#archlinux-ports | Logs for 2017-11-02

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[04:09:46] <tyzoid> hey dopsi, I'm just finishing uploading the isos. If you would be so kind as to set up the torrents, that'd be great.
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[07:53:07] <deep42thought> dopsi: and let me know, when you're done, please, so I can update the website :-)
[07:54:12] <deep42thought> tyzoid: upstream made a new release of the iso :-/
[08:01:20] <deep42thought> I mean the archiso tool
[08:01:49] <deep42thought> but the difference is really just rfkill and the checksum-update
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[10:58:16] <deep42thought> I'd like to take the opportunity, to thank abaumann for finding and fixing all kinds of bugs in the packages :-)
[11:07:37] <abaumann> no problem :-)
[11:07:51] <abaumann> I'm still fighting with my signing key for packages on the other hand..
[11:07:59] <abaumann> .. soon :-)
[11:08:06] <deep42thought> :-D
[11:09:27] <abaumann> Just installed the newest 2017-11-01 ISO on my old Acer Travelmate 524 TEV. Works fine.
[11:10:10] <deep42thought> :-)
[11:13:13] <deep42thought> I think, we should start removing old isos at some point
[11:13:27] <deep42thought> not each mirror might have a hard disk as huge as the master mirror ...
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[11:22:15] <rewbycraft> deep42thought: What's happenign with that bugtracker idea I saw in the backlog?
[11:22:47] <deep42thought> I think, tyzoid is working on setting up flyspray
[11:23:06] <deep42thought> https://bugs.archlinux32.org
[11:23:13] <deep42thought> but it's not running yet :-)
[11:23:38] <abaumann> We should also announce new ISOS on the bbs?
[11:23:50] <deep42thought> I'd wait for the magnet links
[11:23:53] <deep42thought> and torrents
[11:24:02] <deep42thought> then update the website and announce it on the forum
[11:24:07] <abaumann> ah, yeah. I see.
[11:24:24] <deep42thought> I'd like to unify the iso-publishing process
[11:24:32] <deep42thought> currently, there are too many people involved :-)
[11:25:01] <deep42thought> tyzoid build, signs and uploads them, dopsi creates torrents and magnet links, I put the info on the website
[11:25:08] <deep42thought> ... suboptimal
[11:25:12] <rewbycraft> deep42thought: Mostly asking because I noticed this ticket on the arch tracker: https://bugs.archlinux.org
[11:25:13] <phrik> Title: FS#24999 : {bugtracker} Migrate Flyspray to an alternative (Bugzilla/Roundup) (at bugs.archlinux.org)
[11:26:08] <deep42thought> oh, didn't notice
[11:26:55] <deep42thought> hmm, I pretty much have only a small preference on flyspray (because it's the same as upstream)
[11:26:59] <deep42thought> tyzoid: ^
[11:27:06] <rewbycraft> Similar here
[11:27:14] <deep42thought> sry, afk, lunch time ...
[11:27:22] <rewbycraft> And it's looking like upstream is moving away from flyspray
[11:31:55] <tyzoid> lol
[11:32:14] <tyzoid> deep42thought: I forwarded you the magnets from dopsi, btw.
[11:34:12] <tyzoid> rewbycraft: thanks for the link
[11:34:19] <tyzoid> I'll probably look at bugzilla, then.
[12:02:46] <deep42thought> tyzoid: you forgot to attach the torrent files
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[12:56:38] <tyz> deep42thought: I just double checked, I sent what I received.
[13:01:15] <deep42thought> hmm, ok
[13:15:22] <deep42thought> maybe, we can just remove the link to the torrents? most clients should handle magnet links anyway ...
[13:17:12] <tyz> For now, we can add that back in once we get them.
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[14:50:08] <tyz> deep42thought: any opposition to bugzilla?
[14:51:02] <deep42thought> no
[14:51:22] <deep42thought> sounds huge, but if you get it running, I don't mind :-)
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[14:55:42] <eschwartz[m]> there's been -devops discussion about running it in a somewhat more performant way
[15:00:01] <abaumann> nothing against bugzilla.
[15:00:13] <abaumann> maybe mod_perl is a good way to go
[15:00:21] <abaumann> ..for performance, I mean
[15:01:20] <tyz> Are there really no decent bug platforms that aren't bloated?
[15:02:36] <tyz> I'm not wholly opposed to "rolling your own", and throwing it up open source
[15:03:01] <abaumann> Jira is much more bloated.
[15:03:04] <abaumann> Mantis?
[15:03:21] <tyz> Jira is also proprietary, though quite nice.
[15:03:27] <rewbycraft> ^
[15:03:30] <rewbycraft> And a resource hog
[15:03:43] <rewbycraft> But quite nice
[15:03:49] <abaumann> Yeah. But don't host the beast on your own. Use it in form of Apache JIRA or so (cloudish).
[15:04:03] * rewbycraft totally hosts the beast on his own
[15:04:13] <abaumann> I agree with deep43thought: pick whatever archlinux has. It confused people less..
[15:04:18] * tyz totally would too
[15:04:19] <abaumann> 42, sorry.
[15:04:26] <tyz> was just about to say
[15:04:27] <rewbycraft> I'm all for copying upstream
[15:04:33] <tyz> deep42thought++
[15:04:37] <rewbycraft> But it seems like they may be considering switching
[15:04:41] <tyz> ^
[15:04:47] <rewbycraft> Which is why the question was brought up
[15:04:57] <tyz> That's why we're using the god-awful forum platform
[15:05:00] <abaumann> maybe we should ask the responsible person directly about plans or not plans?
[15:06:14] <tyz> I just asked in #archlinux-devops, let's see what they say
[15:06:21] <abaumann> very good.
[15:07:05] <tyz> rewbycraft: That said, the bug you referenced was last updated 2014
[15:07:09] <tyz> and submitted 2011
[15:07:21] <tyz> so I doubt that it's still an actively considered migration
[15:08:07] <rewbycraft> tyz: Last comment was " Saturday, 21 October 2017, 10:21 GMT"
[15:08:16] <rewbycraft> That's maybe 2 weeks ago
[15:20:58] <abaumann> critical for them is the migration of all existing content, it looks like.
[15:22:28] <tyz> I'll probably just go with flyspray, it's still actively maintained
[15:23:04] <tyz> the recent posts were performance testing from bugzilla, but it's a platform which I do not particularly care for.
[15:23:14] <abaumann> and if upstream migrates, they'll have a script ready for the data migration. :-)
[15:23:19] <tyz> ^
[15:23:51] <tyz> "and if upstream migrates, they'll [hopefully] have a script ready for the data migration. :-)"
[15:23:52] <tyz> FTFY
[15:24:37] <abaumann> been there: from hand-written bug system to bugzilla to jira to mantis. setting it up is easy.. keeping the data not so very much. :-)
[15:25:19] <tyz> regardless, deep42thought is the one that uses the bugtracker the most, afaik, so if he's good with flyspray, that's probably what I'll implement
[15:28:37] <abaumann> (y)
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[18:12:17] <brtln> don't take for granted we will migrate the content
[18:12:18] <brtln> we might not
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[20:18:12] <fsckd> "That's why we're using the god-awful forum platform" => it totally is. :/ their devs are nice people though. :)
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