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[11:26:19] <maurizio78> hello, is there anyone?
[11:28:08] <maurizio78> i am moving to archlinux32. the question: in changing the mirrorlist, shall I delete the original mirrors? or keep them?
[11:43:14] <deep42thought> delete them
[11:43:18] <deep42thought> or comment them
[11:45:47] <maurizio78> ok, thanks
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[17:12:19] <jsteel> Hi, I'm having trouble booting arch32 on a laptop but I'm not sure if it's due to secure boot/uefi. Can I just check if arch32 should boot with secure boot?
[17:13:33] <jsteel> I can't seem to disable secure boot on this thing
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[20:02:33] <deep42thought> jsteel: Does secure boot prevent you from booting other linuxes?
[20:02:43] <deep42thought> I would think, you'd need a signed kernel or something
[20:02:51] <deep42thought> which arch32 does not provide
[20:06:15] <deep42thought> I've heard/read of laptops (shipped with win something) with secure boot enabled by default and without the possibility to disable it - there, the only option was to flash a custom bios :-/
[20:48:40] <jsteel> deep42thought: yes I can't seem to boot anything from USB or CD, but I only really want to run some form of Arch on it
[20:49:05] <deep42thought> hmm, removing the secure boot is the core problem, I think
[20:50:33] <jsteel> I'm sure I've seen some UEFI stuff or efi files in Linux installers; has that got nothing to do with it?
[20:51:15] <deep42thought> uefi and secure boot are two different pair of shoes
[20:51:38] <deep42thought> you (should) can boot arch (32) via uefi
[20:51:51] <deep42thought> but I doubt, you'll be able to boot it with secure boot enabled
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[20:56:14] <jsteel> ok I see. I'll probably give up then; it was only a freebie
[20:57:19] <deep42thought> what exactly prevents you from disabling secure boot?
[20:57:23] <deep42thought> (I'm just curious)
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[20:58:26] <jsteel> there's no option to do so in the bios. The closest thing I can see is "disable secure boot check" but with that set to off it doesn't give me any other options apart from windows in the boot menu (f12)
[20:58:54] <deep42thought> sounds like the right option, though
[20:59:00] <jsteel> yes I was hopeful
[20:59:26] <deep42thought> well, you should choose "disable = true", but I guess, you have tried that :-)
[20:59:52] <jsteel> yes it's set to "disabled"
[21:00:21] <jsteel> i set usb and cdrom above hdd but no luck. I've tried the installation media on my main laptop and it works
[21:01:08] <jsteel> it's an acer bios unlike anything I've seen before
[21:01:43] <deep42thought> sounds like you'll have trouble booting anything besides windows
[21:02:08] <deep42thought> that's a point, where I can't help - sry
[21:02:59] <jsteel> ok thanks, it's a shame but I'll find a Windows user who might like it
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