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[01:33:14] <tyzoid> Update on the forum migration
[01:33:21] <tyzoid> The forum and news page have been migrated
[01:33:36] <tyzoid> Good news, and (not so) bad news:
[01:33:54] <tyzoid> Good news: Mysql restore worked like a treat. Everything migrated pretty easily
[01:34:19] <tyzoid> (not so) bad news: The last nightly backup was from two days ago, so not everything was covered in the nightly backup
[01:34:46] <tyzoid> The not so bad part comes from the fact that the original system still runs fine, so I grabbed a db dump from there, and restored that to the new server
[01:34:50] <tyzoid> so no data was lost
[01:35:12] <tyzoid> but I need to review my backup scripts to make sure that they run reliably
[02:03:51] <tyzoid> deep42thought: I only see 4.5GB of data in the backup, is that accurate?
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[08:19:31] <deep42thought> tyzoid: df tells me, 5.6G are in use, but maybe some stuff is duplicate
[08:20:28] <deep42thought> hmm, borg claims less:
[08:20:35] <deep42thought> Original size Compressed size Deduplicated size
[08:20:35] <deep42thought> This archive: 4.74 GB 2.96 GB 2.89 GB
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[12:52:33] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Yeah, I'm seeing that original size for my stuff
[12:52:46] <tyzoid> deep42thought: perhaps you've got stuff in /tmp or the other excluded dirs?
[13:44:28] <deep42thought> actually, I only excluded mountpoints
[13:44:53] <deep42thought> maybe, it's just the usual difference between du and df
[13:58:33] <deep42thought> hmm, no one using 'screen' seems to be on our testing repositories
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[14:21:39] <tyzoid_work> deep42thought: I doubt many people use the testing repos
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[14:47:16] <deep42thought> but it would be good if they did
[14:47:22] <deep42thought> at least, we need some testers
[14:49:44] <tyzoid_work> I mean, arch mainline has the same issue, it's just that there are more users, so the percentage would be similar, but numbers would be greater.
[14:50:25] <deep42thought> yeah
[14:50:54] <deep42thought> and once you round the number in the end, you get from 1.48 to 1 - which seems to be me :-)
[14:56:32] <tyzoid_work> deep42thought: lol. Took me a few reads to get the joke
[14:56:40] <tyzoid_work> probably because I'm still a bit tired
[14:57:55] <deep42thought> migrating the forum took you longer than expected?
[14:58:44] <tyzoid_work> no, the migration is done. Why?
[14:59:09] <tyzoid_work> took all of 20 mins to restore from the backup archive
[14:59:17] <deep42thought> I mean, you got less sleep than anticipated, because the migration took longer than expected
[14:59:20] <deep42thought> ah, ok
[14:59:30] <tyzoid_work> oh, no. Videogames are to blame for the lack of sleep
[14:59:34] <deep42thought> :-)
[14:59:40] <deep42thought> it's the same on every continent
[14:59:47] <tyzoid_work> yup
[15:00:03] <deep42thought> hmmm, crap
[15:00:12] <deep42thought> It seems, we have a broken sbcl
[15:00:19] <deep42thought> but we need sbcl to compile sbcl
[15:00:52] <fsckd> :(
[15:00:59] <deep42thought> fatal error encountered in SBCL pid 516(tid 0xf7cb9700):
[15:00:59] <deep42thought> unexpected return from initial thread in main()
[15:01:07] <deep42thought> this happens when I try to build sbcl
[15:02:18] <tyzoid_work> deep42thought: Can't you go the archlinux archive from a few months ago and grab a working i686 copy?
[15:02:34] <tyzoid_work> then build a new one with that?
[15:02:35] <deep42thought> I'll try the current, official package first
[15:02:45] <deep42thought> but yes, this will be my second approach
[15:02:46] <tyzoid_work> ah, they haven't removed i686 yet?
[15:03:23] <tyzoid_work> apparently not
[15:07:05] <deep42thought> we should definitely save the latest version of each i686 package from the archive - in case they remove it in the future :-/
[15:10:46] <deep42thought> the official sbcl shows the same error
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[15:38:20] <brtln> we will at some point, but that's a longer story
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[15:58:42] <tyzoid_work> brtln: Sounds good. I can't quite remember, when was the announcement for migration planned to be made?
[15:58:49] <tyzoid_work> November sometime?
[16:02:07] <deep42thought> http://mirror.archlinux32.org
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[16:41:25] <tyzoid_work> deep42thought: Thanks. Did we ever decide what to do about the mirrorlist-commented-out issue?
[16:41:28] <tyzoid_work> leave it as is?
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[22:54:58] <deep42thought> tyzoid_work: I would leave it that way - doesn't upstream handle it the same way?
[23:02:06] <deep42thought> hmm, no
[23:02:14] <deep42thought> the official iso has all mirrors uncommented
[23:02:20] <deep42thought> I'll investigate
[23:06:56] <deep42thought> found it
[23:06:56] <tyzoid_work> deep42thought: Sounds good. it's pretty simple to write a sed command to uncomment those lines, so it's not a big deal. I would like to get that tested and deployed so I can use my shiny new scripts come the first
[23:07:06] <tyzoid_work> ah
[23:07:09] <deep42thought> the sed command is already there:
[23:07:12] <deep42thought> sed -i "s/#Server/Server/g" /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist
[23:07:19] <deep42thought> but our mirrolist has '# Server = ...'
[23:07:28] <tyzoid_work> Do we have a space between?
[23:07:28] <deep42thought> e.g. a space after #
[23:07:29] <tyzoid_work> yeah
[23:07:32] <tyzoid_work> sounds about right
[23:07:42] <deep42thought> I would adopt the format of the mirrorlist
[23:07:55] <deep42thought> seems cleaner than inserting '\s*' in the sed commant
[23:08:03] <deep42thought> s/commant/command/
[23:08:04] <tyzoid_work> so... sed "s/#[ ]*Server/Server/g"?
[23:08:07] <tyzoid_work> or that
[23:08:40] <tyzoid_work> up to you, I don't mind either way
[23:08:57] <tyzoid_work> I'm just making sure it's not something I need to change on my end
[23:09:07] <deep42thought> :-)
[23:10:02] <tyzoid_work> heading off, I'll probably be on in ~1hr, if you still are up. If not, ping me when you've made an update to archiso, and I can run a new test build
[23:10:16] <deep42thought> archiso should be fine
[23:10:21] <deep42thought> there was nothing to change about it
[23:10:32] <deep42thought> the current mirrorlist is online (on github)
[23:10:35] <tyzoid_work> oh, right, just changing the file on github
[23:10:39] <deep42thought> and that's, where archiso pulls it from
[23:10:44] <deep42thought> yep
[23:10:49] <tyzoid_work> Right :)
[23:11:04] <tyzoid_work> see ya
[23:11:04] <tyzoid_work> ok, sounds good.
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[23:11:08] <deep42thought> cu
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