#archlinux-ports | Logs for 2017-06-24

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[01:07:20] <tyzoid> hey Polichronucci, can you pull the homepage? I pushed a new version to git
[01:08:09] <tyzoid> Also, if we're planning on keeping the site static, do you think there's benefit to keeping on your server, or if we should move it to github pages?
[01:08:31] <tyzoid> I'm not sure if we can use ssl on a custom domain via github pages, so if you wanted to add ssl down the line, that would be one reason not to move.
[01:09:07] <tyzoid> anyway, I'll be afk for a few hours.
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[03:41:03] <tyzoid> back
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[06:43:01] <tyzoid> wb deep42thought
[06:43:07] <deep42thought> hi tyzoid
[06:43:26] <tyzoid> I updated the site on git, now just waiting for it to be pulled down
[06:43:45] <tyzoid> I assume you haven't read the logs, yet?
[06:43:59] <deep42thought> right
[06:44:08] <deep42thought> ... done
[06:44:24] <deep42thought> I think we should add ssl at some point
[06:44:30] <tyzoid> I think so too
[06:44:51] <deep42thought> because I'd like to show some security informatoin on the website (master key ids, iso checksums, ...)
[06:45:11] <deep42thought> and that doesn't make sense if we don't have ssl
[06:46:11] <tyzoid> I agree
[06:46:52] <tyzoid> Though I think all of the sites should be able to be updated by at least two people, in case one is away or unreachable
[06:47:13] <deep42thought> I would use some kind of automatic update
[06:47:21] <deep42thought> like a 'git pull' cronjob
[06:47:34] <tyzoid> deep42thought: I think that would work for a static site
[06:47:47] <tyzoid> but I would prefer not to do that for the sites that use server side scripting
[06:47:51] <deep42thought> I've even done similar for a dynamic site
[06:48:03] <tyzoid> I know it works
[06:48:07] <deep42thought> yeah, it's not nice
[06:48:26] <tyzoid> but just something about automatically running code that hasn't necessarily been thouroughly checked is just... yeesh.
[06:48:36] <tyzoid> At least if it's manual, there's some accountability
[06:49:28] <deep42thought> (my update-script also has some tests involved and aborts on any test failing)
[06:49:49] <deep42thought> but yeah, manually might be easier
[06:49:54] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Might work for smaller sites, but for a larger site (like the forum), I don't think it's scalable
[06:49:55] <deep42thought> or more safe
[06:50:07] <tyzoid> yeah
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[06:59:48] <tyzoid> hey deep42thought, can I have your ssh public key?
[07:00:03] <tyzoid> I'm making sshfs available to update the sites I'm hosting
[07:00:17] <deep42thought> I have multiple
[07:05:57] <tyzoid> heh, this ssh session is crawling
[07:06:17] <tyzoid> wonder if using 100% of my cpu for video encoding is causing that issue
[07:06:51] <deep42thought> in my case it's usually a backup running in parallel and clogging the internet downstream
[07:07:48] <tyzoid> Well you'd think if ssh was slow because of bandwidth issues, IRC must surely be slow too
[07:07:52] <tyzoid> but it doesn't seem to be
[07:08:01] <deep42thought> true
[07:08:01] <tyzoid> unless IRC delays are that well hidden.
[07:08:15] <deep42thought> it's higher priority protocolls ;-)
[07:08:17] <tyzoid> but really? 2 minutes to open a man page?
[07:32:15] <tyzoid> hey deep42thought
[07:32:21] <tyzoid> can you quickly test this for me?
[07:32:41] <tyzoid> try mounting news-archlinux32@news.archlinux32.org:/
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[12:38:01] <rewbycraft> tyzoid, deep42thought: If you do want a git-pull cronjob for a dynamic site: Just keep two branches in git. One master, where dev happens and a production branch. Have the server on production and only merge master when the code's been tested.
[12:38:22] <rewbycraft> That way you can just keep the webserver on a git-pull cronjob, even with dynamic scripts
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[17:29:02] <tyzoid> So, uh...
[17:29:14] <tyzoid> bit of unplanned downtime for the forum and news pages
[17:29:14] <tyzoid> http://cdn3.tyzoid.com
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[18:31:58] <tyzoid> Alright, the server is back up
[18:34:50] <Polichronucci> tyzoid: I setup a timer for the git pull for now
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[19:04:35] <Polichronucci> 19:34:49 Polichronucci | tyzoid: I setup a timer for the git pull for now
[19:06:09] <tyzoid> Sweet
[19:09:54] <tyzoid> O
[19:09:55] <tyzoid> I'll send an email out about that shortly
[19:10:53] <Polichronucci> ok perfect
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