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[07:18:45] <mrkiko> fsckd: :D
[07:18:49] <mrkiko> fsckd: yeah
[07:19:08] <mrkiko> fsckd: (in regard to edbrowse)
[07:19:28] <mrkiko> fsckd: ... it's great, even if I know I am not using it properly, at least not for now
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[14:37:34] <deep42thought> hmm, the new icu requires a soname rebuild for something which I cant find - otherwise pacman is broken :-/
[14:38:08] <deep42thought> "/usr/bin/pacman: error while loading shared libraries: libicuuc.so.59: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"
[14:54:20] <deep42thought> hmm, how can we rebuild libxml2 and libxslt which is needed to make pacman work again w/o a workin pacman?
[14:56:32] <deep42thought> ah, and libpsl
[15:01:39] <deep42thought> so it's: pacman -> libalpm -> libcurl -> libpsl -X-> libicuuc
[15:02:11] <deep42thought> and for building libpsl, libxslt is needed
[15:02:58] <deep42thought> which is: libxsltproc -> libxml2 -X-> libixuuc
[15:03:24] <deep42thought> s/libxsltproc/xsltprox/
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[15:04:39] <deep42thought> we could (need to?) install the files from the old icu parallel to the new one
[15:04:54] <deep42thought> hopefully, then the linking is against the new versions
[15:05:09] <deep42thought> and the programs/libraries linked against the old will still work :-/
[15:19:04] <deep42thought> this feels so hackish, but is seems to work
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[15:38:38] <deep42thought> hi abaumann
[15:38:46] <abaumann> hi
[15:38:49] <abaumann> trouble with icu?
[15:38:54] <deep42thought> don't worry about the lot broken packages
[15:39:04] <deep42thought> this is the aftermath of broken linking in pacman
[15:39:09] <abaumann> all caused by icu, I presume.
[15:39:13] <deep42thought> right
[15:40:01] <abaumann> yeah. pacman and glibc are the two critical ones (and the libraries pacman needs to run)
[15:40:28] <deep42thought> I untar'ed the older icu package into the chroot to be able to build libpsl
[15:40:51] <deep42thought> (only the *.so.* files)
[15:41:03] <abaumann> that should work fine.
[15:41:15] <deep42thought> :-)
[15:42:04] <deep42thought> it would be better, if pacman was not run in the environment it is used to set up
[15:43:02] <abaumann> indeed.
[15:45:13] <deep42thought> but this would require an additional layer of chroot
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[19:37:19] <vantage> hi. I was wondering if i686 updates/rebuilds are run at regular intervals
[19:38:08] <deep42thought> vantage: what updates/rebuilds do you mean?
[19:38:16] <deep42thought> we update, when upstream does
[19:38:34] <deep42thought> and sometimes I fuck sth. up and then schedule a rebuild
[19:44:32] <vantage> deep42thought: I don't see the same versions of packages
[19:44:46] <vantage> upstream is ahead by quite a margin
[19:44:48] <deep42thought> we build the packages from core,extra,community
[19:45:00] <vantage> take core/coreutils for instance
[19:45:09] <deep42thought> and then they must traverse our staging, testing before they end up in core,community,extra
[19:45:29] <deep42thought> testing/community-testing should be close to upstream
[19:45:42] <deep42thought> problem is currently, that we don't have many testers
[19:46:50] <vantage> i see, so manual testing is necessary
[19:46:56] <deep42thought> right
[19:47:15] <deep42thought> personally, I just activated testing and community-testing
[19:48:28] <deep42thought> we had the idea of seeting up some ci / automated testing, but got stuck somewhere on the way
[19:49:46] <vantage> shouldn't most packages be tested-enough simply by virtue of being tested by upstream Arch?
[19:50:14] <deep42thought> everyone, who thinks so, may simply activate testing and community-testing
[19:50:33] <deep42thought> personally, I don't have enough self-confidence yet, to sign this statement, though ;-)
[19:51:01] <deep42thought> e.g. we produced quite some broken packages from unbroken upstream ones, in the past
[19:51:16] <vantage> so what does it take to become a tester?
[19:52:27] <deep42thought> https://bbs.archlinux32.org
[19:52:28] <phrik> Title: automatic testing via manual installation(s) / Testing / Arch Linux 32 Forums (at bbs.archlinux32.org)
[19:53:09] <deep42thought> if you don't want to report _all_ installed packages, you can skip the "report-installed-packages" step and compose that email manually
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