#archlinux-ports | Logs for 2017-07-02

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[07:39:19] <deep42thought> tyzoid: How's the iso coming along?
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[07:52:45] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Got the i686 one done
[07:52:57] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Can't remember the username for your sftp access
[07:53:03] <deep42thought> archlinux32
[07:53:08] <deep42thought> :-)
[07:53:08] <tyzoid> thought I tried that
[07:53:17] <tyzoid> mirror.archlinux32.org as the host, right?
[07:53:24] <deep42thought> right
[07:53:51] <tyzoid> read: Connection reset by peer
[07:53:59] <tyzoid> $ sshfs archlinux32@mirror.archlinux32.org:/ mirror.arch32/
[07:54:44] <tyzoid> Resolved via PM, for anyone reading the logs
[08:02:52] <tyzoid> deep42thought: i686 is online, having difficulties getting the dual working from our mirror
[08:03:33] <deep42thought> :-/
[08:03:59] <deep42thought> did you put both i686 and x86_64 mirrors into your mirrolist?
[08:04:39] <deep42thought> I've faced some signature problems between concurring -any packages before ...
[08:07:30] <tyzoid> deep42thought: I did, but I'm just going to create an offline repo with both arch's in it
[08:07:43] <tyzoid> because I need to pull x86_64 from mainline, and i686 from our mirrors
[08:08:33] <tyzoid> deep42thought: i686 is on the master mirror, now
[08:09:18] <deep42thought> ok
[08:09:42] <deep42thought> The problem might be that pacman does not expect differing versions for i686 and x86_64 -any packages
[08:09:51] <deep42thought> e.g it has only one cache for "both"
[08:22:14] <tyzoid> potentially
[08:22:14] <tyzoid> but I think it's that the repos don't have both architectures in them
[08:22:14] <tyzoid> so I'm downloading all packages from packages.both into i686 and x86_64 locally
[08:23:37] <deep42thought> well, pacman usually just skips mirrors which give 404
[08:40:45] <deep42thought> I'm afk - playinground \o/
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[10:31:47] <deep42thought> the cleanest solution for the dual-iso might be the same as for the build slaves: a mirrolist32 and a custom pacman.conf for i686
[10:32:12] <deep42thought> then we can also configure separate caches
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[14:13:52] <tyzoid> Alright, both i686 and dual are uploaded now
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[16:52:07] <deep42thought> tyzoid: thanks!
[16:52:52] <deep42thought> was there another problem besides the mirror only having i686 or x86_64?
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[18:43:32] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Not that I recall
[18:43:39] <deep42thought> good :-)
[18:43:51] <tyzoid> It took a bit of fiddling, but it worked fairly well
[18:43:56] <deep42thought> I planned to make a mixed mirror for myself anyway
[18:44:05] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Did you get the email I sent to arch-ports?
[18:44:11] <deep42thought> eg. just create a bunch of symlinks
[18:44:14] <deep42thought> ahm, no?
[18:44:16] <tyzoid> My smtp server says it was sent, but I didn't get anything
[18:44:23] <deep42thought> when
[18:44:24] <deep42thought> ?
[18:44:33] <deep42thought> lemme check
[18:44:44] <tyzoid> about an hour ago
[18:44:46] <tyzoid> maybe a bit more
[18:44:58] <rewbycraft> I didn't either
[18:44:59] <deep42thought> no, nothing
[18:45:06] <tyzoid> hmm
[18:45:16] <tyzoid> Ohhh
[18:45:18] <tyzoid> I know
[18:45:24] <tyzoid> the mailing list doesn't accept email if you're not subscribed
[18:45:28] <deep42thought> you sent from the wrong address?
[18:45:43] <tyzoid> I was sending from my archlinux32.org email
[18:45:49] <deep42thought> :-)
[18:45:53] <tyzoid> I'll just send from my old one
[18:46:04] <tyzoid> switch it over some time later
[18:52:54] <tyzoid> deep42thought, rewbycraft: Just sent it from my other email
[18:53:22] <tyzoid> Also: August ISO. Include archlinux32-keyring for i686?
[18:53:56] <rewbycraft> Got it
[18:54:08] <deep42thought> pacman is on the iso, right?
[18:54:16] <deep42thought> _our_ pacman
[18:54:19] <rewbycraft> Also, my mirror will've picked up the isos too, tyzoid
[18:54:26] <deep42thought> ... then the keyring is already on it
[18:54:41] <deep42thought> (it's a dependency of pacman)
[18:56:38] <rewbycraft> Actually, it's just pulled them
[18:56:56] <deep42thought> that's fast - how often do you sync?
[18:57:11] <rewbycraft> About once an hour
[18:58:12] <rewbycraft> Since we've got so few mirrors, I figure the load on master isn't too bad with hourly
[18:58:23] <deep42thought> yeah, one hour is totally fine
[18:58:45] <deep42thought> it's rsync in the end, so the traffic roughly the same no matter how often you sync
[18:58:53] <rewbycraft> Yup
[18:58:59] <rewbycraft> but CPU load can be an issue with a lot of mirrors
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[19:24:34] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: Yours did not have it when I composed the email
[19:24:53] <rewbycraft> tyzoid: Ah. It must've jsut gotten it then
[19:24:54] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: Which is odd, since I uploaded them about 6 hours before composing the email
[19:25:09] <rewbycraft> Actually, I've been having some issues with one of my transits
[19:25:20] <rewbycraft> So the main mirror was probably going over frankfurt
[19:25:24] <rewbycraft> And would've ran into that
[19:25:31] <rewbycraft> Transit's got a dead router somewhere
[19:25:36] <rewbycraft> And he's still not figured out where it is
[19:26:03] <rewbycraft> In simpler terms: I've been having network issues with anything going over germany
[19:26:10] <tyzoid> ah
[19:26:20] <rewbycraft> So rsync must've just been failing for a few hours
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[19:29:24] <tyzoid> deep42thought: If we add a lastupdate/lastsync file to the master, then we can sync minutely like we have for mainline
[19:30:34] <rewbycraft> Rest assured, the transit in question's getting yelled at
[19:31:18] <tyzoid> So I assume this email went through now?
[19:32:00] <rewbycraft> Yup
[19:32:04] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Interesting. I'll double check, but I thought I needed to include archlinux32-keyring manually
[19:32:33] <tyzoid> deep42thought: the arch iso also has the mainline i686 mirrorlist, which is fine for now
[19:32:38] <rewbycraft> tyzoid: I'll add a mail regarding iso availability on my mirror
[19:32:39] <tyzoid> but maybe August we switch that?
[19:32:46] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: +1
[19:33:06] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: I added it to the announcement on news.archlinux32.org
[19:34:32] <tyzoid> deep42thought: I was talking to Bluewind over in #archlinux-devops, and he said rsync has a couple of megabyte overhead for syncing changed file lists
[19:35:03] <tyzoid> deep42thought: So if we sync more often, that would add up. Mainline uses the lastsync/lastupdate file to determine whether rsync needs to run in the first place
[19:36:01] <rewbycraft> Message sent
[19:36:03] <rewbycraft> tyzoid: Thanks
[19:36:12] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: Thank you :)
[19:36:29] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: Also, we talked a bit last week about the mainline mirrors
[19:36:35] <rewbycraft> Oh?
[19:36:43] <tyzoid> And I said that you can use mine for copying mainline if you want
[19:36:46] <rewbycraft> (It's exam week, so I'm not around much.)
[19:36:48] <tyzoid> Ah
[19:36:51] <rewbycraft> Ah yeah, I saw
[19:37:00] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: I just changed the timing on my mirror
[19:37:08] <tyzoid> so I'm now always <5min out of sync with master
[19:37:11] <rewbycraft> Mine's set to try and go on the whole hour I think
[19:37:45] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: Anyway, thought I'd mention that
[19:37:49] <rewbycraft> Hmh
[19:37:58] <tyzoid> I'm the only Tier 2 in the USA to have <5min delay
[19:38:04] <rewbycraft> Noice
[19:38:11] <rewbycraft> I'd prefer to find a tier2 in EU though
[19:38:15] <tyzoid> and my upstream is the only Tier 1 with <5min delay
[19:38:16] <deep42thought> we have a lastupdate file in place
[19:39:03] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Not sure how useful it is, since it triggers any time an IRC message is sent, no?
[19:39:22] <deep42thought> no, just db-update updates that file
[19:39:34] <deep42thought> so it does not see isos and irc-logs
[19:39:36] <tyzoid> interesting
[19:39:46] <tyzoid> I'll look at adding that to my mirror at some point
[19:40:05] <tyzoid> One more important thing:
[19:40:37] <tyzoid> I'm going to be away for about 10 days (Monday 7/3 - Saturday 7/15)
[19:40:43] <tyzoid> 12 days*
[19:41:00] <tyzoid> I'll still check in, but my internet connection will be spotty
[19:41:11] <tyzoid> best way to reach me over that time is via email or the forum.
[19:41:30] <rewbycraft> Hmh
[19:41:44] <rewbycraft> Since it came up, I'll be gone from 17/7 for a month
[19:41:51] <rewbycraft> A few friends and I are touring around europe
[19:42:05] <deep42thought> have nice holiday(s)!
[19:42:08] <tyzoid> thanks
[19:42:22] <deep42thought> tyzoid: did you have any success with openqa yet?
[19:42:24] <tyzoid> (I hope you noticed I wrote the date backwards, since I'm an American :) )
[19:42:26] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Not yet
[19:42:32] <tyzoid> deep42thought: It has a lot of build-deps
[19:42:38] <tyzoid> which don't have packages in the AUR
[19:42:52] <deep42thought> ah, ok
[19:42:54] <tyzoid> So I'm looking at sorting those out
[19:43:19] <tyzoid> deep42thought: My first step is to do a manual install in a VM, then I can more easily document the process in a pkgbuild
[19:43:45] <tyzoid> anyway, I'm heading out for a little bit. I'll probably be back after you've left.
[19:43:56] <tyzoid> I'll read IRC logs if there's anything important
[19:44:31] <deep42thought> ok
[19:44:38] <deep42thought> cu (maybe)
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