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[10:04:59] <deep42thought> abaumann: maybe, we should rename the asp binary to asp32, too - then both can be installed in parallel?
[10:05:54] <deep42thought> ah, I see you're already on it
[10:08:49] <abaumann> deep42thought: yep. did that. :-)
[10:09:10] <deep42thought> but you forgot it in the readme
[10:09:14] <deep42thought> :-)
[10:09:15] <abaumann> ah. :-)
[10:11:21] <abaumann> come back (shortly) later - I was running already
[10:11:21] <abaumann> Build master is not sane.
[10:11:21] <abaumann> get-assignment told me:
[10:11:25] <deep42thought> yes
[10:11:31] <abaumann> no sane?
[10:11:34] <deep42thought> I'm still fighting with systemd-nspawn
[10:11:39] <abaumann> oh!
[10:11:47] <deep42thought> it killed all my uids (again)
[10:11:55] <deep42thought> s/killed/changed/
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[11:17:01] <deep42thought> ok, the master mirror should be back - rsyncd is now running on port 22873
[11:17:13] <deep42thought> systemd would not let me get a binding on 873 inside the container
[11:25:19] <abaumann> security feature? ports <1024 not allowed?
[11:25:28] <deep42thought> yes, I think so
[11:25:42] <deep42thought> and I didn't find the knob to turn that off
[11:25:56] <deep42thought> but there seem to be more security features activated
[11:26:05] <deep42thought> I'm even unable to run "mount" inside the container
[11:26:12] <deep42thought> ... which breaks the build slave ...
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[14:52:09] <tyzoid> back after a holiday break
[14:52:18] <deep42thought> happy new year!
[14:52:22] <tyzoid> Same to you!
[14:52:32] <deep42thought> thanks
[14:53:10] <tyzoid> I've got the iso almost ready. Need to test tonight, so it'll hopefully be up on the mirrors sometime today (ET)
[14:53:29] <deep42thought> ... if I don't break the master mirror (again)
[14:53:32] <deep42thought> :-)
[14:53:36] <tyzoid> lol
[14:53:50] <tyzoid> That's part of the 'hopefully' :P
[14:53:59] <deep42thought> :-D
[14:55:21] <tyzoid> hey deep42thought: Any opposition to adding my ssh key from my server to the master mirror? It'd be faster to stage the isos on my server, then send it up to you instead of fiddling with transferring large files over wifi.
[14:55:48] <deep42thought> totally no
[14:56:39] <deep42thought> just send me your key (in pm)
[14:58:34] <tyzoid> alright, sent
[15:03:38] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Connected, thanks!
[15:03:40] <abaumann> Happy new year to you two! :-)
[15:04:03] <abaumann> I completly forgot.. ;-)
[15:04:12] <deep42thought> np
[15:04:19] <tyzoid> lol
[15:04:36] <tyzoid> you didn't notice the timestamps starting with a number one larger than 2017?
[15:04:40] <tyzoid> jk lol
[15:04:51] <deep42thought> I usually stop wishing happy new years around january 2nd, because I can never recall whom I already wished a Happy New Year and whom not
[15:05:00] <abaumann> I forgot to wish.. I'm not THAT isolated. ;-)
[15:05:17] <deep42thought> just set up a cronjob
[15:07:48] <tyzoid> add a happy new year motd to openssh :P
[15:31:05] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Bluewind confirmed that flyspray -> bugzilla is happening, sooner rather than later.
[15:31:29] <deep42thought> ok
[15:31:36] <deep42thought> so, we might want to switch, too
[15:31:39] <deep42thought> ?
[15:31:46] <tyzoid> I think we should follow suit, but the question is if we still want to look at building a system for packages.
[15:31:51] <abaumann> our migration is not that complicated given the amount of bugs. :-)
[15:31:58] <tyzoid> yup ^
[15:32:31] <tyzoid> I don't recall the state of the buildmaster database, but I remember we were hoping to leverage that for a package management system.
[15:32:31] <deep42thought> honestly, I'd rather rely on some standard-bugtracker
[15:32:55] <deep42thought> I think, integrating a bugtracker in the database will be too large
[15:33:10] <deep42thought> because you don't just need to keep track of the current state
[15:33:14] <deep42thought> but of all past states, too
[15:39:25] <deep42thought> I think, it's best to add all the extra functionality we might need on top of a standard bug tracker
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[19:07:23] <deep42thought> Hmm, we're accumulating quite some broken package( build)s :-/
[19:07:50] <jelle> ohh
[19:07:52] <jelle> tell me more :p
[19:09:16] <deep42thought> maybe we should implement some auto-blacklist mechanism
[19:09:28] <deep42thought> everything that is broken for more than x days gets blacklisted
[19:09:31] <deep42thought> x=5
[19:09:36] <deep42thought> :-D
[19:11:40] <guys> Is that just the packages listed in https://buildmaster.archlinux32.org ?
[19:11:41] <phrik> Title: List of broken package builds (at buildmaster.archlinux32.org)
[19:11:47] <deep42thought> yes
[19:12:10] <deep42thought> it's not "fatal" it is just ... well, growing
[19:13:48] <guys> > pandoc: error while loading shared libraries: libHSzip-archive- cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[19:13:55] <guys> re: python-jsonpatch
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[19:14:39] <guys> phrik: imeschwartz
[19:14:40] <phrik> ໒( ⊡ _ ⊡ )७ hurr durr im eschwartz i fix boogs *scoof* ೖ(⑅σ̑ᴗσ̑)ೖme and Foxybooron r smrtest n *all* of arch btw u all suk ༼⌐■ل͜■༽ BRO DO U EVEN PHRIK??? ༼ ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ⌐■-■ upstrem is stoopid packagur is stoopid thunderburd is stoopid UR STOOPIDDJLQLEL🍁 LQLELAAAA 🍁 *stroke*
[19:16:08] <guys> libretro-citra: CMake Error at externals/dynarmic/src/CMakeLists.txt:104 (message):
[19:16:11] <guys> Unsupported architecture
[19:16:50] <deep42thought> so blacklist libretro-citra?
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[19:17:26] <guys> Seems likely
[19:18:37] <abaumann> deep42thought: ceph fails with ERROR: pkgrel is not allowed to be empty. etc.
[19:18:49] <abaumann> This is because PKGBUILD is empty after calculating it from the upstream repos.
[19:18:55] <deep42thought> yes
[19:18:57] <deep42thought> I'm on it
[19:18:59] <abaumann> There is a community-testing-x86_64 and a trunk
[19:19:04] <deep42thought> the source vanished from repos/community
[19:19:09] <deep42thought> right
[19:19:12] <deep42thought> this is a bug
[19:19:12] <abaumann> ah. :-)
[19:19:15] <abaumann> "vanished".
[19:26:08] <guys> foxxx0 doesn't know how it happened, but at least now he realizes it happened :D
[19:26:25] <guys> FWIW he says it won't build on 32bit anyway because linker memory
[19:26:55] <abaumann> yeah. it built some time ago but then the checks failed heavily
[19:27:31] <abaumann> I start to wonder, if it is ok the patch packages using ceph to NOT use ceph (given they still work)?
[19:27:57] <abaumann> libvirt can use ceph, but it's not really a requirement.
[19:29:48] <deep42thought> having no knowledge about the mentioned packages, I think, it's ok :-)
[19:34:38] <guys> deep42thought: it's fixed now, anyway
[19:35:15] <deep42thought> I saw
[19:47:33] <abaumann> deepin-movie, deepin-image-viewer: /usr/include/qt/QtGui/qopengl.h:141:13: fatal error: GL/gl.h: No such file or directory
[19:47:36] <abaumann> # include <GL/gl.h>
[19:47:39] <abaumann> ^~~~~~~~~
[19:48:08] <abaumann> and in qt5-webengine similar stuf.
[19:48:24] <abaumann> I start to think something is wrong with the way Qt5 is built, a mesa missing or so.
[19:51:04] <guys> > Project ERROR: xi development package not found
[19:52:22] <guys> How does deepin-qt5dxcb-plugin fail to pick up the xi.pc pkg-config file?
[19:52:30] <abaumann> pacman -Qo /usr/include/GL/gl.h /usr/include/GL/gl.h is owned by mesa 17.3.0-2.
[19:53:06] <abaumann> On web5-webengine I added a makedepnds mesa, but it felt dirty. :-)
[19:55:43] <abaumann> guys: xi, good point
[19:57:26] <guys> pjproject-saviorfairelinux errors with: /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/7.2.1/include/xmmintrin.h:932:1: error: inlining failed in call to always_inline ‘_mm_loadu_ps’: target specific option mismatch
[19:57:45] <abaumann> aua!
[19:57:49] <guys> ../../webrtc/src/webrtc//modules/audio_processing/aec/aec_core_sse2.c:46:20: note: called from here
[19:58:06] <guys> Seems like upstream incompatibility
[19:59:13] <guys> Or possibly just requires sse2?
[20:00:56] <guys> pandoc tests fail with:
[20:00:59] <guys> parse raw markdown blocks: FAIL
[20:01:02] <guys> Convert header upper case: FAIL
[20:02:31] <guys> hyperion is another gl issue:
[20:02:33] <guys> CMake Error at /usr/lib/cmake/Qt5Gui/Qt5GuiConfigExtras.cmake:9 (message):
[20:02:36] <guys> Failed to find "GL/gl.h" in "/usr/include/libdrm".
[20:02:45] <abaumann> guys: pjproject-saviorfairelinux ac_webrtc_instset=sse2, hard coded for linux on libwebrt (aconfigure.ac)
[20:03:05] <abaumann> mmh. that's a strange place to search for GL?
[20:03:14] <guys> Also deepin-movie
[20:03:29] <abaumann> I think I read somewhere, that the probing for GL happens in wrong directories..
[20:03:39] <guys> Blame /usr/lib/cmake/Qt5Gui/Qt5GuiConfigExtras.cmake
[20:03:58] <abaumann> thanks. so there is the root cause and we should fix it there.
[20:04:29] <abaumann> qt5-base
[20:05:12] <abaumann> https://bugreports.qt.io
[20:05:23] <abaumann> I like "Cannot Reproduce"
[20:06:00] <abaumann> mmh was for 5.4.0 though.
[20:06:19] <abaumann> set(_GL_INCDIRS "/usr/include/libdrm")
[20:06:20] <abaumann> mmh..
[20:07:49] <guys> I mean, I assume /usr/include/GL/gl.h exists via mesa at that time?
[20:09:40] <abaumann> libglvnd should draw in mesa, qt5-base requires libgl (provided by libglvnd)
[20:09:47] <abaumann> this seems correct.
[20:10:24] <guys> libretro-parallel-n64 has an interesting error:
[20:10:26] <guys> bin/build-packages: line 328: sudo: command not found
[20:10:41] <deep42thought> wait
[20:10:56] <deep42thought> I think, another provider of libgl might have been installed at that time
[20:11:07] <abaumann> without mesa support then
[20:11:11] <deep42thought> because auf staging superseeding testing superseeding stable
[20:11:24] <abaumann> oi :-)
[20:11:25] <guys> supercede, really
[20:11:32] <guys> :p
[20:11:37] <deep42thought> sry
[20:11:48] <deep42thought> you just corrected a grammar Nazi ;-)
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[20:12:03] <abaumann> :)
[20:12:59] <abaumann> if sudo "${build_command}" ${parameters} > \
[20:13:09] <abaumann> The build slave has no sudo?
[20:13:26] <deep42thought> which?
[20:13:32] <deep42thought> it should have
[20:13:52] <guys> whichever one libretro-parallel-n64 failed to build on
[20:14:02] <abaumann> or the command sudo wants to execute doesn't exist.
[20:14:18] <abaumann> I think it's more sudo telling that the supplied command cannot be executed.
[20:14:29] <guys> The error message is coming from bash, not sudo
[20:14:39] <abaumann> ah. ok.
[20:14:40] <guys> Hence, sudo is the command-not-found
[20:14:52] <abaumann> sudo: lss: command not found
[20:14:58] <abaumann> looks the same to me :-)
[20:15:15] <guys> The error message comes from bin/build-packages, not sudo
[20:15:15] <abaumann> but this would also be funny.. as the build_command would be wrong in this case
[20:15:17] <deep42thought> guys: yes, that's right
[20:15:21] <deep42thought> this build slave is broken
[20:15:25] <abaumann> uff!
[20:15:29] <guys> Which one?
[20:15:35] <abaumann> easy explanation then.
[20:15:35] <deep42thought> (did I mention, I hate systemd?)
[20:15:39] <deep42thought> rechenknecht
[20:15:42] <abaumann> no. really? ;-)
[20:16:46] <guys> oooh, what happened to it???
[20:17:13] <deep42thought> the systemd-nspawn container in which the build slave runs does not permit "staging-i686-build" anymore
[20:17:28] <deep42thought> it complains about not being able to mount /sys into the chroot
[20:17:30] <deep42thought> or something
[20:17:36] <abaumann> hurray. a systemd update for the wild to test and find new bugs. :-)
[20:17:37] <deep42thought> so I tried to set up a new one
[20:17:48] <deep42thought> but apparently forgot to install sudo
[20:17:49] <deep42thought> :-/
[20:17:52] <guys> Haha
[20:17:53] <abaumann> :-)
[20:18:08] <deep42thought> but anyway, staging-i686-build does not work anyway ...
[20:18:13] <guys> Hardly a systemd issue, anyway. You need better automation for establishing containers
[20:18:23] <deep42thought> huh?
[20:18:28] <deep42thought> systemd-nspawn
[20:18:33] <abaumann> lxc, chroot or libvirt for virtual machines.
[20:18:37] <guys> Without sudo, apparently
[20:18:41] <abaumann> ah.
[20:18:56] <deep42thought> I think, the sudo is some residue
[20:19:00] <deep42thought> which is not really needed
[20:19:09] <deep42thought> but I don't want to break any more stuff :-/
[20:21:33] <deep42thought> plain extra-x86_64-build inside a systemd-nspawn container fails with "cannot mount /sys ..." - how is this not a systemd issue?
[20:22:37] <deep42thought> mount: /var/lib/archbuild/staging-i686/root/dev: permission denied.
[20:22:46] <guys> Again, I meant the "no sudo because I forgot to install it" issue.
[20:22:59] <deep42thought> ah, that
[20:23:07] <deep42thought> sry for the misunderstanding
[20:27:40] <abaumann> deepin-qt5dxcb-plugin: builds and find libxi on testing.
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[20:40:35] <abaumann> # libglvnd needs mesa for indirect rendering, depends=('libxext' 'mesa' 'opengl-driver')
[20:40:53] <abaumann> maybe there is a version in the build repos without mesa?
[20:42:13] <guys> Well, that was added in March with libglvnd 0.2.999+g4ba53457-2
[20:42:31] <abaumann> ok. a little bit long time ago :-)
[20:43:10] <deep42thought> libglvnd look similar for i686 and x86_64
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[20:47:07] <abaumann> mesa libglvnd looks like a circular dependency to me..
[20:48:09] <deep42thought> maybe, the buildmaster broke that one at the wrong link ...
[20:48:42] <deep42thought> I'll rebuild libglvnd
[20:49:18] <abaumann> good idea. maybe all problems go away then..
[20:49:25] <deep42thought> hopefully
[20:49:25] <deep42thought> :-)
[20:49:41] <deep42thought> maybe, also the rechenknecht will start working again
[20:49:50] <abaumann> good rechenknecht :-)
[20:53:03] <deep42thought> ok, done
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