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[01:25:33] <DanielTheFox> this might sound weird and unprofessional, but do you know good CLI/fbdev/fbdev2 games for Linux?
[01:28:22] <fsckd> nethack
[01:28:34] <DanielTheFox> hmm...
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[15:28:10] <deep42thought> *grrrr*
[15:28:48] <DanielTheFox> There is an old game called Titus the Fox
[15:30:33] <deep42thought> I was just looking for roman historian - and this was the first, whose name was still free on irc ...
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[15:39:43] <fsckd> DanielTheKitsune had a question, which perhaps you can answer. :)
[15:40:07] <deep42thought> What is it?
[15:40:11] <DanielTheKitsune> fsckd: if you wonder about DanielTheFox, he's me
[15:40:16] <DanielTheKitsune> it's my cellphone
[15:40:29] <fsckd> i would have never guessed :P
[15:40:36] <DanielTheKitsune> if somehow I have to reboot or close this computer, that cellphone is still there
[15:40:46] <fsckd> cool
[15:40:58] <fsckd> and smart
[15:41:21] <DanielTheKitsune> deep42thought: How do I change default video driver to generic unaccelerated VESA?
[15:41:29] <DanielTheKitsune> fsckd: everyone does it
[15:41:36] <DanielTheKitsune> *that
[15:42:07] <deep42thought> sry, I don't know
[15:46:04] <fsckd> \o/
[15:46:14] <fsckd> you would configure xorg to use the driver. it is the Device section.
[15:46:43] <deep42thought> I was alway happy once x was running and I didn't have to change much about it :-/
[15:46:44] <DanielTheKitsune> sadly, I want to do that for the virtual console/framebuffer
[15:46:54] <deep42thought> then it might be a kernel option?
[15:46:56] <DanielTheKitsune> I don't run any GUI
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[15:48:52] <fsckd> oh, not xorg, sorry, i misunderstood
[15:51:52] <DanielTheKitsune> for example, i915 is the driver for Intel
[15:51:58] <DanielTheKitsune> nouveau is for Nvidia
[15:52:13] <DanielTheKitsune> Is there one for generic VESA?
[15:54:29] <deep42thought> googling seems to turn up a little something, but I have to leave now, sry
[15:54:55] <DanielTheKitsune> Ok, bye.
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[16:03:38] <fsckd> DanielTheKitsune: i am not 100% sure. i think you set the mode using vga= in the kernel commandline.
[16:03:50] <DanielTheKitsune> heh
[16:04:17] <DanielTheKitsune> well, everything seems to be pushing me to use KME
[16:04:37] <fsckd> normally people ask to go the other way :P
[16:04:54] <DanielTheKitsune> If I disable it, terminal will not use properly the screen resolution
[16:04:59] <DanielTheKitsune> it will set 640x480
[16:05:13] <DanielTheKitsune> but if I enable it, I might find troubles in some video stuff
[16:05:27] <DanielTheKitsune> I want to use this font cp850-8x8
[16:05:34] <DanielTheKitsune> Mainly because it's 8x8
[16:06:02] <fsckd> you can set the resolution with the intel driver
[16:06:20] <DanielTheKitsune> yep, but I want it to adapt to screen
[16:06:26] <fsckd> ahh
[16:06:32] <DanielTheKitsune> since it is a portable Linux USB
[16:06:46] <DanielTheKitsune> I carry it to school and use some laptops with it
[16:07:01] <DanielTheKitsune> so I can override the damn slow Windows 8 or 10 they have
[16:07:07] <fsckd> haha
[16:07:31] <DanielTheKitsune> You know, those suckers think installing the newest thing will make their computers better
[16:07:56] <DanielTheKitsune> But Windows slows down over time
[16:08:05] <DanielTheKitsune> It becomes slower on each update
[16:08:26] <DanielTheKitsune> Hence why do I have Windows XP and 98 on some machines
[16:08:38] <DanielTheKitsune> But those don't even get internet.
[16:08:48] <DanielTheKitsune> They can, but I don't think it's safe.
[15:26:01] <DanielTheRedFox> if that still fails, I'll go for MS-DOS
[16:10:30] <DanielTheKitsune> heck, I feel so used to Linux, yet I don't even know 5% of the commands I can use
[16:10:35] <DanielTheKitsune> it's powerful!
[16:10:52] <DanielTheKitsune> I still need to practice and use all these commands
[16:11:06] <fsckd> yeah
[16:11:51] <DanielTheKitsune> I know how do I practice: by needing them, using them many times and finally being able to use them without the guide
[16:12:15] <DanielTheKitsune> for example, now I know how to enter to an access point using the WiFi adapter and wpa_supplicant
[16:13:02] <DanielTheKitsune> Something I like to do with that USB stick
[16:13:14] <DanielTheKitsune> is bragging about my skills at CLI
[16:13:17] <DanielTheKitsune> and English!
[16:13:44] <DanielTheKitsune> I live in south Mexico, so pretty much nobody knows how to speak English or even how to use Windows.
[16:15:38] <DanielTheKitsune> Like, they barely know how to use Windows and I'm already working with the CLI of something different
[16:15:50] <DanielTheKitsune> they feel scared at the black screen with white letters
[16:15:55] <DanielTheKitsune> fsckd: ever felt that?
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[16:24:46] <DanielTheFox> Who is active here?
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[16:37:56] <fsckd> DanielTheFox: haha, sort of. older members of my family were afraid of computers until they had to use them at work.
[16:38:12] <DanielTheRedFox> fsckd: went to lunch?
[16:38:31] <fsckd> still morning, but it is a work day
[16:48:06] <DanielTheRedFox> o.o
[16:48:19] <DanielTheRedFox> this 500 GB HDD is awesome.
[16:48:27] <DanielTheRedFox> And I got it for free.
[16:54:24] <DanielTheRedFox> fsckd: if I do a plain copy from LBA USB drive to a LBA internal HDD, and that USB had Linux, will it work?
[16:55:14] <DanielTheRedFox> I want to do this at some PC at my school, someone damaged the Windows and now it needs a USB or floppy disk (those PCs are old enough) to boot.
[16:56:30] <fsckd> you'll need to tweak some stuff. when you copy, preserve ownership and modes and everything. (i would use rsync -a)
[17:00:23] <DanielTheRedFox> Ok
[17:00:37] <DanielTheRedFox> because I once did a plain copy of an entire HDD to another HDD
[17:00:39] <DanielTheRedFox> and it worked
[17:00:54] <DanielTheRedFox> it had Windows XP too, and everything worked very well.
[17:01:04] <DanielTheRedFox> I didn't tweak anything, tho.
[17:01:10] <fsckd> you used dd to copy?
[17:01:25] <DanielTheRedFox> yes
[17:02:38] <DanielTheRedFox> The copy was not that fast since the source HDD had some damaged sectors (it was badly treated before they gave it to me) and I used 16KB blocks instead of recommended 64 KB
[17:02:40] <fsckd> ahh. that would make an exact byte by byte copy of the partitions. the problem with that is if the target disk is too small, you get stuff cut off. if too large, you'll need to resize the partitions and filesystems afterwords, which is no fun.
[17:02:51] <fsckd> ahh
[17:03:10] <DanielTheRedFox> but the bad sectors weren't in critical places
[17:03:12] <fsckd> if there are damaged sectors then dd is a good choice
[17:03:20] <DanielTheRedFox> so nothing important got damaged
[17:03:36] <DanielTheRedFox> maybe literally nothing got damaged
[17:03:57] <DanielTheRedFox> just empty space
[17:04:31] <DanielTheRedFox> fsckd: I was transfering my 160 GB HDD to my nice new 500 GB HDD
[17:04:38] <DanielTheRedFox> so nothing bad happened
[17:04:48] <DanielTheRedFox> I already had handy a GParted live DVD
[17:05:11] <DanielTheRedFox> so I resized, enlarged and created new partitions based on my new HDD size
[17:05:32] <DanielTheRedFox> now I have a nice 220GB size FAT32 backup partition, so it can be used in both Linux and Windows
[17:06:48] <DanielTheRedFox> Arch Linux has 200 GB
[17:06:58] <DanielTheRedFox> and Windows has 80GB or something close
[17:07:30] <DanielTheRedFox> I use it for old games, so a tiny partition would help reduce head-movement latency (I'm still underaged, can't afford SSD).
[17:10:47] <DanielTheRedFox> fsckd: do you know why am I still using i686?
[17:11:02] <DanielTheRedFox> My computer can do x86_64, but I still use 32-bit software
[17:23:23] <fsckd> DanielTheRedFox: because the old ways are better? :P
[17:24:37] <DanielTheRedFox> Mainly.
[17:24:49] <DanielTheRedFox> But also because this Pentium 4 has, well, 1 GB RAM
[17:24:54] <fsckd> ahh
[17:25:06] <DanielTheRedFox> Currently, I am using 44 MB RAM
[17:25:15] <DanielTheRedFox> even after opening elinks and weechat
[17:25:20] <fsckd> i recently upgraded my laptop to 2 GiB of RAM :D
[17:25:44] <DanielTheRedFox> so I realized if Windows doesn't go well in a PC, I'll use Arch Linux 32
[17:25:56] <fsckd> :)
[17:26:01] <DanielTheRedFox> if that still fails, I'll go for MS-DOS
[17:26:15] <DanielTheRedFox> I actually know how to use it, I have nice games for that
[17:27:07] <DanielTheRedFox> but you know, I won't use anything like Ubuntu or such heavy stuff
[17:27:16] <DanielTheRedFox> Arch 32 goes better for my purposes :)
[17:27:39] <DanielTheRedFox> fsckd: how can I create a ram disk in Linux? I have a lot of spare RAM here
[17:28:40] <fsckd> /tmp is a RAM disk by default on Arch
[17:28:52] <DanielTheRedFox> ok
[17:29:02] <DanielTheRedFox> is that used by something or a program?
[17:29:40] <fsckd> /tmp is used by prgrams. you can use it as well.
[17:31:10] <fsckd> the contents of /tmp are meant to be cleared on reboot. so it is in RAM.
[18:11:27] <DanielTheRedFox> fsckd: good!
[18:15:34] <DanielTheRedFox> I can use it if I run out of disk and I want to receive or download something
[18:15:45] <DanielTheRedFox> fsckd: how do I link some directory to /tmp ?
[18:16:15] <fsckd> what do you mean?
[18:17:12] <DanielTheRedFox> like, I want to make a hard (or hot or something starting with h) link, so the directory /home/danielfox/ramdisk points to /tmp
[18:20:12] <fsckd> symlink? but may be not link to /tmp directly as that is used by many processes, including system processes.
[18:20:32] <DanielTheRedFox> oh well
[18:20:35] <fsckd> may be a subdir of /tmp or you can mount something
[18:20:40] <fsckd> one moment
[18:20:45] <DanielTheRedFox> ok, a subdir look more suitable
[18:20:56] <DanielTheRedFox> like, /tmp/fox
[18:21:22] <fsckd> you can may be mount a tmpfs to /home/danielfox/ramdisk
[18:21:40] <fsckd> i have never done this. you'd need to read the man pages.
[18:22:33] <DanielTheRedFox> ok
[18:23:07] <DanielTheRedFox> fsckd: if I don't use GUI, then when the excess of RAM becomes useful?
[18:23:17] <DanielTheRedFox> like, I won't really open more than 6 terminals
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[20:18:54] <deep42thought> DanielTheFox: just have a look at the /etc/fstab entry for /tmp and copy most of it (except the mount point, obviously)
[20:19:17] <DanielTheFox> oh well
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