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[09:34:41] <City-busz> deep42thought: I opened a task for pango-perl
[09:34:41] <City-busz> !bug54751
[09:34:42] <phrik> City-busz: The answer is 42.
[09:34:47] <City-busz> !bug 54751
[09:34:48] <phrik> http://bugs.archlinux.org
[09:35:04] <deep42thought> Thanks
[09:35:37] <deep42thought> I opened one for pacman, since I think it should be possible by the exact means we took, to replace one package by another
[09:36:11] <City-busz> Yes, I saw. I'm not sure that it's the correct behaviour or not.
[09:36:38] <deep42thought> but there should be a way to replace one package by another (maybe our's is the wrong one)
[09:38:09] <City-busz> I'm sure that when you do a 'pacman -Syu' next time, it's replaced.
[09:38:28] <deep42thought> hmm, sounds incosistent
[09:38:39] <deep42thought> s/incosistent/inconsistent
[09:39:20] <City-busz> Yes, it looks like.
[09:41:24] <City-busz> So when you build pango-perl for archlinux32, please don't use the pango-perl-nocheck package. Just modify the pango-perl package and remove check() and checkdepends.
[09:41:44] <City-busz> I think this is the best way.
[09:41:54] <City-busz> We don't need those checks.
[09:42:16] <deep42thought> ok, will do
[09:43:22] <jelle> deep42thought: http://dpaste.com you'd enjoy this
[09:43:23] <phrik> Title: dpaste: 12PRYXX (at dpaste.com)
[09:44:08] <deep42thought> :-)
[09:44:33] <City-busz> jelle: would you like to create a todo list for this?
[09:44:55] <deep42thought> For geoip-database, I wrote a script which downloads the source once a day and stores it by hash - if I ever need an "old" database, I'll just use this
[09:45:36] <jelle> City-busz: nah, first making a more scalable solution for it, only checking extra/core with makepkg --verifysource
[09:46:24] <City-busz> jelle: okay, just don't forget it :)
[09:48:41] <jelle> thinking of making a makedeps check in archweb which creates a todolist automatically
[09:50:08] <deep42thought> which creates automatic bug reports ;-)
[09:50:30] <jelle> no
[09:50:36] <deep42thought> (was ajoke)
[09:50:44] <jelle> we have todolists already
[09:59:48] <deep42thought> jelle: are you familiar with archweb?
[09:59:55] <jelle> deep42thought: yes
[10:00:21] <deep42thought> because I once tried to get it running, but got stuck quite at the beginning
[10:00:49] <jelle> shouldn't be that hard to get it running
[10:01:18] <deep42thought> hmm, currently I don't have that much time, but maybe I will contact you with a load of simple/stupid questions somewhen in the future
[10:01:31] <deep42thought> if that's ok for you
[10:01:44] <jelle> deep42thought: the README should be enough, if not please say so :)
[10:02:00] <deep42thought> i read it, but got stuck anyway
[10:05:26] <woffs> deep42thought, regarding botan: https://github.com
[10:05:27] <phrik> Title: GOST-34.11 tests fail on i686 · Issue #882 · randombit/botan · GitHub (at github.com)
[10:05:47] <deep42thought> woffs: yes, read it already
[10:07:03] <woffs> ok :-)
[10:09:39] <deep42thought> so we just wait for that being fixed upstream then?
[10:10:13] <deep42thought> or should we switch from "-O3" to "-O2"?
[10:10:17] <deep42thought> :-/
[10:10:29] <jelle> wtf, why even use -O3
[10:10:51] <deep42thought> dunno, it seems to be set in their Makefile
[10:12:32] <City-busz> deep42thought: if the check() fails, just comment out/remove it, and report it to upstream
[10:12:58] <deep42thought> well, I guess that the compiled program is broken
[10:13:11] <deep42thought> e.g. it's right, that check() fails
[12:36:16] <woffs> -O3 is insane, isn't it
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[14:32:34] <deep42thought> Maybe someone can have a look, why docbook-utils fails to build for i686 - I'm clueless :-(
[14:32:55] <deep42thought> (it builds for x86_64 and I already rebuilt quite a hand full of dependencies)
[14:37:30] <woffs> deep42thought, I think we should inspect the core file
[14:37:50] <deep42thought> what do you mean by that?
[14:37:59] <woffs> make[2]: *** [Makefile:300: backend-spec.html] Segmentation fault (core dumped)
[14:38:09] <woffs> that file named "core"
[14:38:11] <deep42thought> ah, right
[14:38:39] <deep42thought> where does that land (haven't looked at them before *blush*)
[14:38:50] <woffs> depends on your system...
[14:38:54] <woffs> good luck
[14:39:52] <woffs> maybe systemd-coredump swallowed it and logged the backtrace
[14:40:15] <deep42thought> does the log of the chroot land on the main system?
[14:40:27] <jelle> coredumpctl list
[14:41:04] <deep42thought> whoa O.o
[14:41:08] <woffs> maybe it's just "core" in the $PWD
[14:41:34] <deep42thought> next to _a_lot_ of coredumps, there is one from /usr/bin/openjade
[14:41:38] <woffs> jelle, wow, didn't know that. crazy systemd
[14:41:38] <deep42thought> I guess, that's it
[14:41:53] <jelle> you can also gdb
[14:41:57] <jelle> but you need the executable too btw
[14:43:07] <phillid> the coredumps are recorded in the journal, I guess?
[14:43:27] <jelle> phillid: no on disk ofc.
[14:43:44] <phillid> Where?
[14:43:59] <phillid> I mean systemd's journal btw, not the fs's
[14:45:23] <deep42thought> https://pastebin.com
[14:45:25] <phrik> Title: Jul 10 14:30:12 nlopc43 systemd-coredump[31295]: Process 31293 (jade) of user 10 - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)
[14:45:42] <deep42thought> I'll have to leave for a meeting in a few minutes
[14:46:08] <phillid> Ehh useless
[14:46:23] <phillid> Coredumps from stripped binaries aren't helpful at all :D
[14:46:36] <phillid> Bugger
[14:47:42] <deep42thought> whoever want's to try: reproducing is as simple as firing up a x86_64 arch machine, installing devtools32 and running staging-i686-build in the svn directory
[14:48:26] <deep42thought> because I really have to leave now
[14:48:29] <deep42thought> cu later!
[14:54:41] <phillid> \o
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[16:28:59] <deep42thought> City-busz: povray is also only fixed in trunk (though I didn't report anything there)
[16:30:23] <deep42thought> same goes for perl-list-moreutils (from extra)
[16:30:49] <City-busz> deep42thought: where is the fix? I can't see any new commits in povray trunk.
[16:30:57] <deep42thought> and openvpn from core
[16:31:26] <deep42thought> diff trunk/PKGBUILD repos/community-x86_64/PKGBUILD
[16:31:31] <deep42thought> shows some differing lines
[16:32:05] <deep42thought> (executed inside community/povray)
[16:32:32] <City-busz> did you modified the PKGBUILD in trunk? Because I can't see any difference.
[16:32:40] <deep42thought> oh, w8
[16:32:42] <deep42thought> lemme check
[16:32:57] <deep42thought> myb ad
[16:33:15] <deep42thought> yeah I did :-(
[16:33:27] <City-busz> perl-list-moreutils has no differences too
[16:33:35] <deep42thought> gnaaa, fooled myself
[16:34:02] <deep42thought> so I should open bugs for all of them, right?
[16:34:54] <City-busz> yes, open bugs please
[16:35:56] <City-busz> openvpn is really fixed in trunk, but not in repos
[16:41:06] <deep42thought> perl-list-moreutils does have differences between trunk and repos/extra-x86_64
[16:42:51] <deep42thought> https://pastebin.com
[16:42:52] <phrik> Title: --- trunk/PKGBUILD 2017-06-01 14:04:12.655002679 +0200 +++ repos/extra-x86_64/P - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)
[16:48:39] <eschwartz> deep42thought: no need to open duplicate bugs to fix povray :) you already commented on the previous one too o_O
[16:48:47] <deep42thought> I noticed
[16:48:54] <deep42thought> I should take a break :-/
[16:49:43] <deep42thought> ... and I have no idea, how I missed it when looking for a duplicate
[16:50:43] <eschwartz> well, your track record is still better than most people, so there's that.
[16:50:58] <eschwartz> Not sure whether that counts as a genuine compliment...
[16:50:59] <deep42thought> I just got started :-)
[16:51:24] <deep42thought> are there captchas if you submit more than a given number of bugs per time?
[16:53:04] <deep42thought> hah! I already opened a bug for perl-list-moreutils:
[16:53:10] <deep42thought> !bug 54696
[16:53:11] <phrik> http://bugs.archlinux.org
[16:56:00] <eschwartz> deep42thought: no, that's on the todolist after captchas for `pacman -Sy`
[16:56:16] <deep42thought> eschwartz: oh no, that will break my setup
[16:56:36] <deep42thought> "pacman -Sy" will eventually do so, too
[16:56:49] <eschwartz> it'll break manjaro's setup too :D pity they'll just patch it out
[16:56:59] <deep42thought> lol
[16:57:18] <eschwartz> eventually even saying it will spawn a captcha
[17:02:01] <deep42thought> cu later o/
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