#archlinux-ports | Logs for 2017-11-15

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[00:00:18] <fsckd> titus_livius: sorry
[00:00:19] <phrik> Title: Chris Oliver (at excid3.com)
[00:00:26] <deep42thought> I should disable that, though
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[00:01:12] <fsckd> deep42thought: may be have it say it is the logger bot
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[00:02:16] <deep42thought> titus_livius: you ok?
[00:02:24] <fsckd> \o/
[00:02:34] <fsckd> deep42thought: thank you :)
[00:03:42] <deep42thought> ah, I was wondering, why he stopped logging, but a new day begun here :-/
[00:14:24] <deep42thought> y'all happy with your new colors?
[00:17:40] <deep42thought> good night, then
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[01:43:31] <tyzoid> !ping
[01:43:32] <phrik> pong
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[01:43:42] <tyz> !ping
[01:43:42] <phrik> pong
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[01:43:55] <tyzoid> marginally better colors
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[11:12:07] <vollzornbrot> morgen
[11:12:09] <deep42thought> Hi vollzornbrot
[11:12:16] <vollzornbrot> all fine?
[11:12:21] <deep42thought> I just started the second buildknecht
[11:12:27] <vollzornbrot> jeah :D
[11:12:57] <vollzornbrot> now we have many build servers
[11:13:31] <deep42thought> regarding "all fine": python-pifpaf, python-scipy and python-sympy won't build and will block _a_lot_ of packages from being moved around in the future
[11:13:51] <vollzornbrot> oh not good, can we fix this?
[11:14:05] <deep42thought> hopefully, someone can :-)
[11:14:31] <deep42thought> seems to be a problem with the underlying math libraries of python
[11:14:45] <deep42thought> but honestly, I don't have the faintest idea ;-)
[11:15:05] <vollzornbrot> hmm, me too, i use arch as work os, but not to develop software
[11:15:36] <deep42thought> and additionally I always tried to avoid python :-D (not sure, why, though)
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[12:50:07] <brtln> started initial sync on mirrors
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[13:28:42] <tyz> brtln: sweet, thanks
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[14:02:26] <Polichronucci> I signed baumanns key
[14:02:31] <Polichronucci> sorry for the delay
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[15:30:18] <brtln> deep42thought, tyz: any reason you don't have lastsync file?
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[15:39:20] <zaungast> You are aware there's a linking issue in mpv 1:0.27.0-4?
[15:56:38] <deep42thought> brtln: yes, I don't understand the concept
[15:56:57] <deep42thought> e.g. the difference between lastsync and lastupdate
[15:57:44] <deep42thought> zaungast: no, I'm not
[16:02:52] <WarheadsSE> whelp, now I know the channel is logged.
[16:03:03] <deep42thought> "Channel logs: https://mirror.archlinux32.org"
[16:03:09] <zaungast> deep42thought:
[16:03:10] <zaungast> $ ldd /usr/bin/mpv | grep libva | sort
[16:03:10] <zaungast> libva-drm.so.1 => not found
[16:03:10] <zaungast> libva-drm.so.2 => /usr/lib/libva-drm.so.2 (0xb5067000)
[16:03:10] <zaungast> libva.so.1 => not found
[16:03:10] <zaungast> libva.so.2 => /usr/lib/libva.so.2 (0xb5072000)
[16:03:11] <deep42thought> it's right in the title
[16:03:12] <zaungast> libva-wayland.so.1 => not found
[16:03:14] <WarheadsSE> Yup
[16:03:15] <zaungast> libva-x11.so.1 => not found
[16:03:17] <zaungast> libva-x11.so.2 => /usr/lib/libva-x11.so.2 (0xb506b000)
[16:03:19] <zaungast> and as a consquence
[16:03:21] <zaungast> $ mpv foobar.mp4
[16:03:23] <zaungast> mpv: error while loading shared libraries: libva-x11.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or
[16:03:25] <zaungast> directory
[16:03:28] <zaungast> Maybe both libva 1.x and 2.x were around on the build server when latest mpv was compiled? Btw. upstream recently made a commit just to recompile mpv against the latest libva, see https://git.archlinux.org
[16:03:30] <phrik> Title: svntogit/community.git - Git clone of the 'community' repository (at git.archlinux.org)
[16:03:38] <WarheadsSE> Yay spam'd output
[16:05:08] <deep42thought> zaungast: ok, it's scheduled for a rebuild
[16:06:30] <deep42thought> brtln: so should lastsync and lastupdate have identical content on the master mirror?
[16:07:18] <rewbycraft> Uh yeah
[16:07:29] <rewbycraft> lastsync is when a mirror has last synced to upstream
[16:07:39] <deep42thought> or just a cronjob doing 'date +%s > lastsync'
[16:07:40] <rewbycraft> And last update is the timestamp of the last update to the master mirror
[16:07:51] <deep42thought> ok, then a cronjob
[16:07:52] <rewbycraft> So on master, lastsync == last update
[16:07:54] <deep42thought> running each minute
[16:08:00] <rewbycraft> No
[16:08:06] <rewbycraft> Just update lastsync when you update lastupdate
[16:08:09] <deep42thought> why would lastsync and lastupdate ever differ?
[16:08:20] <rewbycraft> Nor on the master, but on the T1s
[16:08:29] <deep42thought> how's that?
[16:08:31] <rewbycraft> We'd have a difference because we sync up to an hour after the master updates
[16:08:42] <rewbycraft> lastsync is when we run rsync
[16:08:53] <rewbycraft> And lastupdate is, well, when you last updated the master repo
[16:09:15] <deep42thought> I think, I still don't get it
[16:09:19] <deep42thought> but I have to leave again
[16:09:27] <deep42thought> btw, I was looking at https://gist.github.com
[16:09:29] <phrik> Title: Arch Linux Mirroring Script ยท GitHub (at gist.github.com)
[16:09:34] <deep42thought> maybe there's a mistake there?
[16:09:35] <deep42thought> afk
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[17:46:03] <tyz> deep42thought: afaik, lastsync is updated every 5 mins on master, lastupdate is the last time a change has been made (package update, iso upload, etc).
[17:46:52] <tyz> The purpose for lastsync is to measure propagation delay of t1/t2 mirrors
[17:47:03] <tyz> whereas lastupdate is simply for checking if a change has been made.
[17:47:56] <tyz> brtln: please correct me if I'm wrong, but this is how I see it.
[17:48:14] <tyz> brtln: otherwise, lastupdate/lastsync will always be the same on the t1/t2 mirrors too
[17:49:25] <brtln> lastsync is for checking when the mirror has been synced, lastupdate for last update to the repo
[17:49:26] <brtln> I
[17:49:30] <brtln> I'm not the mirror guy but that's how I understand it
[17:50:22] <brtln> then both files are used to measure if mirror is out of sync or not
[17:50:40] <brtln> I'm asking because I re-used the script we use for our mirrors, which uses these files to also check if there is a point in starting rsync at all
[17:51:03] <brtln> I can as well use tyzoid's script, it doesn't make a difference from my perspective
[17:58:46] <deep42thought> I can just add the file, if I know what to put there
[17:59:12] <deep42thought> I would set up the 'date +%s > lastsync' cronjob
[17:59:26] <tyz> deep42thought: yup. Just have that run at least every 5 mins
[17:59:35] <tyz> 5mins is fine.
[17:59:50] <tyz> brtln: I only check to see if the lastupdate is different on remote and local
[18:00:09] <tyz> that's my trigger to sync.
[18:00:23] <tyz> otherwise, I'll just download the lastsync file via http, which as much less overhead
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[19:44:31] <tyz> deep42thought: https://buildmaster.archlinux32.org
[19:44:32] <phrik> Title: Blacklisted packages (at buildmaster.archlinux32.org)
[19:44:35] <tyz> the FS32 links are broken
[19:44:50] <deep42thought> oh
[19:45:00] <tyz> bugs.archlinux32.org/index.php?do=detailsFS32#8task_id=8 should be bugs.archlinux32.org/index.php?do=details&task_id=8
[19:45:18] <jelle> using flyspray :O
[19:45:30] <deep42thought> need to escape the &, then
[19:45:46] <deep42thought> but first I need to repair something here at my desktop
[19:46:04] <deep42thought> this frickin keyboard switched to us
[19:46:10] <tyz> lol
[19:46:18] <tyz> I'll make a PR tonight if you don't get around to it.
[19:46:35] <deep42thought> k, thx
[19:46:54] <tyz> jelle: yes, we're using flyspray. I'm in the process of writing a tracker for package issues, but that discussion came up after we already launched a flyspray instance.
[19:47:02] <jelle> writing a tracker lol
[19:47:06] <jelle> time too much ;-)
[19:47:15] <tyz> only for package issues, though
[19:47:18] <tyz> not for releng/etc.
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[20:49:04] <deep42thought> brtln: lastsync is now in place and updated every minute
[20:49:27] <tyz> :)
[20:51:51] <deep42thought> tyz: FS32 links should be fine now, too
[20:52:13] <tyz> LGTM
[20:54:28] <deep42thought> hmmm: "error Julia can only be built for architectures above Pentium 4"
[20:54:43] <deep42thought> i686 is pentiumII?
[20:54:51] <deep42thought> or is than incomparable
[20:54:55] <deep42thought> *that
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[21:31:11] <brtln> deep42thought, tyz: I guess you can add new servers to your mirrorlist then
[21:31:24] <deep42thought> ok, will do
[21:31:33] <tyz> brtln: thanks!
[21:32:02] <tyz> brtln: I'm getting an ssl error on https://jp.mirror.archlinux32.org
[21:32:16] <brtln> right, I thought it's jpn
[21:32:17] <deep42thought> jpn
[21:32:31] <brtln> yeah, jpn works
[21:32:31] <tyz> ah
[21:32:33] <tyz> :)
[21:32:36] <tyz> works here
[21:32:42] <deep42thought> updated mirrorlist is already in testing
[21:32:43] * tyz backs away quietly
[21:32:45] <brtln> also you should probably exclude irclogs
[21:32:46] <tyz> :)
[21:32:59] <tyz> ehh, I like syncing them as a backup
[21:33:05] <brtln> ah, okay
[21:33:13] <brtln> thought it's some oversight
[21:33:24] <tyz> feel free to exclude it from your mirrors. It's an optional piece that I choose to sync
[21:33:29] <deep42thought> I would count them as "optional"
[21:33:45] * deep42thought was too slow again
[21:33:51] <brtln> too lazy for that
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