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[15:10:57] <rewbycraft> Anything I've missed when I was gone?
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[15:16:00] <jelle> rewbycraft: you know there are public logs I think :)
[15:19:19] <rewbycraft> Well, yes
[15:19:43] <rewbycraft> But I'm trying to catch up on things all over. And want to know if there's something that requires immediate attention
[15:36:56] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: Not that I can recall
[15:37:07] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: I think the buildmaster went down once or twice, but came back soon after.
[15:37:14] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: Also, welcome back.
[15:39:03] <rewbycraft> It came back because I rebooted it
[15:39:06] <rewbycraft> I saw the email
[15:39:25] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: Ah, thanks for that.
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[18:32:32] <tyzoid> hey r00t^2, if you're around, I'd like to start getting AIF-NG testing going with the isos
[18:32:51] <tyzoid> If you could help us get things set up for that, it'd be much appreciated
[18:36:01] <r00t^2> tyzoid: i'm around :) sure thing! i'll write the aif.xml for you, i think that'd be a good place to start. do you have an email address or mailing list or what have you that i should ask some questions on?
[18:36:16] <r00t^2> i can do it in here but it might be a fair bit of questioning ;)
[18:36:33] <deep42thought> just do it in here ;-)
[18:36:47] <tyzoid> r00t^2: Here works, our mailing list is arch-ports@archlinux.org
[18:36:53] <tyzoid> r00t^2: Or we could do it via the forum
[18:37:26] <r00t^2> eh, i'll do it here. gimme a sec
[18:43:15] <r00t^2> tyzoid: incoming
[18:43:16] <r00t^2> disk device?
[18:43:16] <r00t^2> what partitions mount to where?
[18:43:16] <r00t^2> what hostname?
[18:43:16] <r00t^2> DHCP for primary interface?
[18:43:19] <r00t^2> what locale, timezone?
[18:43:21] <r00t^2> do you want to reboot after install?
[18:44:02] <tyzoid> r00t^2: disk device: /dev/sda, single ext4 partition on /dev/sda1, spaning entire disk
[18:44:08] <tyzoid> hostname arch32-install-test
[18:44:13] <tyzoid> DHCP enabled
[18:44:18] <tyzoid> locale en_US.UTF-8
[18:44:35] <tyzoid> TZ UTC
[18:44:51] <tyzoid> And what options are there for package installation?
[18:44:54] <r00t^2> what pacman mirror URLs should be used?
[18:44:54] <r00t^2> what repositories should be used in those mirrors?
[18:44:54] <r00t^2> what packages should be installed by default?
[18:44:55] <r00t^2> should any services be enabled to start on boot?
[18:45:14] <tyzoid> Since i'll be doing the testing, let's use http://32.arlm.tyzoid.com
[18:45:28] <tyzoid> r00t^2: As for repos, we'll go with core, community, and extra
[18:45:53] <r00t^2> also, any root password you want. i can set it to be blank and even have it auto-login on the tty if you want
[18:45:55] <tyzoid> r00t^2: base, base-devel, vim, grub, xorg, xfce4, xfce4-goodies, networkmanager
[18:46:04] <tyzoid> r00t^2: root password should be blank with autologin
[18:46:32] <tyzoid> r00t^2: Also, not sure if grub can be configured, but it should be configured to be i386-pc on /dev/sda
[18:47:00] <r00t^2> sure thing :) i think that's all i need. should have an aif.xml for you by the end of the day. and yeah, i can have it be BIOS mode
[18:47:11] <r00t^2> (didn't even think of that; thanks)
[18:47:19] <tyzoid> r00t^2: If it's possible to have multiple configs, can we have one extra where it enables the testing repo?
[18:47:23] <r00t^2> sure!
[18:47:29] <r00t^2> it definitely is
[18:47:31] <r00t^2> http://aif.square-r00t.net
[18:47:32] <phrik> Title: AIF-NG User Manual (at aif.square-r00t.net)
[18:47:49] <tyzoid> r00t^2: Also, this is for the i686 isos, if you need me to build build an iso for it, I can get that for you
[18:48:02] <tyzoid> r00t^2: The current iso also requires installing/including archlinux32-keyring before any packages will verify
[18:48:58] <r00t^2> hrmm... in the chroot guest or host? you can build an ISO (or set up a PXE, whatever) with two boot entries- one that points aif_url to say, aif.xml and another that points to aif-testing-enabled.xml (for instance)
[18:49:08] <tyzoid> r00t^2: On the host environment.
[18:49:23] <r00t^2> gotcha. yeah, i can handle that with an AIF-NG hook script
[18:49:49] <tyzoid> r00t^2: The isos that will be built in about 4 days will include the package, but the current ones do not
[18:50:42] <r00t^2> oh.. i'll set it up to install it just in case; it should be fine if it's already installed
[18:53:07] <tyzoid> r00t^2: sounds good.
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[20:36:11] <deep42thought> oh no, some of the "provides=..." information is "hidden" inside the package() function - now we don't get all information by sourcing the PKGBUILD :-/
[20:36:55] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Isn't there a makepkg command to generate a .SRCINFO?
[20:37:08] <deep42thought> there is, but it's broken with some PKGBUILDs
[20:37:10] <tyzoid> deep42thought: And does that reveal the 'provides=' options?
[20:37:12] <tyzoid> a
[20:37:14] <tyzoid> ah*
[20:37:22] <deep42thought> that was the reason why we switched to sourcing
[20:37:31] <tyzoid> ah
[20:37:31] <deep42thought> it shows the correct information
[20:37:37] <tyzoid> damn
[20:38:00] <deep42thought> I guess, I will revert to 'makepkg --printsrcinfo' and file bug reports for all packages with broken PKGBUILDs
[20:39:20] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Probably best bet
[20:39:55] <deep42thought> on the other hand, it's hard to detect all PKGBUILDs using illegal methods for setting provides and alike
[20:45:51] <deep42thought> _or_ I could concatenate the information from 'makepkg --printsrcinfo', 'mksrcinfo' and sourcing ...
[20:48:29] <brtln> I'm curious, which PKGBUILD breaks something and in what way?
[20:48:45] <tyzoid> deep42thought: ^?
[20:49:02] <deep42thought> give me a sec
[20:49:37] <brtln> also I thought that mksrcinfo just runs makepkg --printsrcinfo these days
[20:49:54] <tyzoid> brtln: That was my understanding as well
[20:50:16] <deep42thought> !bug 54413
[20:50:17] <phrik> http://bugs.archlinux.org
[20:50:56] <brtln> okay, just an old package
[20:51:08] <brtln> I'm not sure yet if I disagree with Scimmia on this
[20:51:27] <brtln> I probably do but have a headache so I will reopen and assign it tomorrow
[20:51:49] <deep42thought> well, what approach do you suggest to extract the needed information from a PKGBUILD?
[20:52:17] <brtln> --printsrcinfo should be what works
[20:52:30] <brtln> if you can help me with getting a list of broken PKGBUILDs, I will create a todo
[20:52:48] <tyzoid> brtln: All that info is on https://buildmaster.archlinux32.org
[20:52:49] <phrik> Title: Buildmaster for Archlinux32 packages (at buildmaster.archlinux32.org)
[20:53:02] <deep42thought> tyzoid: no it's not
[20:53:03] <tyzoid> brtln: But as for this specific problem, we'll have to filter that list
[20:53:10] <deep42thought> this is a different kind of "broken"
[20:53:16] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Oh, wait
[20:53:20] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Right, since these still build
[20:53:22] <brtln> "broken packages" or?
[20:53:24] * tyzoid facepalms
[20:53:28] <tyzoid> brtln: Wrong site
[20:53:36] <deep42thought> brtln: no, these are packages which fail to compile
[20:53:38] <tyzoid> brtln: That's packages that fail to compile or fail to check
[20:53:58] <brtln> okay, check() failures are not really important
[20:54:09] <brtln> maintainers just usually skip these
[20:54:12] <brtln> (even if that sucks)
[20:54:16] <deep42thought> the current issue are PKGBUILDs which give wrong information on 'makepkg --printsrcinfo'
[20:54:25] <brtln> I guess that you report regular build failures
[20:54:33] <deep42thought> right
[20:54:38] <brtln> deep42thought: yes, I think that's quite a problem that we should fix upstream instead
[20:55:00] <deep42thought> ok, I'll try to compile a list of broken PKGBUILDs
[20:55:03] <brtln> if you can give me a list of pkgnames or pkgbases, I will start a todo and chase people to do that
[20:55:13] <deep42thought> thanks!
[20:55:19] <tyzoid> brtln: Thanks for the help!
[20:55:31] <brtln> no problem, I feel sorry for you guys sometimes
[20:56:00] <tyzoid> brtln: At the very least, if it contributes back to mainline stability, I consider that a win anyway
[20:56:04] <deep42thought> sometimes I feel like the QA guy: "yes, your approach may work in your case, but: no!"
[20:56:16] <brtln> I don't follow backlog here closely so highlight me on anything that is our fault
[20:56:24] <tyzoid> brtln: Will do
[21:00:31] <r00t^2> tyzoid: almost done; do you want xfce4 to start automatically as well?
[21:02:09] <tyzoid> r00t^2: Why not, just have it launch startxfce4
[21:02:16] <r00t^2> sure thing
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[21:06:44] <rmbeer> hi
[21:06:52] <deep42thought> Hi rmbeer
[21:19:01] <tyzoid> hi
[21:29:41] <tyzoid> r00t^2: If you're not finished with the config, can you quickly add openssh?
[21:29:55] <tyzoid> r00t^2: That would help us automate if we could remotely log in via openssh
[21:30:26] <tyzoid> r00t^2: If not, that's fine too.
[21:30:49] <r00t^2> tyzoid: sure thing; have a pubkey you want added?
[21:30:59] <tyzoid> r00t^2: Just make it passwordless on root
[21:31:02] <r00t^2> ack
[21:31:21] <tyzoid> r00t^2: This is just a testing box. I hope to god nobody actually installs it on a system
[21:41:01] <r00t^2> lol fingers crossed
[21:47:15] <deep42thought> brtln: The list is on eckner.net/broken-PKGBUILDs. mlton is fixed in trunk already, but not in repos. And clearsilver's problem is of a different kind, but similar.
[21:47:33] <deep42thought> https://eckner.net
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