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[21:33:32] <tyzoid_work> hey deep42thought: forum and news are down again. I'm going to migrate servers later tonight, but can you update the DNS entries first?
[21:33:42] <deep42thought> yeah
[21:33:44] <deep42thought> np
[21:34:07] <tyzoid_work> I've added a CNAME for forum and news, so if you want to update news.archlinux32.org to point to news.arch32.tyzoid.com, and bbs.archlinux32.org to point to forum.arch32.tyzoid.com, that'd be great
[21:34:14] <tyzoid_work> for now, do forum, but wait on news
[21:34:26] <tyzoid_work> the DNS record for news isn't active yet
[21:35:08] <deep42thought> done
[21:35:12] <tyzoid_work> sweet
[21:35:20] <deep42thought> when should I change the news record?
[21:35:47] <tyzoid_work> when you see news.arch32.tyzoid.com pointing to cdn3.tyzoid.com
[21:35:54] <tyzoid_work> should be within 30 mins
[21:35:58] <deep42thought> ah, ok
[21:36:07] <tyzoid_work> deep42thought: you sure you did the bbs correctly?
[21:36:08] <tyzoid_work> https://www.whatsmydns.net
[21:36:17] <tyzoid_work> it looks like it's pointing at itself now
[21:36:23] <deep42thought> gnaa
[21:36:30] <deep42thought> fuck
[21:36:45] <tyzoid_work> doesn't really matter, since the service is down anyway
[21:36:53] <tyzoid_work> hence why I'm switching servers
[21:36:56] <deep42thought> copied the wrong part of your message
[21:37:08] <tyzoid_work> np
[21:37:09] <deep42thought> should be fixed now
[21:37:33] <deep42thought> well, then there's no point in waiting for news, is there?
[21:48:31] <tyzoid_work> deep42thought: Not really. It's coming up, anyway, depending on the DNS server you query
[21:48:54] <tyzoid_work> Yeah, I saw you already updated it
[21:49:03] <tyzoid_work> looks good. I'll send an update when I've done the migration
[21:49:15] <deep42thought> ok
[21:49:19] <tyzoid_work> plus, it'll give me a chance to test the restore procedures for real, instead of migrating direct
[21:49:31] <deep42thought> :-)
[21:49:44] <deep42thought> nobody cares if you backup - only if you can recover
[21:50:01] <tyzoid_work> yup. My previous job was working on a backup product for business
[21:50:09] <tyzoid_work> that mantra was very true
[21:51:00] <tyzoid_work> I heard a story that Google will randomly select a small percentage of their backup archives to do a dry run restore, just to make sure the process is valid/backups are good
[21:51:40] <tyzoid_work> don't know much details about it, but it's a pretty neat idea, at least once the infrastructure gets large enough
[21:51:56] <tyzoid_work> oh, btw, regarding backup infrastructure/borg
[21:52:14] <tyzoid_work> I have my home computer set up to receive the backups, but it's pretty much like a home server
[21:52:35] <tyzoid_work> all that's needed is to add public ssh keys to it, and then borg can authenticate directly
[21:52:52] <tyzoid_work> if you're interested, we can try doing a backup of some of your infrastructure
[21:53:03] <deep42thought> sounds good
[21:53:14] <deep42thought> I'd start with the build master
[21:53:19] <tyzoid_work> Would you have time to set that up tomorrow morning (your time?)
[21:53:32] <tyzoid_work> I won't get home for another hour and a half or so
[21:53:34] <deep42thought> actually, no
[21:53:46] <deep42thought> how long will it take?
[21:54:05] <deep42thought> I got ~3 hours max from now
[21:54:12] <tyzoid_work> No more than 30ish mins to set up. The backup happens over the public internet + home network connection, so it's pretty quick
[21:54:21] <tyzoid_work> but the data transfer itself can be slow, depending on amount
[21:54:40] <tyzoid_work> quick to set up* slow to do initial backup, is what I meant to say
[21:54:40] <deep42thought> do you have time, when you get home later?
[21:54:47] <deep42thought> yeah, got it
[21:54:52] <tyzoid_work> actually, I can do my end now, via ssh
[21:54:59] <deep42thought> even better
[21:55:26] <tyzoid_work> Minor caveat: I don't backup my package archive, since it's quite large and can be reconstructed.
[21:55:34] <tyzoid_work> how much data is the backup you're intending to create?
[21:55:57] <deep42thought> 10GB
[21:56:08] <deep42thought> well, it's an upper bound
[21:56:13] <tyzoid_work> And how much of that changes day-to-day?
[21:56:23] <deep42thought> it accumulates, mainly
[21:56:43] <tyzoid_work> okay, so it shouldn't be too bad. It syncs diffs over the network, which is what makes it quick on incrementals
[21:56:59] <tyzoid_work> if you want to send me a public ssh key, I can get it set up
[21:57:05] <deep42thought> but I can skip the system-part and only backup the important stuff
[21:57:07] <tyzoid_work> I have mine set up as the root user, running via cron
[21:57:18] <deep42thought> that would shrink it to ~2GB
[21:57:19] <tyzoid_work> deep42thought: Up to you, I back up the entire system
[21:57:28] <deep42thought> ok, I'll do the same
[21:57:30] <tyzoid_work> but your choice. Once the initial is done, incrementals don't change
[21:57:30] <deep42thought> it's easier
[21:57:41] <deep42thought> well, only if I do updates ;-)
[21:57:47] <deep42thought> (which I do on a regular basis)
[21:58:34] <tyzoid_work> that shouldn't be too much, day to day. Maybe 50mb on average?
[21:58:45] <deep42thought> sounds about right
[21:58:46] <tyzoid_work> first step is to install the borg package
[22:01:25] <tyzoid_work> deep42thought: Here's the config I use: https://dl.tyzoid.com
[22:01:33] <tyzoid_work> We'd need to replace somepass with some password
[22:01:47] <tyzoid_work> but I need the ssh public key of the user you intend to connect with
[22:02:28] <deep42thought> maybe, we should switch to pm for that?
[22:25:22] <tyzoid_work> alright, keys are set up. Let me know if init works when you specify the encryption type, now
[22:27:10] <tyzoid_work> deep42thought: Alright, I see the index files. Did you start the snapshot creation?
[22:27:14] <deep42thought> seems to have worked
[22:27:20] <deep42thought> no, not yet
[22:27:23] <tyzoid_work> ok
[22:27:24] <deep42thought> I was reading a warning
[22:27:27] <tyzoid_work> ah
[22:27:46] <deep42thought> apparently, we should not back up to this repo with borg<=1.0.8
[22:28:14] <tyzoid_work> you're running borg 1.1.0, right?
[22:28:19] <deep42thought> 1.1.1
[22:28:22] <deep42thought> from community
[22:28:26] <tyzoid_work> ah. so no problem there
[22:28:36] <tyzoid_work> I've got 1.1.0 on my system, so I'll be upgrading that soon
[22:29:03] <tyzoid_work> yeah, backing up from <=1.0.8 messes up the index files
[22:29:20] <tyzoid_work> and can you guess which version happens to be in the ubuntu repos?
[22:29:30] <deep42thought> :-D
[22:29:33] <deep42thought> 1.0.8?
[22:29:41] <tyzoid_work> <1.0.8.
[22:29:48] <tyzoid_work> That said, my ubuntu version is a bit out of date
[22:30:10] <deep42thought> snapshot creation is running - do you see anything happening?
[22:30:11] <tyzoid_work> 14.04 is still supported, though
[22:30:14] <tyzoid_work> let me check
[22:30:31] <deep42thought> now it uses ram on my end, at least :-)
[22:31:14] <tyzoid_work> I'm seeing 2-3mbits of traffic coming through that tunnel onto my system
[22:31:21] <tyzoid_work> so it appears to be working
[22:31:37] <tyzoid_work> The initial may take a few hours
[22:31:53] <tyzoid_work> after that, incrementals should be 30min or less.
[22:31:57] <deep42thought> I'll just leave it running, then
[22:32:08] <deep42thought> and set up a cronjob tomorrow
[22:32:12] <tyzoid_work> sounds good
[22:32:28] <tyzoid_work> I'm sure you're familiar with cron jobs and killing themselves from stdout overload
[22:32:42] <tyzoid_work> but if not, I recommend redirecting stderr and stdout to append to a logfile
[22:33:05] <deep42thought> usually I do >/dev/null 2>&1
[22:33:30] <tyzoid_work> ah. That works too. I usually like to keep logs around, just so I can see if there were any errors/problems when I try to debug stuff
[22:36:43] <tyzoid_work> deep42thought: I'm heading off. When I get home, I'll do the forum restore to my more stable vps, then we can get that up again.
[22:36:53] <deep42thought> ok
[22:36:54] <tyzoid_work> see you in 1-1.5 hrs
[22:37:00] <deep42thought> I'll probably go to bed before that
[22:37:12] <deep42thought> or do you need me for that?
[22:37:23] <tyzoid_work> No, since you updated the dns entries already
[22:37:39] <deep42thought> ok, then have a nice day!
[22:37:48] <tyzoid_work> I'll update IRC with the results, regardless. Good night, then.
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