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[18:22:56] <deep42thought> Hi, I'm back :-)
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[20:09:52] <tyzoid> welcome back deep42thought
[20:09:59] <tyzoid> How was your break?
[20:10:04] <deep42thought> wet
[20:10:13] <tyzoid> hmm
[20:10:18] <tyzoid> was it a vacation?
[20:10:26] <deep42thought> sort of :-)
[20:10:31] <deep42thought> we visited my parents
[20:10:38] <tyzoid> nice
[20:11:12] <deep42thought> The plan was to do it, when it's hot here (and a little cooler there), but we planned without the weather, apparently
[20:11:28] <tyzoid> deep42thought: I don't think you saw the discussion in #archlinux a bit back, but http://dl.tyzoid.com
[20:11:29] <phrik> Title: Index of /arch/iso (at dl.tyzoid.com)
[20:11:40] <tyzoid> We experimented with including networkmanager on the x86_64 isos
[20:11:55] <tyzoid> And I think it might be worthwhile to include it on the i686/dual isos
[20:12:15] <deep42thought> I'm usually not on #archlinux - it's too much traffic for me
[20:12:23] <deep42thought> what's the benefit of networkmanager?
[20:12:25] <tyzoid> The benefit is it'll allow users to perform the install if only wpa2-enterprise networks are available
[20:12:27] <deep42thought> I never used it
[20:12:39] <tyzoid> dialog/wifi-menu only work for wpa2-psk
[20:13:14] <eschwartz> the benefit is it isn't netctl :p
[20:13:28] * eschwartz hates netctl
[20:13:31] <deep42thought> but netctl is included already
[20:13:45] <brtln> netctl works with enterprise networks as well
[20:13:59] <tyzoid> deep42thought: networkmanager provides a terminal ui, so that the user doesn't need to make a config file to connect to the network
[20:14:00] <brtln> only wifi-menu doesn't
[20:14:03] <tyzoid> which is nice on an install media
[20:14:15] <deep42thought> hmmm
[20:14:41] <deep42thought> It sounds reasonable, but I don't like the idea of diverging with the i686 and dual-boot iso from upstream
[20:14:43] <tyzoid> Plus, if the user really wants to, they can use netctl to configure their network
[20:15:06] <eschwartz> Well, we've asked about networkmanager in archiso too
[20:15:30] <tyzoid> deep42thought: This discussion of nm in i686 was bourne out of a discussion of nm in x86_64
[20:16:05] <tyzoid> deep42thought: regardless, we're diverging anyway by including archlinux32-keyring
[20:16:32] <tyzoid> So there's a line somewhere, but I think the question is where/if we should draw that line.
[20:16:47] <deep42thought> yeah, there are always differences, but I'd try to stick as close as possible to x86_64
[20:17:11] <deep42thought> if only for the sake of maintainability
[20:17:19] <deep42thought> (is this a word?)
[20:17:54] <deep42thought> have you tried to make a feature request upstream for nm on the iso?
[20:17:58] <deep42thought> what's the response?
[20:21:54] <tyzoid> maintainability looks right to me.
[20:22:03] <tyzoid> I haven't made a feature request, not sure where to put it
[20:22:07] <tyzoid> just on the issue tracker?
[20:22:27] <deep42thought> I think, there is one for "releng"
[20:22:33] <deep42thought> yep
[20:24:17] <deep42thought> and apparently, no one asked for networkmanager on the iso so far
[20:32:03] <tyzoid> Just filed it
[20:32:05] <tyzoid> #54934
[20:32:14] <deep42thought> !bug 54934
[20:32:16] <phrik> http://bugs.archlinux.org
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