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[00:11:51] <|ast|> Buenas!
[00:12:09] <|ast|> el tema de makeflags debe poner opcion -j 8 por tener 8 cores?
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[02:24:55] <marquisor> yeah pretty much idle in here...
[02:30:08] <guys> Do you have any specific question?
[02:30:23] <marquisor> not yet
[02:30:27] <marquisor> i have had
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[12:32:56] <CalimeroTeknik> I have an idea for detecting spam. Anyone interested PM me (I don't want to hint the spammers)
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[18:00:53] <tyzoid> deep42thought: What do you think about me creating the iso a day early, so it's ready on the 1st?
[18:01:02] <deep42thought> I like it
[18:01:29] <tyzoid> Ok. I'll plan on that, then.
[18:02:17] <deep42thought> thanks :-)
[18:03:27] <marquisor> btw: i'm having success with my idea for the frozen repo, as it seems
[18:04:08] <deep42thought> Why do you need a repo at all?
[18:04:42] <marquisor> hmm seems i still have to fix the keyring
[18:05:15] <marquisor> because of building a non rolling release repo for private purpose.
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[18:06:13] <leewdch> hello. I'm having issues verifying the signatures when installing base
[18:06:30] <deep42thought> on which packages?
[18:06:39] <leewdch> the whole base
[18:06:43] <deep42thought> um
[18:06:47] <leewdch> it says invalid or corrupted package pgp signature
[18:06:51] <marquisor> haha same here just at the moment!
[18:06:56] <marquisor> lzo and another one?
[18:07:07] <marquisor> libcap
[18:07:21] <deep42thought> are you just transitioning from archlinux to archlinux32 or have you done this in the past already?
[18:07:26] <leewdch> new install
[18:07:39] <marquisor> where are the keys/signatures fetched?
[18:07:44] <leewdch> I have arch on my laptop but it's the x64 version
[18:07:58] <deep42thought> can you verify that archlinux32-keyring is installed?
[18:08:20] <deep42thought> maybe you need to run "pacman-key --populate archlinux32"
[18:08:26] <leewdch> looks like it isnt
[18:08:34] <deep42thought> interesting
[18:08:38] <leewdch> but I downloaded the iso from the arch32 website
[18:08:43] <deep42thought> you should install archlinux32-keyring-transition, then
[18:08:52] <deep42thought> maybe we made a mistake :-/
[18:08:55] <deep42thought> tyzoid ^
[18:09:14] <tyzoid> odd
[18:09:18] <leewdch> ok looks like it worked
[18:09:23] <leewdch> it installed it
[18:09:45] <deep42thought> leewdch: then you should be able to install archlinux32-keyring w/o issues
[18:10:08] <leewdch> it says they are in conflict
[18:10:10] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Perhaps the hook for initializing the arch32 keyring broke somehow?
[18:10:17] <leewdch> keyring with the transition
[18:10:25] <deep42thought> tyzoid: maybe
[18:10:31] <deep42thought> but I haven't changed a line :-/
[18:10:40] <deep42thought> leewdch: that's correct
[18:10:50] <tyzoid> I'll check, but it basically pulls archiso32 direct from the repos.
[18:10:59] <tyzoid> leewdch: Which iso, the i686 one, or the -dual one?
[18:11:05] <leewdch> i686
[18:11:15] <tyzoid> thanks for the nifo
[18:11:16] <tyzoid> info*
[18:11:25] <leewdch> no prob
[18:12:02] <deep42thought> the buildmaster wants to blacklist all packages :-/
[18:12:06] <marquisor> abaumann_: pacstrap /mnt base-devel runs
[18:13:38] <tyzoid> marquisor: Are you upgrading from an old 32bit arch?
[18:13:43] <leewdch> this time it failed installing 3 packages
[18:13:52] <marquisor> nope
[18:13:56] <deep42thought> which packages?
[18:14:04] <leewdch> glib2, nano and linghttp2
[18:14:14] <leewdch> libnghttp2*
[18:14:20] <deep42thought> just --ignore those for now
[18:14:31] <deep42thought> and run "pacman -Syu" afterwards again
[18:14:44] <marquisor> tyzoid: i downloaded repos at https://archive.archlinux.org to my fileserver, put an nginx on it and set the mirrorlist to only this in my intranet
[18:14:45] <phrik> Title: Index of /repos/2017/01/25/ (at archive.archlinux.org)
[18:14:57] <tyzoid> cool
[18:15:03] <marquisor> pacstrap success
[18:15:19] <marquisor> BUT i had to fetch keys with pacman-key --refresh-keys, luckily that worked
[18:15:22] <leewdch> do I need to edit my mirrorlist? maybe I forgot to do that
[18:15:50] <marquisor> because the keys are retrieved outside my network from the www poolserver
[18:15:52] <leewdch> I just want solo without looking at the 32 specific guide like every other arch install
[18:16:01] <leewdch> went*
[18:16:06] <marquisor> if they got changed they won't fit my frozen 2017/01/25 anymore sometimes maybe.
[18:16:37] <deep42thought> leewdch: you need to have our mirrors in your list, but this should be fine on the iso
[18:16:41] <tyzoid> deep42thought: http://archive.arch32.tyzoid.com is online, btw. It only has a copy of 2017 from the official ALA, so we need to do a few things. (1) set up the arch32 mirror -> archive sync, and (2) evaluate if we need historical data from before 2017-01-01
[18:16:42] <phrik> Title: Index of / (at archive.arch32.tyzoid.com)
[18:16:50] <deep42thought> the problem are rather the keys ... :-/
[18:17:05] <leewdch> ok
[18:17:09] <marquisor> i/we would need the keys at specific date
[18:17:19] <marquisor> not the actual/recent/new ones
[18:17:20] <marquisor> imho
[18:18:04] <leewdch> failed to chroot
[18:18:10] <deep42thought> tyzoid: nice :-)
[18:18:20] <leewdch> I'll try restarting the install
[18:18:29] <brtln> marquisor: there were keys that have been revoked since, so it would be better to set your SigLevel to Optional
[18:18:40] <brtln> althouh I guess it's not going to work as I think
[18:18:56] <deep42thought> leewdch: did you try to install archlinux32-keyring on the booted system or in the chroot?
[18:18:59] <marquisor> this is an option, yes ;)
[18:18:59] <brtln> but as long as you keep old keyring installed it should work
[18:19:19] <leewdch> on the booted system
[18:19:21] <leewdch> I could not chroot
[18:19:28] <leewdch> it said there was no such file or directory
[18:19:35] <deep42thought> ok
[18:19:36] <leewdch> probably something wrong when installing base
[18:20:01] <deep42thought> tyzoid: we should check, that the keyrings are set up correctly on the iso
[18:20:20] <tyzoid> Yeah, I'll look at that tonight
[18:20:30] <deep42thought> ok, thanks
[18:20:40] <marquisor> :)
[18:20:43] <deep42thought> because I first need to find out, what's up with the buildmaster ...
[18:26:56] <leewdch> ok it happened again. frsh install. installed transition first then replaced it with normal keyring and after that tried installing base
[18:27:10] <leewdch> glib2 nano and libnghttp2 error
[18:27:13] <leewdch> I'll try to chroot
[18:28:04] <leewdch> failed to run command /bin/bash no such file or directory
[18:29:02] <marquisor> you mounted /dev/sdX to /mnt?
[18:29:09] <marquisor> and pacstrapped to /mnt?
[18:29:19] <leewdch> aye
[18:29:29] <marquisor> what are the contents of /mnt?
[18:29:32] <leewdch> after that it failed to install 3 packages
[18:29:40] <marquisor> well yes
[18:29:44] <marquisor> fix that failure first
[18:29:49] <marquisor> otherwise it won't install anything
[18:29:51] <leewdch> dev etc proc run sys tmp var and lost+found
[18:29:58] <marquisor> so no bin etc.
[18:30:06] <marquisor> repeat pacstrap
[18:30:08] <marquisor> until no errors
[18:30:40] <leewdch> error are due to invalid pgp signs
[18:30:44] <leewdch> not really corrupted files
[18:30:53] <marquisor> i could fix it by pacman-key --refresh-keys
[18:30:55] <leewdch> again it failed the packages
[18:31:21] <leewdch> it's refreshing them
[18:31:32] <marquisor> but i got another scenario here than yours, so i can't help you with that key/signature issues, if it won't work.
[18:32:07] <leewdch> it's ok
[18:32:41] <leewdch> nope same error
[18:33:18] <leewdch> invalid or corrupted package (pgp signature)
[18:35:38] <deep42thought> leewdch: what does "pacman-key --list-sigs baumann" give you?
[18:36:05] <leewdch> heh too late. I rebooted. let me remount sda3 and I'll tell you
[18:36:17] <marquisor> :D
[18:36:17] <deep42thought> I mean on the install medium
[18:36:45] <leewdch> just a sec, it's loading the medium
[18:38:33] <leewdch> ok
[18:38:39] <leewdch> what am I supposed to tell you?
[18:38:46] <leewdch> maybe I can pipe it into a pastebin
[18:39:59] <deep42thought> ptpb.pw
[18:40:06] <deep42thought> but I'm afk for dinner now
[18:40:12] <deep42thought> will be back in ~30 min
[18:42:26] <leewdch> https://ptpb.pw
[19:14:14] <deep42thought> there are some signatures missing ...
[19:14:50] <deep42thought> http://pgp.mit.edu
[19:14:51] <phrik> Title: Search results for '0xc8e8f5a0af9ba7e7' (at pgp.mit.edu)
[19:15:34] <deep42thought> try: sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys 16194A82231E9EF823562181C8E8F5A0AF9BA7E7
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[19:26:01] * buildmaster goes insane.
[19:26:52] <leewdch> uhm ok I'll give it a try
[19:28:33] <leewdch> 3 sign not checked due to missing keys
[19:28:36] <leewdch> 3 new signatures
[19:28:58] <leewdch> 1 processed, 3 new signatures
[19:29:01] <leewdch> looks like it did something
[19:29:36] <deep42thought> :-)
[19:29:50] <deep42thought> I/tyzoid will have a look what's wrong with the keyring package
[19:30:11] <leewdch> every signs failed tho, after I pacstrapped
[19:30:16] <deep42thought> :-/
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[19:31:35] <leewdch> maybe editing the mirrorlist?
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[19:31:47] <leewdch> like picking only a mirror per time
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[19:36:15] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[19:36:21] <leewdch> any reason why the installation medium is using zsh instead of bash?
[19:36:25] <marquisor> *in
[19:36:27] <marquisor> :D
[19:36:41] <marquisor> because zsh is good! ;)
[19:36:49] <leewdch> good to know
[19:38:29] <marquisor> leewdch: may i ask what do you need i686 for?
[19:40:00] <leewdch> because I have a x32 pentium 4
[19:40:07] <marquisor> haha nice
[19:40:42] <marquisor> I can undercut that, currently installing on Pentium III 600
[19:41:06] <marquisor> pacstrap /mnt base 254.48s user 65.56s system 82% cpu 6:28.66 total
[19:41:08] <marquisor> success
[19:41:10] <marquisor> ^^
[19:41:28] <leewdch> <o>
[19:41:30] <guys> leewdch: the person in charge of archiso likes zsh
[19:42:32] <deep42thought> leewdch: feel free to type "bash" as first command in the iso ;-)
[19:42:46] <leewdch> actually I wanted to try zsh myself
[19:43:01] <leewdch> I was just curious
[19:43:20] <leewdch> hey marquisor did you set somethng in specific to make pacstrap work?
[19:43:30] <leewdch> updateing a keyring or..?
[19:44:40] <marquisor> i built an own repo, which cannot/will not be updated in the future
[19:44:55] <marquisor> not sure if you want that
[19:46:42] <marquisor> i have mirrored core, extra, community at date 2017/01/25 from archive.archlinux.org on my home fileserver
[19:46:45] <leewdch> uhm maybe I should wait for the maintainer
[19:58:11] <marquisor> if my project works, i don't have to wait for maintainers anymore ^^
[20:09:55] <marquisor> installed, booted up, works \o/
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[20:15:49] <deep42thought> great
[20:15:53] <deep42thought> meson now depends on dmd
[20:16:08] <deep42thought> which I can't get to compile
[20:16:17] <abaumann> meson depends on basically everything you can write software in it.
[20:16:23] <abaumann> and it misses a proper module concept.
[20:16:26] <abaumann> doomed IMHO
[20:16:33] <deep42thought> what do we do?
[20:16:36] <abaumann> a, and dmd has the "we don't react forum"
[20:16:42] <deep42thought> right
[20:16:48] <abaumann> maybe meson can be built without dmd?
[20:17:04] <abaumann> just the dmd integration for meson is missing then.. maybe?
[20:17:08] <deep42thought> we have a working d compiler, if that's the issue
[20:17:16] <deep42thought> yeah, hopefully
[20:17:54] <abaumann> there was a big backload on the buildmaster..
[20:18:07] <deep42thought> it blacklisted everything
[20:18:18] <abaumann> oh!
[20:18:27] <deep42thought> because meson now depends on dmd (blacklisted) and then basically everything depends on meson
[20:18:32] <deep42thought> so everything is blacklisted
[20:19:00] <deep42thought> I got a bunch of emails with: "There are 7745 > 1000 packages on the deletion-list. This does not seem right."
[20:19:13] <deep42thought> ... one every 10 minutes :-/
[20:20:20] <deep42thought> I wonder if we can list ldc as a checkdepends
[20:20:27] <deep42thought> it was there for x86_64 before
[20:20:32] <deep42thought> but got replaced by dmd
[20:20:41] <deep42thought> I'll give it a shot :-)
[20:21:18] <abaumann> /usr/bin/ldmd != /usr/bin/dmd
[20:21:32] <abaumann> you may have to do some symlinking there.
[20:22:02] <deep42thought> there seems to be some auto-detection in charge
[20:22:11] <abaumann> yeah. In python setup.py.
[20:22:13] <deep42thought> at least, there is nothing else changed w.r.t. the dependencies
[20:40:42] <brtln> meson depends on ninja and python, nobody forces checkdepends upon you
[20:40:48] <brtln> also, checkdepends != depends
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[20:48:13] <deep42thought> good point, we should ignore checkdepends in two respects: when determining the order of builds and when blacklisting packages
[20:51:29] * buildmaster refuses to blacklist 7745 packages.
[20:51:29] <buildmaster> packages: 81c88235d95ddceeda64e4d1024f77525eced5fd -> 0c7233155b1fbf85dcf7b77f919bb9cfa6d58cf3
[20:51:29] <buildmaster> community: 79e6e5c8c02dbd66758e55f3b898cc5e0da439a9 -> c1928a6d33d113ce25078d95ae21377fb11f55af
[20:51:40] <deep42thought> ok, at least, this works now :-)
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[21:24:01] <buildmaster> notmuch is broken (says buildknecht2).
[21:24:39] <marquisor> nice name
[21:24:49] <marquisor> abaumann: seems my project is working
[21:25:47] <abaumann> better than almosteverything
[21:25:55] <abaumann> marquisor: coll
[21:25:57] <abaumann> *cool
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[21:57:25] <buildmaster> meson is broken (says buildknecht3).