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[01:15:42] <tyzoid> deep42thought: just enabled backups on that system
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[14:31:14] <deep42thought> brtln: you're going to announce deprecation of i686 tomorrow?
[14:33:36] <brtln> today
[14:33:39] <deep42thought> ok
[14:33:44] <brtln> finishing changes on infra and devtools
[14:34:00] <deep42thought> I was noticing the devtools part of that
[14:34:13] <brtln> I need to check if it works properly (as in, does not build and update i686 dbs)
[14:34:17] <brtln> so I will publish the news in about 20 minutes
[14:34:26] <deep42thought> ok
[14:38:47] <brtln> actually less, looks like it works okay
[14:38:52] <brtln> so posting now
[14:39:57] <tyz> :)
[14:41:21] <deep42thought> :-)
[14:47:25] <tyz> brtln: Is it possible to change the link in to our site to be https://archlinux32.org ?
[14:47:26] <phrik> Title: Arch Linux 32 (at archlinux32.org)
[14:47:44] <tyz> also deep42thought: can you put a more obvious notice on the homepage about the transition?
[14:47:57] <deep42thought> maybe _we_ should put a link about the transition on the main page
[14:47:58] <tyz> I don't think everyone will make the connection from transition => download page
[14:50:20] <brtln> I think you should just have "migration" button somewhere
[14:50:24] <brtln> or change download to "download/transition"
[14:51:27] <deep42thought> "Instructions on transition from archlinux can be found <a href=...>here</a>"
[14:51:28] <deep42thought> ?
[14:51:40] <deep42thought> right above the dual-bootable media info
[14:54:07] <deep42thought> I'll just change it
[14:54:13] <deep42thought> complain to me, if you don't like it :-D
[14:54:27] <tyz> that sounds like a good idea
[14:54:30] <tyz> +1
[14:55:04] <tyz> also, just made a news post about it from our end: https://news.archlinux32.org
[14:55:05] <phrik> Title: Archlinux 32 News (at news.archlinux32.org)
[14:55:30] <deep42thought> I moved "i686" a little upwards - we should probably overpaint the whole page at some point :-)
[14:56:37] <Polichronucci> deep42thought I've seen the email of abauman about the key signing
[14:56:41] <deep42thought> ah, actually we can remove the hint to installation media from the front page
[14:56:47] <deep42thought> Polichronucci: good :-)
[14:57:06] <Polichronucci> I will sign it as soon as I get some time, probably in the next few days
[14:57:13] <deep42thought> ok, thanks!
[14:57:28] <Polichronucci> nps speak to you later
[14:57:33] <deep42thought> cu
[14:57:44] <brtln> your mirrors are set the same way that upstream does?
[14:57:55] <deep42thought> no
[14:58:02] <deep42thought> they're similar to archlinuxarm
[14:58:11] <deep42thought> e.g. $arch/$repo
[14:58:18] <deep42thought> instead of $repo/os/$arch
[14:58:41] <brtln> what I mean is: do you have central rsyncd than servers sync from?
[14:58:52] <deep42thought> ah, that part is similar :-)
[14:58:53] <tyz> brtln: Sort of
[14:59:01] <tyz> the master mirror is not ip-restricted
[14:59:06] <deep42thought> not yet
[14:59:08] <tyz> but other than that, the architecture is the same
[14:59:45] <tyz> I use pretty much the same mirroring script for arch32 as I do for mainline
[15:00:13] <tyz> deep42thought: when does the website get the change?
[15:00:19] <deep42thought> dunno
[15:00:25] <brtln> if you followed arch-dev-public, we have some machines in japan, india, singapore and mexico where we have semi-official mirrors
[15:00:26] <deep42thought> it's some cronjob pulling it
[15:00:36] <tyz> lol, it just got it
[15:00:41] <brtln> nobody was complaining too loudly so I'd like to mirror arch32 there as well
[15:00:53] <tyz> brtln: That'd be great, and very much appreciated.
[15:00:54] <deep42thought> thanks!
[15:01:14] <deep42thought> can you give me a list of mirrors, so I can add them to the mirror list?
[15:01:36] <brtln> it's not done yet :P
[15:01:54] <tyz> brtln: We expect it done yesterday
[15:01:57] <brtln> question is whether you would like to give some subdomains for these because I unfortunately put arch64 in the main directory
[15:01:59] <deep42thought> np, no hurry
[15:02:03] <brtln> so that would be too big hassle to move this around now
[15:02:20] <deep42thought> yeah, we can arrange for that
[15:02:50] <tyz> brtln: Were you looking for <something>.archlinux32.org? or does the domain not matter?
[15:02:50] <deep42thought> I'd say jp.mirror.archlinux32.org and alike sound fine
[15:03:03] <brtln> doesn't matter
[15:03:27] <brtln> if you could add some A records pointing to IPs of {ind,jpn,mex}.mirror.pkgbuild.com and sgp.pkgbuild.com, I will setup it all this week
[15:03:47] <deep42thought> is CNAME ok, too?
[15:03:52] <deep42thought> i like CNAME
[15:03:54] <deep42thought> :-/
[15:04:02] <tyz> cname is nice.
[15:04:07] <brtln> yeah, whatever works for you
[15:04:21] <deep42thought> it works both - it's just, that I like cname more ;-)
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[15:05:13] <brtln> at some point we will be talking about sharing things like bug tracker or mirrors in general but I'm too lazy for this now
[15:05:15] <brtln> and have some other things in the backlog I promised ages ago
[15:07:00] <tyz> brtln: you saw we put our own bugtracker up?
[15:07:06] <tyz> https://bugs.archlinux32.org
[15:07:08] <phrik> Title: Flyspray::Archlinux32: Tasklist (at bugs.archlinux32.org)
[15:08:21] <deep42thought> was it intentional that you wrote "sgn.pkgbuild.com"?
[15:08:32] <deep42thought> uh meant "sgp"
[15:09:15] <deep42thought> ah, looks, like sgp.mirror.pkgbuild.com works, too
[15:09:46] <deep42thought> https://ptpb.pw
[15:12:31] <brtln> thanks, I'll handle it tomorrow
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[15:18:50] <tyz> deep42thought: looks good.
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[15:31:03] <guys> tyz: we saw, but AIUI the primary reason for doing so was you didn't want to impose, and then find out that archlinux.org wasn't happy, and then realize you have no resources for handling things. :D
[15:32:59] <guys> At least it would be nice if there was some official decision that i686 users can still use the main forums. And most bugs will likely apply regardless of arch
[15:34:05] <tyz> guys: that would be good to discuss. deep42thought, any input to the above?
[15:34:31] <deep42thought> I think, if we're allowed to, it would be nice to use the upstream bugtracker
[15:35:09] <deep42thought> however, I have currently the feeling, that we are creating a lot of issues due to our modification :-/
[15:35:30] <tyz> deep42thought: modification?
[15:35:36] <deep42thought> well, our build system
[15:35:40] <tyz> ah
[15:35:43] <deep42thought> especially our db-update
[15:36:05] <deep42thought> I just found another bug in it (haven't fixed it yet, though)
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[16:03:20] <FredBezies> Hello
[16:03:27] <deep42thought> Hi FredBezies
[16:03:35] <FredBezies> I'm into trouble to upgrade my eeePC
[16:03:53] <FredBezies> Once again corrupted packages because of a GPG key :(
[16:04:05] <deep42thought> does it say which key?
[16:04:12] <FredBezies> I migrated my eeePC to archlinux32 two days ago.
[16:04:24] <FredBezies> Erich Ekner key
[16:04:45] <deep42thought> you installed archlinux32-keyring-transition?
[16:05:14] <FredBezies> I installed transition keyring and after -Syuu it was replaced by archlinux32 one
[16:05:21] <deep42thought> sounds rightz
[16:05:49] <FredBezies> Because of this key problem, I'm blocked for openssl, samba and two others packages :(
[16:05:49] <deep42thought> did you run 'pacman -Sc' at some point?
[16:06:07] <FredBezies> I cleaned up cache right after -Syuu
[16:06:07] <deep42thought> (now would be a good point) :-)
[16:06:14] <deep42thought> hmm
[16:06:22] <FredBezies> Will try again cleaning :)
[16:07:01] <FredBezies> Besides this, migration works flawlessly ;)
[16:07:22] <FredBezies> trying again a pacman -Syyu
[16:07:31] <FredBezies> Keeping fingers crossed ;)
[16:08:18] <FredBezies> Well... You nailed it... I thought I cleaned up cache... But I did not.
[16:08:38] <deep42thought> :-) nice to see, that it works now
[16:08:56] <deep42thought> I have to leave (before you notice it actually does not work ;-) )
[16:09:02] <FredBezies> Only bug? Linux 4.13.x display is broken...
[16:09:22] <deep42thought> sry, I really have to leave now
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[16:10:16] <tyz> lol
[16:10:29] <FredBezies> Have a good day deep42 ;)
[16:11:18] <FredBezies> By the way, is there anybody getting display troubles with old intel Atom and linux 4.13.xx kernel?
[16:11:33] <FredBezies> I had to "downgrade" to 4.9 LTS kernel
[16:11:49] <tyz> I don't have that hardware, but is there a specific error you're getting?
[16:12:39] <FredBezies> Only the right half side is displayed correctly. The other half is garbage.
[16:13:18] <FredBezies> Looks like it is a regression of some kind introduced into kernel 4.13.
[16:13:39] <tyz> or it could just be our compilation of it
[16:13:45] <tyz> can you make a post on our forum?
[16:14:14] <FredBezies> I will. I had to leave too. Will try go back to IRC and forums ASAP.
[16:14:28] <tyz> Ok.
[16:14:46] <FredBezies> Can you thank deep42 for the help? Thanks ;)
[16:15:03] <tyz> will do
[16:15:12] <FredBezies> See ya later!
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[16:58:24] <tyz> btw, migrated my arch32 mirror to the new dedi
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[17:27:27] <tyz> wb deep42thought
[17:27:37] <tyz> FredBezies asked me to thank you for the help
[17:28:20] <deep42thought> :-)
[17:29:13] <tyz> deep42thought: Is the only thing we'd use the bugtracker for is package issues?
[17:29:26] <tyz> or do we have other use cases?
[17:29:31] <deep42thought> well, feature requests should go there too
[17:29:42] <deep42thought> regarding build-scripts, website, releng
[17:29:44] <tyz> feature requests... for packages?
[17:29:48] <tyz> ah.
[17:29:58] <deep42thought> mirror requests
[17:30:09] <deep42thought> basically everything, upstream uses their bugtracker for, too
[17:30:33] <deep42thought> btw, might this: https://bbs.archlinux32.org be related to FredBezies' issue?
[17:30:36] <phrik> Title: [SOLVED] Graphics corruption after kernel update / Kernel & Hardware / Arch Linux 32 Forums (at bbs.archlinux32.org)
[17:30:37] <tyz> Well, they're thinking of migrating some of that away.
[17:30:53] <deep42thought> Why's that?
[17:32:37] <tyz> because flyspray?
[17:32:49] <deep42thought> ah, ok
[17:36:06] <tyz> deep42thought: I'm thinking of writing a tracker specific to package bugs, so that's why I was asking what we were planning on using the tracker for.
[17:38:00] <deep42thought> hmm, sounds like a lot work
[17:38:14] <deep42thought> why is it useful to have something specific for packages?
[17:38:48] <tyz> deep42thought: Think about your scripts? Having a json-api that actually knows what a package is would be helpful, no?
[17:39:21] <deep42thought> hmm, currently I'm greping for titles and categories
[17:39:31] <deep42thought> not really much effort
[17:39:58] <tyz> aka https://bugs.archlinux32.org ?
[17:40:33] <tyz> deep42thought: but grepping through titles gets slow after a number of bugs.
[17:41:09] <deep42thought> I'm already using the filter, which the show-task-list api provides
[17:41:24] <deep42thought> I could filter even more than I'm doing right now
[17:41:40] <tyz> If you have no interest at all, I won't bother, but I was planning on making a quick prototype for demo/testing.
[17:41:58] <tyz> wouldn't take too much time, and we could scrap it at that point if it doesn't help.
[17:42:13] <guys> tyz: If you do end up making the One True Bugtracker, it would be nice to be able to migrate away from flyspray which doesn't have a programmatic interface for CLI usage. :)
[17:42:22] <deep42thought> ok, maybe a prototype can convince me :-)
[17:42:25] <guys> (DOesn't have a mail interface either.)
[17:43:00] <tyz> guys: It'll likely be focused solely on package issues for now, but I could always extend it later.
[17:43:27] <tyz> deep42thought: I'm hoping to have something ready by Sunday, but no guarantees.
[17:43:48] <deep42thought> no hurry, I'm currently happy with the current setup :-)
[17:44:33] <tyz> guys: Instead of discussing back-and-forth about bugtrackers, we should probably put a requirements document together, that we can objectively evaluate and score potential solutions against
[17:44:57] <tyz> guys: i.e. feature x, critical, 10 pts. feature y, nice-to-have, 2 pts, etc.
[17:45:18] <tyz> (this being both for mainline and arch32)
[17:47:27] <deep42thought> should we open a page on the wiki for that?
[17:49:24] <tyz> deep42thought: not sure. is there a good place to put it on the wiki?
[17:49:31] <tyz> i.e. do we have similar documents there already?
[17:50:41] <deep42thought> I was thinking of the developer-wiki from upstream
[18:08:02] <tyz> deep42thought: where is the dev wiki located?
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[18:08:14] <tyz> wb abaumann
[18:08:45] <tyz> abaumann: if you haven't seen: https://news.archlinux32.org and https://www.archlinux.org
[18:08:46] <phrik> Title: Archlinux 32 News (at news.archlinux32.org)
[18:08:57] <abaumann> Hi.
[18:09:00] <abaumann> Yes I did.
[18:09:11] <tyz> :)
[18:09:19] <abaumann> And thanks for the bugreporting tool. :-)
[18:09:24] <abaumann> Looks very nice.
[18:09:36] <abaumann> Any noticable load on the mirror?
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[18:09:45] <tyz> deep42thought: ?
[18:10:15] <tyz> I haven't checked mine, but I migrated from virtual server to dedi right as the announcement was made.
[18:13:31] <tyz> abaumann: not seeing much traffic on mine. Maybe 5 req's/min?
[18:13:47] <abaumann> ah. no problem.
[18:14:22] <tyz> and 30% of that is HTTP 206 responses for the webseeded ISO torrent.
[18:15:58] <abaumann> mmh. noticed that before. Your mirror is not that fast.
[18:16:07] <tyz> mine isn't?
[18:16:27] <abaumann> Nope. Or something in-between is throthling my update now
[18:16:28] * tyz is offended
[18:16:36] <abaumann> easy :-)
[18:16:45] * tyz jokes around
[18:17:00] <abaumann> hosters sometimes have funny ideas about bandwith "optimization"
[18:17:06] <tyz> abaumann: You're in the EU, though, so shouldn't you be hitting the EU mirrors?
[18:17:17] <abaumann> ah. sure. this could explain a lot.
[18:17:29] <abaumann> atlantic cable. :-)
[18:17:33] <tyz> :P Mine is in Atlanta, Georgia.
[18:17:49] <abaumann> let me ponder, if I can test it from an US vm or so..
[18:18:10] <tyz> It's supposed to get gigabit, and I tested 35mbits down over a terrible wifi connection
[18:18:52] <abaumann> I usually take deep42thought's mirror, Germany is closest for me..
[18:19:09] <tyz> yeah.
[18:19:37] <abaumann> nah. was a glitch on my side.
[18:19:53] <abaumann> now your mirror is as fast as the one in Canada.
[18:19:58] <tyz> ah, nice.
[18:20:09] <tyz> Do you know what the issue was?
[18:20:17] <abaumann> nope.
[18:20:32] <abaumann> hickup in the network.. somewhere..
[18:21:12] <tyz> figures. Or hiccup on my side. Idk, though.
[18:22:09] <abaumann> just installed libreoffice-fresh.. and that's a big package.. speed is ok.
[18:22:35] <tyz> :)
[18:23:49] <tyz> brtln: Do you know how large the arch linux archive is (for i686, that is?)
[18:24:29] <abaumann> libreoffice-still-5.3.7-4-i686 30.3 MiB 2.94M/s 00:20 [###########-----------------------] 33%
[18:24:38] <abaumann> good :-)
[18:24:54] <tyz> that seems... slow. Is your internet really only 25mbit down?
[18:25:48] <abaumann> yep.
[18:25:55] <abaumann> that's my limit.
[18:26:12] <tyz> That would drive me nuts.
[18:26:13] <abaumann> hence.. I have to hunt a fast VM with fast connection to test it.
[18:26:40] <tyz> abaumann: I've got a few bucks in digitalocean credit, I could spin you up a vm quick, if you wanted.
[18:26:46] <guys> tyz: why does the bugtracker say "Error #23: User or group not enabled for login." when I try to create an account?
[18:27:13] <tyz> guys: I didn't get email sign ups set up yet, so all user registrations are admin override for now
[18:27:19] <guys> ah
[18:27:32] <abaumann> tyz: nono. I have to go for lunch now anyway. thanks.
[18:27:51] <tyz> abaumann: Sounds good. Dinner, I hope?
[18:28:14] <guys> tyz: do you manually approve them, or manually create them while piping registrations to /dev/null?
[18:28:28] <tyz> manually approve. I'm signing in rn
[18:29:25] <guys> Also omg flyspray is so fancy compared to ours. Seems a little *too* reactive :D
[18:29:47] <abaumann> aeh.. yep.. my English. ;-)
[18:30:06] <tyz> abaumann: no problem at all :)
[18:30:10] <tyz> guys: Just approved you.
[18:30:22] <tyz> We're running on RC-4, which is a newer version.
[18:30:42] <guys> k
[18:31:25] <guys> Im not sure why I created it anyway just yet :D but I figured it would be handy and I would be happy to help the same way I help on archlinux.org
[18:32:46] <tyz> guys: sounds good.
[18:33:08] <tyz> deep42thought: If you wanted to change Eli's group, feel free.
[18:33:24] <tyz> I put it where I thought it makes sense
[18:45:51] <deep42thought> https://wiki.archlinux.org
[18:45:51] <phrik> Title: DeveloperWiki - ArchWiki (at wiki.archlinux.org)
[18:46:00] <deep42thought> sry, was/am at dinner, too
[18:47:59] <tyz> no prob
[19:08:08] <tyz> deep42thought, abaumann: The apocalypse has started
[19:08:16] <tyz> i686 has already been removed from mainline mirrors
[19:08:28] <deep42thought> https://linuxnews.de
[19:08:40] <deep42thought> sry, it's german, but we're in the news :-)
[19:10:01] <abaumann> nice article.
[19:10:42] <tyz> nice. Google translate to the rescue
[19:10:48] <guys> google++
[19:14:48] <deep42thought> btw: it's roughtly 6 requests per minute, here, too
[19:29:44] <deep42thought> I think, we should archive the current upstream i686 packages - either the ones from the archive itself or from the mirrors ... just in case :-)
[19:35:54] <brtln> tyz: huge that it's impractical to run du there
[19:36:03] <brtln> for both
[19:36:20] <brtln> there is no point in mirroring this though, just start making your own
[19:36:49] <deep42thought> well, if it's like sbcl, which can only be built (or not) with sbcl, but which is broken :-/
[19:37:04] <deep42thought> then it's nice to have older versions for testing, too
[19:38:46] <brtln> sure, but keeping everything since 2013 is nuts
[19:56:03] <WarheadsSE> sbcl was a pain to build on ARM
[19:56:35] <deep42thought> it _should_ build on i686, but it does not :-/
[19:56:42] <deep42thought> they even offer a (broken) binary
[19:56:51] <WarheadsSE> Ah
[19:57:22] <WarheadsSE> yeah, ALARM used that as a bootstrap to build the package, then installed the built package, and built the package with itself, then added to the mirror
[20:11:13] <guys> packages which makedepend on themselves suck :(
[20:14:01] <deep42thought> packages which fail to build with the instructions from upstream although they should build, suck
[20:14:27] <deep42thought> and sbcl for archlinux32 fulfills both contidions ...
[20:16:05] <guys> apparently our mainstream mono package can only build when compiled with itself-1 -- and the maintainer retired so his key was revoked...
[20:19:25] <tyz> that stinks
[20:19:42] <tyz> deep42thought: bugtracker and my mirror offline. Going to switch my mirror back to the redundant one in a few minutes
[20:19:52] <tyz> don't know what's up with it yet, put a support ticket in
[20:22:00] <tyz> just switched dns. Should be back within 30min.
[20:22:14] <tyz> bugtracker is offline until I get this resolved.
[20:29:58] <tyz> hmm, dedi just came back online
[20:42:44] <abaumann> set_bit((uint32_t *)(uint64_t)(lpcif.rcba + GCS_OFFSET_ADDR)
[20:43:14] <deep42thought> saw that too
[20:43:21] <deep42thought> but didn't think about it, though
[20:44:24] <abaumann> https://sourceforge.net
[20:44:26] <phrik> Title: gnu-efi / Support Requests / #6 Can't build 3.0.4 for i686 on x86_64 in arch linux (at sourceforge.net)
[20:44:41] <abaumann> (y)
[20:44:57] <abaumann> 2016-10-11, makes me shiver.
[20:46:14] <deep42thought> this can't be true
[20:46:20] <deep42thought> is this package that old?
[20:46:20] <abaumann> ok. efi for 32-bit Intel is a real corner case, i think.
[20:46:30] <abaumann> That's the age of the reported bug.. no reply.
[20:46:36] <deep42thought> yeah
[20:46:51] <abaumann> thinking about blacklisting
[20:46:52] <deep42thought> but the report should be newer than the package
[20:47:15] <abaumann> why does it show up now?
[20:47:27] <deep42thought> that's what I'm wondering
[20:47:44] <tyz> How is that even legal C???
[20:47:52] <tyz> I mean, sure, but UB as hell...
[20:47:53] <deep42thought> anything is legal in c
[20:48:09] <abaumann> yeah.. sure. if you know what you are doing. :-)
[20:48:14] <tyz> !shrug
[20:48:15] <phrik> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[20:48:41] <tyz> at least use intptr_t
[20:48:58] <tyz> instead of uint64_t
[20:49:42] <deep42thought> does it compile that way?
[20:50:05] <tyz> deep42thought: It should, uint64_t is available on most 32bit systems, via extended arithmetic
[20:50:29] <deep42thought> well, then let's change it :-/
[20:50:30] <tyz> deep42thought: but intptr_t is designed to store pointer values so that the system size can be used, instead of an arbitrary size determined by the programme.r
[20:50:59] <tyz> deep42thought: I haven't seen the whole source, but I don't think that's your problem ther.e
[20:51:01] <tyz> there*
[20:51:19] <tyz> deep42thought: regardless, can you do an nslookup of 32.arlm.tyzoid.com and see what it gives you?
[20:51:38] <deep42thought>
[20:51:48] <deep42thought> ah no
[20:51:49] <deep42thought> wait
[20:51:53] <deep42thought>
[20:51:54] <tyz> I was about to say...
[20:51:56] <tyz> thanks
[20:52:04] <deep42thought> the other is your ns
[20:52:09] <tyz> yeah
[20:52:21] <tyz> wait, did you query authoritative?
[20:52:29] <deep42thought> yes, I always do
[20:52:33] <tyz> :/
[20:52:43] <deep42thought> my dns-server does for me
[20:52:45] <tyz> Can you query the dns resolver your system has set.
[20:52:49] <tyz> oh
[20:53:11] <deep42thought> my router is running it
[20:53:17] <tyz> nice.
[20:53:23] <deep42thought> (and resolves .oss, too, as you might have noticed)
[20:53:27] <tyz> yeah
[20:53:33] <tyz> deep42thought: I've been monitoring https://www.whatsmydns.net
[20:53:53] <tyz> https://www.whatsmydns.net <-- rather
[20:54:06] <tyz> and it seems a few dns resolvers are resisting the change.
[20:56:55] <WarheadsSE> tyz: here I see .210 as what looks like a cname
[20:57:59] <abaumann> cea372e90c00ce73adb746f442da0d6ee6953e63 in packages, gnu-efi-libs 3.0.6-1, before 3.0.3 was ok.
[21:00:29] <abaumann> gnu-efi-libs is for developing EFI applications, so somebody may want to build EFI apps from a 32-bit machine.
[21:03:14] <tyz> WarheadsSE: thanks
[21:04:13] <deep42thought> abaumann: ah, so it was just not updated for a while now
[21:04:46] <abaumann> yep. seems so. and the demo apps of the library break happilly. this was just the first in a series of errors. :-)
[21:04:56] <tyz> abaumann: Afaik, there were a few embedded platforms that were i686, but with uefi
[21:05:48] <abaumann> the library compiles fine, just the 'make apps' fails brutally. We could also just ommit to build the demo apps
[21:07:08] <deep42thought> how far is the library build checked if the apps are not built?
[21:07:24] <deep42thought> e.g.: maybe the apps fail to build, because the library build is already broken?
[21:07:36] <abaumann> good point.
[21:08:05] <abaumann> unless I start my own EFI project right now.. hard to tell. ;-)
[21:08:13] <deep42thought> :-D
[21:08:28] <deep42thought> we could just skip the apps build for now - and wait until someone complains
[21:08:32] <deep42thought> (still better than blacklisting)
[21:08:38] <abaumann> right.
[21:12:23] <deep42thought> ok, good night, everyone!
[21:12:31] <abaumann> bye
[21:12:36] -!- deep42thought has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[22:10:50] <abaumann> gnu-efi-libs is patched.. me sleepy now. :-)
[22:10:55] <abaumann> bye
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