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[05:02:23] <CashDash123\> hello
[05:02:31] <phillid> Sup
[05:03:23] <CashDash123\> learning Irssi as this is my first time acually using an IRC client.
[05:03:40] <tyzoid> nice
[05:03:55] <tyzoid> I assume you usually use webchat.freenode/
[05:04:03] <tyzoid> s:/:?
[05:04:48] <CashDash123\> no but I've more than likey used web IRC chat before you know with twich and such.
[05:06:26] <tyzoid> Have you been around here long?
[05:06:33] <CashDash123\> Does anyone know why Broadcom 4310 firm wasn't included on the Iso? I've already got it from the Aur,but I've yet to acually set it up.
[05:06:46] <CashDash123\> No pretty new acually.
[05:08:24] <phillid> Which ISO?
[05:08:46] <CashDash123\> the 6-15-2017 Iso I belive.
[05:08:47] <phillid> This is the channel for the 32-bit archlinux port for when archlinux.org stops doing 32-bit packages
[05:10:05] <CashDash123\> I know I should probably ask around but I said "Might as well try the source" also Im typing this on a 32 pc.
[05:10:54] <eschwartz> likely because of licensing issues
[05:11:08] <eschwartz> I assume you refer to the b43-firmware package?
[05:11:36] <CashDash123\> Most likey. Yes Im am refering to b43-firmware.
[05:11:59] <eschwartz> "likely" upgraded to "confirmed yes"
[05:12:35] <CashDash123\> agreed
[05:17:52] <CashDash123\> Bye.
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[08:22:17] <deep42thought> btw: (tmpfs + git archive | tar + overlay + systemd-nspawn + source) is _a_lot_ slower than both (git checkout + makepkg --printsrcinfo) and (git checkout + mksrcinfo)
[08:22:31] <deep42thought> I mean: for creating the .SCRINFO
[08:26:10] <tyzoid> I'm not familiar with the performance penalties of nspawn
[08:28:02] <deep42thought> it's like a factor of 100
[08:28:24] <deep42thought> I'll check if I made some mistake, but at the current speed it's unbearable
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[08:45:27] <tyzoid> anyway, I'm off to be
[08:45:29] <tyzoid> bed*
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[08:45:36] <deep42thought> good night!
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[08:45:52] <tyzoid> thanks deep42thought
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[10:11:46] <deep42thought> oh no, found the bug: I was draining the entropy pool by generating machine-ids from /dev/random instead of /dev/urandom :-(
[10:11:58] <deep42thought> now the speed is comparable :-)
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[13:25:39] <tyzoid> Glad you found it, deep42thought.
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[13:33:40] <deep42thought> yeah, me too
[14:13:55] <fsckd> good morning :)
[14:14:03] <deep42thought> Hi!
[14:14:19] <fsckd> how are you doing?
[14:14:51] <deep42thought> Is this supposed to be small talk or are you interested in details?
[14:15:00] <deep42thought> (I'm bad at distinguishing those)
[14:15:24] <fsckd> small talk, i'm about to Syu then shut down and test my UPS >_>
[14:16:02] <deep42thought> is it a Syu on 32 or 64 bit?
[14:16:43] <fsckd> 64 bit. my 32 bit machine has to wait :)
[14:16:51] <deep42thought> :-D
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[14:32:21] <deep42thought> fsckd: looks like the new kernel boots ;-)
[14:32:32] <fsckd> :D
[14:34:36] <deep42thought> Hmm, the way pacman is configured by default, it's worse to have a database signature with an untrusted/unknown key than no database signature at all O.o
[14:35:21] <deep42thought> so I'm unable to add database keys for everyone who likes to check, because then I also have to insert the database signing key into pacmans keyring - which I don't want to :-(
[14:37:12] <deep42thought> btw: what's our approach for builds failing due to invalid checksums?
[14:37:32] <deep42thought> Currently we have geoip-database and gmic, which won't build due to invalid checksums
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[15:52:38] <WarheadsSE> deep42thought: whoops on entropy :P
[15:53:15] <deep42thought> I was annoied by the warning from systemd-nspawn about the identical machine-ids, so I thought I'd just create fresh ones ...
[15:53:25] <WarheadsSE> deep42thought: my favorite: builds failing because the maintainer has access to the source, but there is no public posting of the source tar :P
[15:53:45] <deep42thought> yeah
[15:53:53] <deep42thought> or: only build for $package<$version
[15:54:08] <deep42thought> I currently have some failing for bash, some for perl ...
[15:55:49] <deep42thought> the internet should really be based on hashs - once you have the hash of the source (in the PKGBUILD), you could download the source, no matter what
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[16:01:27] <WarheadsSE> Yeah, I remember when GH would let you pull zips of the sources, but it was generated every time with a different date sum :P
[16:01:31] <WarheadsSE> never match!
[16:01:42] <deep42thought> :-)
[16:02:24] <guys> WarheadsSE: they still do that, because it is powered by git-archive(1)
[16:02:32] <guys> Unless you do the right thing and pull tags
[16:02:40] <deep42thought> but you can use 'git archive' reproducably
[16:03:12] <WarheadsSE> Yup.
[16:03:23] <WarheadsSE> bitbucket is worse.
[16:03:37] <WarheadsSE> At least GH now lets you make "releases" directly
[16:03:54] <WarheadsSE> They then store it in object storage, so it is always the same file.
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[17:08:20] <tyzoid> hey deep42thought
[17:09:21] <tyzoid> I'm writing a forum post about the backup stuff we were talking about
[17:09:29] <deep42thought> good idea
[17:09:39] <tyzoid> I figure site administration is a decent section
[17:09:49] <deep42thought> yes
[17:09:54] <deep42thought> I also missed that section
[17:10:08] <tyzoid> but if you think it should be publicly viewable, we should put it somewhere else
[17:10:26] <tyzoid> That forum is admins-only, atm
[17:10:27] <deep42thought> huh? Did you miss a negation?
[17:10:30] <deep42thought> ah
[17:10:33] <deep42thought> hmm
[17:10:46] <deep42thought> can't anyone register to the forum?
[17:10:53] <tyzoid> yeah
[17:11:21] <tyzoid> I'll post it there
[17:11:24] <tyzoid> we can move it later if need be
[17:22:10] <rewbycraft> tyzoid: New item for the backup post:
[17:22:21] <rewbycraft> * Solution should allow assymetric storage availability
[17:22:48] <rewbycraft> deep42thought: Note: My username is lowercase entirely.
[17:22:51] <tyzoid> Ah, right. Missed that
[17:22:52] <tyzoid> thanks
[17:22:56] <rewbycraft> Please don't uppercase the first character
[17:23:00] <rewbycraft> It bothers me when people do that
[17:23:05] <deep42thought> rewbycraft: sry
[17:23:24] <deep42thought> where did I besides my current forum post?
[17:23:31] <rewbycraft> Nowhere
[17:23:34] <rewbycraft> But just for reference
[17:25:14] <tyzoid> Sure thing Mr. Rewbycraft
[17:25:16] <rewbycraft> deep42thought: Should we list github in your post as well
[17:25:17] <tyzoid> (loljk)
[17:25:21] <rewbycraft> >.>
[17:25:49] <deep42thought> We might
[17:26:02] <rewbycraft> Also, maybe list the mirrors?
[17:26:19] <rewbycraft> So we know who to blame if a mirror goes bork
[17:26:34] <deep42thought> mirrors might go to a different thread, I think
[17:26:41] <deep42thought> this should be the "core system"
[17:26:41] <rewbycraft> Fair
[17:26:54] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: The mainline arch project has a system for managing server health and monitoring
[17:27:03] <tyzoid> and afaik they're about to add automated email alerts
[17:27:16] <rewbycraft> I just use nodeping + newrelic
[17:27:25] <rewbycraft> But I've got a legacy newrelic account that gets free server monitoring
[17:27:27] <deep42thought> I already get emails when the build master isn't "sane" anymore
[17:27:36] <tyzoid> Doesn't newrelic cost money?
[17:27:42] <rewbycraft> As I said, legacy account
[17:27:43] <tyzoid> Or do they have a free package for open source
[17:27:48] <rewbycraft> Maybe. We can check
[17:32:06] <tyzoid> rewbycraft, deep42thought: I already have a cacti server up, we could use cacti...
[17:32:17] <tyzoid> Hosted on a separate server out in chicago
[17:32:56] <deep42thought> I'm not familiar with any of those systems, just pick one you like which can send me emails, too, and I'm fine with it :-)
[17:33:05] <tyzoid> nagios is the standard one
[17:33:10] <tyzoid> and it can pull in data from cacti
[17:34:30] <tyzoid> The only issue is ensuring redundancy
[17:34:43] <tyzoid> I don't want to be the single point of failure for our monitoring solution
[17:35:18] <tyzoid> also deep42thought: I mentioned on the forum, but news and bbs are out of Chicago, not NY
[17:35:45] <deep42thought> It's all the same direction from here, so I get a little confused :-/
[17:35:49] <tyzoid> no problem
[17:36:25] <rewbycraft> I might be able to share my newrelic account
[17:36:46] <rewbycraft> I've got some of my servers under alerts
[17:36:56] <rewbycraft> So it sends me emails if my servers get performance issues
[17:36:59] <tyzoid> I use uptimerobot for monitoring uptime
[17:37:04] <tyzoid> and it sends me downtime alerts
[17:37:07] <tyzoid> but that's about it
[17:37:10] <tyzoid> It's free, too
[17:37:14] <rewbycraft> I use nodeping for that, same purpose though
[17:37:27] <tyzoid> nodeping isn't free, though
[17:37:29] <tyzoid> afaik
[17:37:33] <rewbycraft> It's not no
[17:39:04] <deep42thought> well, is it that complicated that there is no free open source solution?
[17:39:17] <rewbycraft> Apparently
[17:39:36] <rewbycraft> But I can add extra "sub accounts" to my newrelic account, if anyone cares
[17:40:31] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Cacti is open source, and there's an alerts plugin for it
[17:40:41] <tyzoid> I could give you access to my cacti install if you wanted to check it out
[17:41:25] <deep42thought> since I have no opinion about / experience with that topic: no, thanks
[17:41:49] <rewbycraft> tyzoid: As I said, if you don't want to be the SPoF, I can let people use my NR
[17:42:01] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: Cacti can be replicated, though
[17:42:08] <rewbycraft> Hm. True
[17:42:21] <rewbycraft> I could probably fit a replicated instance in on one of my spare vpses
[17:42:23] <tyzoid> I'm fine either way, but the general Arch Philosophy is to use open source if possible
[17:42:57] <rewbycraft> True
[17:43:07] <rewbycraft> That said, I'm usually a: Best Tool for the Job kinda guy
[17:43:07] <tyzoid> Anyway, cacti collects data and summarizes it in easy-to-understand graphs: http://cdn3.tyzoid.com
[17:44:09] <tyzoid> There
[17:44:21] <tyzoid> There's also the possibility of having a custom interface on top of it
[17:44:39] <rewbycraft> I can donate you another server if you wanna set it up
[17:44:41] <tyzoid> Here's one I made for a local radio station: http://stats.wcbnalive.com
[17:44:43] <phrik> Title: WCBN Stats (at stats.wcbnalive.com)
[17:45:43] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: That sounds good. I assume cacti is what we're going with, then?
[17:45:52] <tyzoid> potentially with a custom frontend for fancy display?
[17:46:34] <rewbycraft> I think graphite exists too
[17:46:37] <rewbycraft> Maybe look at that?
[17:46:52] <rewbycraft> Also, I'm somewhat impartial as it's been ages since I've used opensource perf monitoring
[17:47:13] <tyzoid> One of my former coworkers used to develop cacti
[17:47:19] <tyzoid> so I'm a bit partial towards that
[17:47:50] <deep42thought> How does this work in general? Is it distributed over multiple servers?
[17:48:02] <tyzoid> cacti? or graphite?
[17:48:12] <deep42thought> both? :-/
[17:48:20] <tyzoid> Cacti stores in a database backend
[17:48:26] <tyzoid> so you just need to replicate the database
[17:49:55] <rewbycraft> I think graphite also has some clustering support
[17:50:07] <deep42thought> but the email notification is from one server only, right?
[17:50:16] <rewbycraft> Generally, yes
[17:50:33] <tyzoid> deep42thought: You could set it up either way. It's possible to know whether another server is online or not, so you could set it up that way
[17:50:49] <tyzoid> worst comes to worst is that there's a bug and you get two emails
[17:51:07] <rewbycraft> But yeah, if you know cacti well, then I'm all for it
[17:51:27] <deep42thought> I have to leave again in a few minutes
[17:51:57] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Do you have SNMP on your server?
[17:52:14] <deep42thought> not that I'm aware of
[17:57:14] <deep42thought> ok, I'll leave now - but as usual, I'll read the logs
[17:57:19] <tyzoid> sounds good
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[18:40:03] <Polichronucci> City-busz: hey I forgot to create the alias for you :-/
[18:40:45] <Polichronucci> should it be city-busz[AT]archlinux32.org? where should it point to?
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[19:42:31] <tyzoid> So here's a funny one
[19:42:50] <tyzoid> I updated one of my vps's, and rebooted it
[19:43:04] <tyzoid> but now it turns off/crashes after about 10 seconds of any boot
[19:43:23] <tyzoid> I've got about 8 seconds of time to ssh in grab a log and get out
[19:43:29] <tyzoid> before it crashes again
[19:44:08] <tyzoid> Anyone have any ideas on how to go about debugging it?
[19:44:15] <tyzoid> It's an ubuntu server
[19:44:29] <tyzoid> and #ubuntu wasn't helfpul :/
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[20:03:01] <tyzoid> Got it fixed, finally
[20:03:12] <tyzoid> The server needs a deep clean anyway
[20:09:01] <tyzoid> question for deep42thought: Does your registrar support shared domain administration?
[20:09:10] <tyzoid> i.e. can you have two people able to manage it?
[20:09:36] <tyzoid> Or would we just have to have a second trusted person share the login?
[20:09:48] <tyzoid> Bus factor>1 and all
[20:10:10] <tyzoid> Also City-busz: Did you ever sign my build key?
[20:10:15] <tyzoid> I wasn't able to check before I left
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[22:02:09] <deep42thought> tyzoid: I don't think my registrar supports shared domain registration, but I'll ask them.
[22:04:12] <deep42thought> On the other hand, dns might not be _that_ critical, because it shouldn't change that often / unpredictable, or?
[22:06:13] <tyzoid> Depends on what we have hardcoded as IPs vs CNAME records
[22:06:22] <tyzoid> I think you have mine set via CNAME, but the SPF is set by IP
[22:06:55] <deep42thought> right
[22:07:01] <deep42thought> website is also via ip
[22:07:08] <deep42thought> master mirror via cname
[22:07:13] <tyzoid> if the IP changes, it'll be important to be able to update
[22:07:22] <deep42thought> yeah, right
[22:07:41] <tyzoid> The other thing is if your registrar/DNS provider has a dynamic dns feature
[22:07:57] <deep42thought> they don't
[22:08:04] <tyzoid> My servers automatically update their IP by dynamic dns updating
[22:08:10] <tyzoid> so I'm good on that front
[22:08:31] <tyzoid> it might be something useful to look at in that case
[22:08:52] <deep42thought> what would we need dynamic ips for?
[22:09:02] <tyzoid> Automatically updating A records in case they change
[22:09:20] <deep42thought> hmmm
[22:09:28] <deep42thought> I wouldn't automate too much
[22:09:29] <tyzoid> It's an alternative approach to having shared creds
[22:09:34] <tyzoid> ehh, up to you
[22:24:49] <deep42thought> I think, I just found the first package which we really can't build (without large effort) for i686: linux-hardened
[22:27:40] <deep42thought> anyway, I'm off for the night
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