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[08:05:39] <rmbeer> where found the list of repository for archlinux i686?
[08:06:22] <rmbeer> hello
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[08:34:46] <deep42thought> Hi rmbeer
[08:35:21] <deep42thought> our mirrorlist is on github (like everything else, too):
[08:35:24] <deep42thought> https://github.com
[08:35:26] <phrik> Title: packages/mirrorlist at master · archlinux32/packages · GitHub (at github.com)
[08:46:37] <rmbeer> deep42thought, thanks! i'm saved!
[08:47:07] <deep42thought> You'll need to install archlinux32-keyring first (and ignore the signature error)
[08:47:13] <deep42thought> then everything should work flawless
[08:50:00] <rmbeer> deep42thought, i must take only this mirror or i can mix with the defaults mirrors list?
[08:50:19] <deep42thought> I'd recommend only using either one
[08:51:08] <deep42thought> most packages should work if mixed, but you might get "interesting" errors
[08:51:46] <rmbeer> ok, then only take 1 mirror and coment all other mirrors (also the defaults)
[08:52:21] <deep42thought> you can just install our mirrorlist and uncomment all mirrors physically close to your location
[09:05:57] <brtln> deep42thought: what's the problem with clearsilver? I see it seds some value in test suite for x86_64 but I don't think it affects anything for you?
[09:06:31] <deep42thought> that's, why I wrote "mostly aesthetic"
[09:06:36] <brtln> ack
[09:06:46] <deep42thought> it gives wrong version information in a depends
[09:06:58] <deep42thought> (e.g. no version, but still ">=")
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[09:39:06] <brtln> deep42thought: I will skip wine for now and poke Felix instead
[09:39:39] <deep42thought> ok
[09:40:08] <deep42thought> wine is confusing me anyways, because it's available in so many repositories :-/
[09:55:11] <brtln> okay, all except wine done, incl. stuff fixed in trunk
[09:55:21] <deep42thought> thank you!
[09:55:23] <deep42thought> :-)
[10:09:42] <deep42thought> brtln: can you have a look at zsnes' PKGBUILD again?
[10:10:18] <deep42thought> I think, you messed something up with a regex - it depends now on e.g. 'libpng>_i686=1.5.0'
[10:13:48] <brtln> oops, yeah
[10:13:49] <brtln> I will
[10:40:56] <brtln> done
[10:44:46] <deep42thought> how long does it take to propagate into the git repo?
[10:47:35] <deep42thought> ah, it's there - thanks, again :-)
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[16:15:27] <deep42thought> tyzoid: What do you think about glusterfs' geo-replication for backup?
[16:15:32] <deep42thought> https://gluster.readthedocs.io
[16:15:34] <phrik> Title: Geo Replication - Gluster Docs (at gluster.readthedocs.io)
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[23:03:44] <{levi}> Trying out the new iso; I noticed the mirrorlist doesn't seem to be pointing to the new 32-bit mirrors
[23:04:44] <{levi}> Am I missing something; doesn't that mean it'll build a system using the normal arch repos, not the new ones I intended to test?
[23:22:42] <eschwartz> You're not missing anything
[23:23:42] <eschwartz> The idea is this lets you install an official i686 system. Once the archlinux32 repos are more tested, we may start encouraging people to install a system that uses the archlinux32 packages/mirrors
[23:40:53] <{levi}> Okay, is it not worth me testing them yet? I don't use this machine for anything in particular apart from a little python dev
[23:44:07] <eschwartz> Sure, why not. I think it should work okay, it's just not guaranteed since the build system is still being polished.
[23:45:09] <eschwartz> If it's mostly a disposable system, you could help out by doing some field-testing of repos.
[23:46:23] <{levi}> Yep. Point it at https://mirror.archlinux32.org ?
[23:46:24] <phrik> Title: Index of /i686/core/ (at mirror.archlinux32.org)
[23:46:42] <eschwartz> yeah.
[23:46:57] <eschwartz> Well, you'll use $repo of course
[23:47:56] <{levi}> And $arch?
[23:48:18] <eschwartz> you could, if you plan on reusing the mirrorlist for an x86_64 machine :p
[23:48:27] <eschwartz> But there are no x86_64 repos anyway...
[23:48:46] <{levi}> Heh
[23:49:43] <eschwartz> $repo just means you can include the mirrorlist for [core] [extra] and [community], and therefore make it easier to switch among the (limited number of) archlinux32 mirrors
[23:50:25] <{levi}> Ah, so unlike all the existing examples which tend to go hostname/$repo/os/$arch
[23:50:44] <{levi}> This would go hostname/i686/$repo?
[23:50:51] <eschwartz> Yeah
[23:51:06] <{levi}> Right, I'll give that a spin.
[23:51:40] <eschwartz> Because it follows the internally-consistent pattern, and pacman.conf is parsed by replacing $repo with the [repo] section name