve some NP problem ... with bash ...
[15:53:20] <rewbycraft> Fair enough
[16:23:50] -!- dmakeyev has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[16:28:36] -!- tyzoid has joined #archlinux-ports
[16:28:57] <tyzoid> hey deep42thought, is that you signed up to the forum?
[16:29:04] <deep42thought> yes
[16:29:40] <tyzoid> Just promoted your role to administrator
[16:29:47] <deep42thought> thanks
[16:30:09] <tyzoid> Also, not sure if you saw, but I've enabled ssl
[16:30:16] <tyzoid> and email notifications should no longer go to spam
[16:30:34] <deep42thought> yes, I saw
[16:31:05] <rewbycraft> tyzoid: Yeah, looks good on the "not going to spam" front
[16:31:07] <deep42thought> should I remove rewbycraft's domain from the spf again?
[16:31:11] <rewbycraft> Although did you see the remaks I had?
[16:31:18] <rewbycraft> *remarks
[16:31:22] <tyzoid> I did
[16:31:27] <tyzoid> thanks for the help
[16:31:42] <rewbycraft> Also, deep42thought, probably
[16:31:51] <rewbycraft> It was a suggestion since ty had some issues with postfix
[16:31:54] <rewbycraft> But he managed to fix it
[16:31:57] <tyzoid> deep42thought: if rewby is going to do stuff with the build system in the future, I'd say leave it
[16:31:57] <deep42thought> ok
[16:32:04] <rewbycraft> Oh yeah, fair point
[16:32:05] <tyzoid> email notifications would be helpful from that
[16:32:20] <rewbycraft> Yeah, good point
[16:32:54] <rewbycraft> Also, tyzoid, I did make an account myself. Everythign seems to work
[16:32:58] <rewbycraft> (on bbs, that is)
[16:33:20] <tyzoid> sweet, thanks
[16:33:44] <rewbycraft> But yeah, just a few minor inconsistencies in labelling here and here
[16:33:53] <rewbycraft> And the top-bar isn't consistent across bbs. and www.
[16:33:59] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: promoted you to admin on the forum
[16:34:05] <rewbycraft> Oh thank you!
[16:34:08] <tyzoid> and we're aware of the top bar thing
[16:34:19] <rewbycraft> Yeah
[16:34:20] <tyzoid> the homepage hasn't been updated yet
[16:34:25] <rewbycraft> May I make a recommendation about the top bar?
[16:34:34] <tyzoid> It's on github, if you want to make a PR
[16:34:48] <tyzoid> otherwise I can work on it when I have some time later today
[16:35:06] <rewbycraft> Basically, I personally would make the logo redirect to the / of whatever site you're on at that moment
[16:35:18] <rewbycraft> so if you're on bbs., it sends you to the index page of the bbs
[16:35:38] <tyzoid> I was following the archlinux site
[16:35:42] <tyzoid> the logo take you to the homepage
[16:35:45] <rewbycraft> Yeah, it annoys me there too
[16:35:53] <tyzoid> but if we think it's better this way, we can do that
[16:35:59] <rewbycraft> It's just a suggestion
[16:36:39] <rewbycraft> Because most non-arch sites seem to do it that way
[16:36:44] <deep42thought> ok, I'll have to leave now - cu later!
[16:36:44] <tyzoid> also deep42thought: can you add my DKIM signature to the txt record?
[16:36:45] <tyzoid> https://ptpb.pw
[16:36:59] <tyzoid> lol, that timing
[16:37:03] <deep42thought> :-)
[16:37:06] <tyzoid> see ya later then
[16:37:08] <rewbycraft> Oh that's gonna be fun with multiple sending MXes
[16:37:25] <tyzoid> I don't need mx records though
[16:37:27] <rewbycraft> Ah, you can have multiple
[16:37:34] -!- deep42thought has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[16:37:49] <tyzoid> because I don't need to recieve mail on that domain
[16:37:56] <rewbycraft> Fair
[16:38:13] <tyzoid> s/recieve/receive/
[16:38:24] <rewbycraft> I actually use my mail server for my main email addresses, so I get a lot of incoming mail. ;P
[16:38:38] <tyzoid> I've been wanting to for a while
[16:38:44] <tyzoid> haven't had the chance to set it up that way
[16:39:16] <rewbycraft> I've got it setup such that dovecot is end-responsible for the mail directory, which is a vmail directory in /home/vmail (owned by the vmail user)
[16:39:36] <rewbycraft> And postfix just hands off accepted email to dovecot
[16:40:06] <rewbycraft> Not before running it though clamav, spamassasin, opendkim, etc
[16:41:02] <rewbycraft> So I can easily tell postfix to either forward email for a certain address to somewhere
[16:41:13] <rewbycraft> Or add accounts for email I handle "locally"
[16:41:43] <tyzoid> That's pretty sweet
[16:42:09] <rewbycraft> Yeah, and it's all accessible through your standard smtp(s)/imap(s)
[16:42:09] <tyzoid> so how does it work if you wanted to have multiple accounts, is that multiple local users? or a configuration for dovecot?
[16:42:26] <rewbycraft> Basically, dovecot has it's own equivalent of /etc/passwd
[16:42:43] <rewbycraft> So I just pop the email address and hashed password in there
[16:42:49] <rewbycraft> and that creates a "new" account
[16:43:10] <rewbycraft> Dovecot (on reload) will automatically make the required folders under /home/vmail
[16:43:14] <tyzoid> does it also support catch all email?
[16:43:22] <rewbycraft> It can, if you want it to
[16:43:25] <rewbycraft> That's a postfix config
[16:43:50] <tyzoid> Nice
[16:44:07] <rewbycraft> You can also have postfix deliver straight to /home/vmail
[16:44:18] <rewbycraft> But I have it go through dovecot because it means I can use dovecot's filter script language
[16:44:38] <rewbycraft> And automatically shove things with something+somethingelse@domain into separate folders of the something@domain account
[16:44:51] <tyzoid> that's pretty nifty
[16:45:03] <tyzoid> I use google's email filters pretty excensively for that sort of thing
[16:45:03] <rewbycraft> As well as move things marked as spam by spamassassin to spam
[16:45:19] <rewbycraft> Dovecot's got a thing called sieve
[16:45:30] <rewbycraft> It's basically a mini programming/scripting language you use to setup filter
[16:46:12] <rewbycraft> It's actually really useful
[16:46:23] <tyzoid> I'll have to look at that later
[16:46:34] <tyzoid> I need to head off too, now
[16:46:38] <rewbycraft> Make sure to extensively document your postfix setups
[16:46:40] <tyzoid> thanks for the help
[16:46:51] <rewbycraft> Because I've found that I've written my configs once years ago
[16:46:57] <rewbycraft> And just keep building on that
[16:47:18] <rewbycraft> And by using a single centralised mail server, I don't have a massive maintenance burden
[16:47:27] <rewbycraft> Everything else just uses smtp/submission to send email
[16:52:11] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: I changed the link on the logo of the forum
[16:52:24] <rewbycraft> \o/
[16:52:58] <tyzoid> anyway, I'm out. I might be on around 7pm EDT.
[16:53:05] <rewbycraft> See ya
[16:53:06] <tyzoid> not sure if you'll be asleep then or not
[16:53:19] <rewbycraft> That's 1 AM
[16:53:20] <rewbycraft> So probably
[16:53:51] <tyzoid> alright. I read the logs, so I'll catch it if you need to get my attention
[16:55:35] <rewbycraft> Sure thing
[16:55:37] <rewbycraft> I read logs too
[16:55:47] <rewbycraft> So if you need something, just ping/highlight me
[16:56:06] <rewbycraft> (My IRC bouncer stays connected and sends me a notification if you do)
[17:02:50] -!- tyzoid has quit [Ping timeout: 255 seconds]
[17:14:16] -!- tyzoid has joined #archlinux-ports
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[18:22:36] -!- yokel has joined #archlinux-ports
[18:33:07] -!- deep42thought has joined #archlinux-ports
[19:31:28] <tyzoid> hey deep42thought
[19:31:32] <deep42thought> hi
[19:31:47] <tyzoid> Did you see my message about the dkim signature?
[19:31:51] <deep42thought> yes
[19:32:06] <deep42thought> but I'm unable to enter the TXT record in my registrars web frontend
[19:32:15] <tyzoid> gmm
[19:32:17] <tyzoid> hmm*
[19:33:30] <deep42thought> this should be one TXT record for mail._domainkey.archlinux32.org, right?
[19:33:51] <tyzoid> yeah
[19:34:16] <tyzoid> should look similar to mine:
[19:34:16] <tyzoid> dig mail._domainkey.tyzoid.com TXT
[19:34:23] <tyzoid> but with a different public key
[19:34:31] <deep42thought> hmm, generic
[19:34:51] <deep42thought> I opened a support ticket - usually they're quite helpful and competent ;-)
[19:34:52] <tyzoid> ?
[19:34:56] <tyzoid> ah
[19:35:02] <tyzoid> Who's your registrar?
[19:35:15] <tyzoid> I use namecheap, and I've never had issues with their support/systems
[19:35:16] <deep42thought> with "generic" I meant: nothing special, it's what I would expect it to look like - from what I saw
[19:35:23] <tyzoid> ah
[19:35:25] <deep42thought> united domains
[19:35:46] <tyzoid> namecheap has a cool feature where you can share domain administration between multiple users
[19:36:09] <tyzoid> plus has built-in dynamic dns
[19:36:10] <deep42thought> hmm, nice
[19:36:27] <deep42thought> I set up my own dns server to get dynamic dns
[19:36:52] <deep42thought> and there the support was quite helpful in putting in correct NS records and registering the nameserver upstream
[19:37:55] <deep42thought> (somehow their webfrontend is castrated and only allows TXT, A, AAAA, CNAME and MX records)
[19:38:09] <deep42thought> sry for the bad grammar :-(
[19:42:46] <deep42thought> there are too many tlds nowadays ...
[19:52:29] -!- tyzoid has quit [Ping timeout: 255 seconds]
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[21:41:00] <tyzoid> so I'm back, temporarily
[21:41:13] <tyzoid> I'm supposed to be working outside building a deck, but it keeps sprinkling
[21:51:43] -!- shentey has joined #archlinux-ports
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