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[10:29:29] <abaumann> deep42thought: I'm thinking about reverted the --without-system-icu patch in libreoffice-fresh and libreoffice-still, what do you think?
[10:29:37] <abaumann> s/reverted/reverting
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[15:55:47] <reconmaster> xorg problem for i686 using the new repo, glamor requires at least 128 instructions (64 reported)
[15:55:47] <reconmaster>
[16:00:56] <abaumann> Hi,
[16:01:09] <abaumann> There seems to be something on the Archlinux forums about it: https://bbs.archlinux.org
[16:01:09] <phrik> Title: [SOLVED] unable to connect to X server: Connection refused / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums (at bbs.archlinux.org)
[16:01:40] <abaumann> They basically say the driver doesn't work, use xf86-video-intel
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[16:01:47] <abaumann> I'm by no means a specialist on that. :-)
[16:02:10] <abaumann> deep42thought: the libreoffice "wars' are over, it seems. :-)
[16:02:23] <deep42thought> woo hoo \o/
[16:02:27] <abaumann> libreoffice-still-5.3.7-6.1 looks ok for me.
[16:02:49] <deep42thought> fascinating, I just wanted to try the version I compiled yesterday w/o icu
[16:03:22] <reconmaster> abaumann: hey thanks, i was looking into that and decided to give some of the other proprietary drivers a shot
[16:03:51] <abaumann> reconmaster: no problem. :-)
[16:04:05] <abaumann> https://lists.parabola.nu
[16:04:05] <deep42thought> hmm, it looks like my build of libreoffice-still failed, anyway :-/
[16:04:05] <phrik> Title: [Dev] [dbscripts]: Arch Linux 32 support [annoucement]. ABS' future [RFC] (at lists.parabola.nu)
[16:04:38] <abaumann> there is a guy taking care of it, he sometimes appears in our chats, but doesn't say anything. :-)
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[16:08:03] <tyzoid> hey deep42thought, can you add ip4: to the list of permitted senders for archlinux32.org?
[16:08:22] <deep42thought> can do and will do
[16:08:22] <abaumann> deep42thought: fixed the nvidia mess of mine. there is still a warning present when compiling, no clue, if the module crashes when loaded (I have no nvidia)
[16:09:05] <deep42thought> um, tyzoid - what exactly do you mean?
[16:09:23] <abaumann> SPF?
[16:09:26] <tyzoid> deep42thought: yeah, spf
[16:09:35] <deep42thought> ah, I thought rsyncd
[16:09:37] <deep42thought> :-D
[16:09:40] <tyzoid> :P
[16:09:54] <tyzoid> glad we got that clarified :P
[16:12:42] <deep42thought> can/should I remove, then?
[16:14:11] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Yeah, that's fine.
[16:14:32] <deep42thought> ok, done
[16:14:38] <tyzoid> ok, thanks.
[16:14:40] <deep42thought> you kept the dkim?
[16:19:53] <tyzoid> yeah, dkim keys should be the same
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[16:28:54] <abaumann> isacdaavid: hi
[16:32:21] <tyzoid> deep42thought: so, uh, I discovered something frightening about fluxbb
[16:32:51] <tyzoid> deep42thought: http://phpcrossref.com
[16:32:53] <phrik> Title: PHP Cross Reference - FluxBB - Source: /include/functions.php (at phpcrossref.com)
[16:33:50] <tyzoid> In light of this, I'd like to make a determiniation over the next two days of (a) Migrate to MyBB? or (b) Patch and forget
[16:38:48] <abaumann> General question: why are so many Archlinux packages using a git version instead of download official release tarballs.
[16:38:57] <abaumann> Seen this in libxml2, libtool, gcc, etc.
[16:42:39] <abaumann> mmh. most likely the wrong place to ask :-)
[16:45:14] <deep42thought> I guess, it's because too many upstream sources re-release the same version and break our checksums
[16:46:25] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Alright, the forum can now send mail again
[16:50:48] <deep42thought> :-)
[16:51:34] <abaumann> Ever tried to bootstrap Archlinux? Then you see how nice it is to checkout the whole gcc history as a git repo. :->
[16:51:46] <deep42thought> :-D
[16:53:01] <deep42thought> tyzoid: what's your problem with sha1 hashes?
[16:56:03] <tyzoid> deep42thought: The only method of password hashing is sha1. No salt, no pepper, no tunable slowness parameter, etc.
[16:56:13] <tyzoid> sha1 is designed to be very fast, which makes it easy to bruteforce.
[16:56:57] <deep42thought> hmm, ok
[16:57:53] <tyzoid> deep42thought: php has a builtin for doing it securely, and automatically generating a random salt:
[16:57:55] <tyzoid> http://php.net
[16:57:56] <phrik> Title: PHP: password_hash - Manual (at php.net)
[16:58:26] <tyzoid> given that PHP<5.5 is EOL, I would imagine they'd migrat at some point.
[16:58:32] <tyzoid> migrate*
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[16:59:42] <deep42thought> hmm, patching has the disatvantage that all users will need to regenerate their password
[16:59:54] <tyzoid> deep42thought: That can be done transparently.
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[17:00:09] <tyzoid> When the user logs in, the server has the password in plaintext in memory
[17:00:14] <deep42thought> right
[17:00:15] <tyzoid> we can recompute the hash, and store that
[17:00:20] <deep42thought> ok
[17:00:22] <deep42thought> sounds good
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[17:00:50] <deep42thought> I have no preference over (a) and (b), then
[17:00:56] <deep42thought> just throw a coin ;-)
[17:08:27] <eschwartz[m]> abaumann: especially the gnome packages use git, this happens because it is easy to cherry-pick a backport and also easy to update to snapshots as the occcasion necessitates
[17:08:47] <tyzoid> Hmm, looks like it's a critical ticket from last year thats still open: https://fluxbb.org
[17:08:48] <phrik> Title: Ticket 1069: Stronger password hashes (and salts) - FluxBB core - FluxBB (at fluxbb.org)
[17:09:10] <jelle> sigh
[17:22:53] <abaumann> eschwarz: thanks for the explanation, just stumbled upon one of those. :-)
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[17:23:33] <abaumann> I personally would prefer a git patch text file added to the project. I hate the "always connected" anti-pattern
[17:24:40] <abaumann> I just fear the future will be for authors just to publish a git version, never to work on proper releasing their sofware, because it's so easy to just build from 'master'
[17:25:11] <tyzoid> many already do. Mostly smaller projects, though
[17:25:29] <abaumann> this is the end of proper development IMHO.
[17:25:29] <tyzoid> once the maintainers realize they need to support older versions, "proper" release mechanisms pop up
[17:25:32] <deep42thought> you can also make a version from each git commit ;-)
[17:26:04] <fsckd> tyzoid: that fluxbb issue :(
[17:26:05] <abaumann> this is ok for a web project (no offense meant), but not for an XML parsing library used deep inside the system
[17:26:58] <deep42thought> abaumann: right, it becomes nasty, as soon as anything depends on your project
[17:28:44] <tyzoid> fsckd: yeah. To make matters worse, the fix was milestoned for 1.6, while we're both using 1.5.11 (I think? it's 1.5.<something>).
[17:30:59] <tyzoid> deep42thought: My registrar appears to be having a DNS outage.
[17:31:16] <WarheadsSE> d'oh
[17:31:32] <tyzoid> deep42thought: if you want, you can change bbs.archlinux32.org to point directly to
[17:31:32] <deep42thought> it's bbs. and news. "only"?
[17:31:38] <tyzoid> that'll bring the forum back online
[17:31:41] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Also my mirror.
[17:31:46] <tyzoid> but that's tied to my hostname.
[17:33:15] <deep42thought> ipv4 only?
[17:34:15] <deep42thought> ok, forum and news should work again
[17:34:45] <tyzoid> deep42thought: unfortunately yes so far.
[17:35:00] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Actually, fe80::230:48ff:fed2:4d86
[17:35:02] <tyzoid> but it's untested.
[17:35:14] <deep42thought> you don't need any excuses - the master mirror is also ipv4 only
[17:35:53] <tyzoid> deep42thought: I don't have an ipv6 connection here, if you could test it via hosts, that'd be nice.
[17:36:28] <WarheadsSE> tyzoid: fe80:: is IPv6LL
[17:36:29] <deep42thought> hard to tell for sure - I'm usually using dns64
[17:36:37] <deep42thought> oh, right
[17:40:02] <tyzoid> WarheadsSE: Yeah, you're right. I don't use ipv6 much, so I didn't recognize it.
[17:40:13] <eschwartz[m]> abaumann: what? Arch packages don't require always-on, the git repos are cached by makepkg... the same way source tarballs are cached locally. If upstream pulls them though, they could pull either one.
[17:40:49] <deep42thought> eschwartz[m]: this would be nice, but it is true only for _most_ packages, not all
[17:40:51] <eschwartz[m]> As for releases, it just makes a lot more sense to use gcc snapshots... gnome backports are a different story
[17:40:57] <tyzoid> deep42thought: ok, looks like DNS is back up.
[17:41:22] <eschwartz[m]> deep42thought: the broken packages are broken regardless of git :D
[17:42:03] <deep42thought> eschwartz[m]: true
[17:42:16] <deep42thought> tyzoid: should I switch back to cname, then?
[17:42:55] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Keep it for now, I believe it's stable, but let's wait to make sure
[17:46:34] <tyzoid> http://www.mail-tester.com
[17:46:35] <phrik> Title: Spam Test Result (at www.mail-tester.com)
[17:48:01] <deep42thought> :-)
[17:48:31] <deep42thought> mails for the bugtracker are still on your todo?
[17:48:46] <tyzoid> yeah, it's in a container, not on the host
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[18:09:36] <deep42thought> tyzoid: I get mails from flyspray :-)
[18:09:44] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Yup, I just enabled it :)
[18:10:48] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Should I keep the approval queue? Or email-only?
[18:11:23] <deep42thought> gets the queue emptied on approval?
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[18:13:24] <tyzoid> deep42thought: not sure what you're asking
[18:13:44] <deep42thought> if I accept a user, will he be removed from the approval queue?
[18:13:58] <deep42thought> or do I need to click somewhere to do that?
[18:14:03] <tyzoid> deep42thought: yes, but I have it set up to no longer use the approval queue
[18:14:17] <deep42thought> ah, then: email
[18:14:22] <tyzoid> Ok :)
[18:14:36] <deep42thought> I thought the question was, wether {approval-queue} or {approval-queue; email}
[18:14:42] <tyzoid> ah
[18:14:58] <tyzoid> deep42thought: If you did want to change it, it's under settings -> preferences -> User Registration
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[20:14:47] <tyzoid> Whelp, that happened
[20:15:14] <tyzoid> sudo shutdown'd the wrong system :/
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[20:38:46] <deep42thought> :-/
[20:39:00] <abaumann> ?
[20:39:04] <deep42thought> tyzoid: you don't have "wake on lan" or something?
[20:39:21] <abaumann> tyzoid, the device? ;-)
[20:39:43] <tyzoid> Nah, my home system.
[20:39:55] <tyzoid> I was on irc via screen+ssh
[20:40:04] <tyzoid> and I didn't exit before shutting down my local system
[20:40:12] <tyzoid> so I shutdown my home system
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[20:47:03] <tyzoid> abaumann: Do you have any input on the patch vs replace for the forum?
[20:48:02] <abaumann> tyzoid: you mean, for the PKGBUILDs?
[20:49:17] <deep42thought> no
[20:49:26] <abaumann> I'm lost.. :-)
[20:49:34] <deep42thought> gimme a sec
[20:49:39] <abaumann> ah, the fluxbb discussion before..
[20:49:56] <deep42thought> https://mirror.archlinux32.org
[20:49:57] <phrik> Title: #archlinux-ports | Logs for 2017-11-26 (at mirror.archlinux32.org)
[20:49:58] <deep42thought> right
[20:49:59] <abaumann> no, no input form me, not really.
[20:50:45] <abaumann> s/form/from/
[20:51:42] <abaumann> most likely I personally would go for the patch, because I don't want to replace it. :-)
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[20:55:43] <tyzoid> abaumann: Given that I'd do the work either way, does that change your preference?
[20:55:54] <tyzoid> Also, assuming that the migration loses no data
[20:56:15] <abaumann> no. that's why I said personally. :-)
[20:56:20] <abaumann> if you do the work, fine.
[20:56:22] <tyzoid> ok.
[20:56:58] <tyzoid> lol, one of the projects I made 6 years ago: http://upress.tyzoid.com
[20:57:00] <phrik> Title: uPress Installation (at upress.tyzoid.com)
[20:57:07] <tyzoid> didn't realize it was still up
[20:57:39] <isacdaavid> abaumann: you ping'ed me while i was asleep. yes, i'm also interested in fixing parabola's "Get source files" links on the website, although the problem is not exclusive of i686
[20:57:59] <abaumann> http://kapuzbib.eurospider.com my oldest one. 2001ish or so. :-)
[20:58:03] <tyzoid> isacdaavid: We're working on getting downloadable pkgbuilds from here.
[20:58:05] <abaumann> isacdaavid: hi.
[20:58:35] <abaumann> You have seen, we have a quite unique way of hanlding the PKGBUILD diffs.. :-)
[20:59:08] <abaumann> We were also discussing, if it is possible to provide an easier accessible view..
[20:59:41] <isacdaavid> does that mean there is more to it than just https://github.com ?
[20:59:42] <phrik> Title: GitHub - archlinux32/packages: package customizations and pure-i686 packages (at github.com)
[20:59:42] <abaumann> But basically it's a concatenation of the PKGBUILD from Archlinux (upstream) and the PKGBUILD from archlinux32.
[20:59:54] <deep42thought> isacdaavid: https://github.com
[20:59:55] <phrik> Title: builder/common-functions at master · archlinux32/builder · GitHub (at github.com)
[21:00:05] <abaumann> That's the one. :-)
[21:00:11] <deep42thought> and https://github.com
[21:00:12] <phrik> Title: builder/common-functions at master · archlinux32/builder · GitHub (at github.com)
[21:00:15] <abaumann> ..so you are already deep in.. :-)
[21:01:49] <tyzoid> aand it appears that there's one x86_64 package with an '@' in it :/
[21:01:52] <tyzoid> kde-l10n-ca@valencia
[21:02:00] <jelle> o.o
[21:02:14] <abaumann> huh?
[21:02:27] <deep42thought> is this a problem?
[21:02:32] <tyzoid> yeah. I'm trying to come up with a regex to verify that a user-inputted string could be a valid package name that won't wreck my system
[21:02:44] <tyzoid> Not a problem, but isn't what I wasn't I'm expecting.
[21:02:55] <tyzoid> lol, grammar
[21:03:01] <tyzoid> Isn't what I was expecting.
[21:03:27] <isacdaavid> i wasn't aware that what you had on github was meant to be concatenated, but it now makes perfect sense
[21:03:46] <deep42thought> I think, it's written in the readme
[21:03:49] <deep42thought> :-)
[21:04:05] <tyzoid> methinks documentation could be better
[21:04:18] <deep42thought> well
[21:04:37] * tyzoid should get off his lazy ass and start working on docs
[21:04:42] <abaumann> well. I thought about a "documentation for downstreamers" or something similar. :-)
[21:04:48] <abaumann> make it more prominent in the forum.
[21:05:11] <tyzoid> btw, the final regex I came up with is /^[a-zA-Z0-9@+._-]*$/
[21:05:26] <tyzoid> unless someone sees a problem with that, that's what I'll use.
[21:05:42] <deep42thought> "*" -> "+"
[21:06:13] <tyzoid> deep42thought: the delimiter forces it to match the entire string, since it spans from start to end.
[21:06:30] <deep42thought> so yours matches the empty string
[21:06:31] <tyzoid> but yeah, shouldn't accept zero-length strings
[21:06:36] <deep42thought> which is usually not what you want
[21:06:38] <isacdaavid> blame the reader, not the readme
[21:06:56] <deep42thought> phew :-)
[21:06:57] <tyzoid> isacdaavid: no problem, glad you found the resource you needed.
[21:08:06] <abaumann> isacdaavid: I have a fork of the builder, https://github.com:andreasbaumann there is a branch build-local-package and a script test-build-package..
[21:08:07] <phrik> Title: The world's leading software development platform · GitHub (at github.com)
[21:08:25] <abaumann> .. this is a trial of mine to have a standalone builder without the slave/master infrastructure around.
[21:08:35] <abaumann> ..I should once in while merge it back. :-)
[21:08:58] <deep42thought> abaumann: you know of '-l'?
[21:09:07] <abaumann> Yes.
[21:09:20] <abaumann> You wrote it after I hacked the test thingy.
[21:09:30] <deep42thought> ah, ok :-)
[21:09:31] <abaumann> I just got always into trouble with it with keys and stuff..
[21:09:45] <abaumann> ..but this could be my *angst* from PGP keys.. ;-)
[21:12:42] <abaumann> ./build-packages -l which.core
[21:12:45] <abaumann> find_repository_with_commit: Cannot find repository with commit "which.core"
[21:12:59] <abaumann> and I don't see any logfile..
[21:13:42] <deep42thought> build-packages -l which.packags-HEAD.work-tree.core
[21:13:53] <deep42thought> e.g. you need two git revisions
[21:14:13] <deep42thought> which may be "packages-HEAD" or "community-HEAD" for the first
[21:14:46] <deep42thought> and/or work-tree or any other valid revision for the second
[21:15:39] <abaumann> ah. now the logfiles appear
[21:15:44] <deep42thought> :-)
[21:24:18] <abaumann> ok. I deleted my fork and updated the help/usage in build-package.
[21:24:39] <deep42thought> thanks
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[21:59:44] <isacdaavid> btw, i'm following the report-installed-packages guide on the forum to help with package testing
[22:00:46] <isacdaavid> i've reached a point where i can send the list, but unencrypted and unstamped. which of [these]( http://pgp.mit.edu ) is the key i should be encrypting to
[22:00:47] <phrik> Title: Search results for 'org buildmaster archlinux32' (at pgp.mit.edu)
[22:00:50] <isacdaavid> if any
[22:11:44] <tyzoid> isacdaavid: Try ECE2DF62 for now
[22:11:53] <tyzoid> The other isn't signed by deep42thought.
[22:16:08] <deep42thought> no, it's the other one
[22:16:19] <tyzoid> well, drat
[22:16:22] <deep42thought> CAC97B9FE264C6E7887B6A57C963C94DD204443D is for encryption, too
[22:16:34] <tyzoid> why sign the wrong one :P
[22:16:44] <tyzoid> at least put a note on them, lol.
[22:16:50] <deep42thought> isacdaavid: I'll need to enable your gpg key fingerprint for testing
[22:17:05] <deep42thought> the other is not "wrong", it's solely for a different purpose
[22:17:18] <deep42thought> e.g. for signing messages _from_ the build master
[22:17:29] <tyzoid> uh
[22:17:31] <tyzoid> okay?
[22:17:47] <tyzoid> weird, but I guess you've got some kind of multi-user thing going on.
[22:18:06] <deep42thought> no, it's my usual procedure to set up server surveillance
[22:18:26] <deep42thought> e.g. messages from the build master to me (e.g. from cron) are encrypted to me and signed
[22:18:37] <tyzoid> hmm, may I ask why you use different keys for that, then?
[22:18:49] <deep42thought> and the key I set up for that (semi-automatically) is not enabled for encryption
[22:19:19] <deep42thought> and as you see from the dates, I created the other one later, when I noticed, I'd like to encrypt, too
[22:19:25] <tyzoid> interesting.
[22:19:30] <deep42thought> welll
[22:19:35] <deep42thought> :-/
[22:20:11] <deep42thought> so, now both are signed ...
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[22:22:46] <deep42thought> isacdaavid: is 38D33EF29A7691134357648733466E12EC7BA943 your gpg key?
[22:34:09] -!- tyzoid_ has quit [Quit: ZNC 1.6.3+deb1 - http://znc.in]
[22:34:27] <isacdaavid> deep42thought: yes, that one
[22:34:51] <isacdaavid> ok, i've imported CAC97B9FE264C6E7887B6A57C963C94DD204443D
[22:34:51] -!- tyzoid_ has joined #archlinux-ports
[22:35:13] <deep42thought> I enabled that key to "stabilize packages"
[22:35:45] <deep42thought> have a look at https://buildmaster.archlinux32.org to see if the build master accepts your mail
[22:36:09] <isacdaavid> thanks
[22:36:11] <deep42thought> the fetchmail cronjob is run every three minutes
[22:36:25] <deep42thought> nothing to thank - we have to thank you for testing :-)
[22:37:14] <z3ntu> deep42thought: the buildmaster.archlinux32.org runs the software available at github/archlinux32/builder ?
[22:37:21] <deep42thought> right
[22:37:36] <z3ntu> cool, will look into it for the hurd port
[22:37:52] <z3ntu> jenkins only likes java slaves and java isn't available on hurd 😆
[22:38:11] <deep42thought> if you find an issue: don't hessitate to report it :-)
[22:38:28] <z3ntu> sure; and the builder project was made for archlinux32?
[22:38:51] <deep42thought> yes
[22:39:20] <isacdaavid> does sendmailadvanced know that it should search the recipient key from the To: field, or is that info supposed to come from /etc/sendmailadvanced.conf ?
[22:39:24] <z3ntu> cool
[22:39:35] <deep42thought> all in github.com/archlinux32 was made/forked for archlinux32
[22:40:05] <deep42thought> it looks int "to:" and if there is no valid info found, then it resorts to the info from /etc/...
[22:40:15] <isacdaavid> ok
[22:40:23] <tyzoid_> test
[22:40:35] <deep42thought> tyzoid_: it worked
[22:40:45] <tyzoid_> Nice. Now gotta fix SASL
[22:40:51] <tyzoid_> btw, this channel doesn't require auth.
[22:40:57] <tyzoid_> not sure if that's intentional or not
[22:42:41] <deep42thought> maybe it's good that way, so people with problems have less issues joining here and asking questions ...
[22:46:59] <deep42thought> anyway, I'll go to bed now - I need to catch up some sleep.
[22:47:30] <deep42thought> hava a nice whatever-part-of-day-it-is-in-your-timezone!
[22:47:35] -!- deep42thought has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
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[22:49:07] tyzoid_ is now known as tyzoid
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