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[00:13:11] <deep42thought> gnaaa :'-( "python-oslo-i18n" should _not_ depend on "python-oslo"
[00:13:18] <deep42thought> the latter does not even exist ...
[00:13:37] <deep42thought> so it cannot be built by a not-blacklisted package and is thus blacklisted
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[00:33:55] <deep42thought> \o/ black listing works (again) :-)
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[02:51:13] <buildmaster> chromium is broken (says buildknecht3).
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[07:02:54] <buildmaster> dfmt is broken (says rechenknecht).
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[09:43:26] <abaumann> huh. systemd doesn't give me a login prompt with agetty?
[09:46:38] <abaumann> mmh. agetty is running.. I get a fb, curris DRM error, maybe just the output broke..
[09:49:29] <abaumann> nomodeset to the rescue :-)
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[10:05:38] <abaumann> cirrus is really a poor choice on a qemu guest..
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[14:00:02] <abaumann> mmh. is it a good idea to put akonadi-mime 17.12.2-1 into build support in order to be able to build kmailtransport and libkdepim?
[14:00:48] <deep42thought> what's the issue with that?
[14:01:23] <abaumann> Could not find a configuration file for package "KF5AkonadiContact" that is compatible with requested version "5.7.2".
[14:01:48] <deep42thought> but we have akonadi-mime 17.12.2-1.0 in staging
[14:02:02] <deep42thought> why should you put it in build-support, then?
[14:02:14] <abaumann> aha. so rescheduling libkdepim and kmailtransport would help?
[14:02:21] <abaumann> or does this happen automatically?
[14:02:51] <deep42thought> if they're still on the build-list, then they'll be rebuilt automatically
[14:02:57] <deep42thought> if they're not, rescheduling helps
[14:03:15] <deep42thought> buildmaster: why dont you build libkdepim kmailtransport
[14:03:22] <abaumann> I was just wondering, what's keeping them from being built, they are now on list for some time..
[14:03:38] <abaumann> buildmaster has hearing-problems. ;-)
[14:03:45] <deep42thought> seems so
[14:09:53] <buildmaster> "kmailtransport" is broken (104x built), but would be built.
[14:09:53] <buildmaster> "libkdepim" is broken (104x built), but would be built.
[14:10:38] * buildmaster got some regex stuck in its ear.
[14:10:47] <abaumann> lol
[14:11:56] <Polichronucci> deep42thought: hello
[14:12:00] <deep42thought> Hi Polichronucci
[14:12:18] <Polichronucci> I saw you were talking about the mail relay
[14:12:25] <Polichronucci> is there something I can do?
[14:12:42] <deep42thought> I think, tyzoid had some issues with not-forwarded emails
[14:14:14] <Polichronucci> ok
[14:14:32] <Polichronucci> tyzoid: could you explain the issue so I could look into it
[14:15:54] <deep42thought> He is in the us timezone, so it might be, that he's not yet up
[14:16:42] <Polichronucci> hehe :P
[14:16:57] <Polichronucci> ok just mention me so I will see it and I will have a look
[14:17:03] <deep42thought> ok, thanks
[14:17:19] <Polichronucci> nps
[14:18:12] <Polichronucci> sorry for the late answer, I try to check the irc daily but it does not always work out :P
[14:18:20] <deep42thought> :-D
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[15:06:05] * buildmaster goes insane.
[15:10:58] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
[15:16:06] * buildmaster goes insane.
[15:18:33] * buildmaster resumes sanity.
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[15:29:48] <deep42thought> abaumann: Do you have an idea how to find out "link dependencies"?
[15:29:59] <deep42thought> Should we simply look for "*.so" files?
[15:31:03] <abaumann> You mean: finding potential library files?
[15:31:07] <deep42thought> yes
[15:31:14] <abaumann> ah. but then there are binaries.
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[15:31:20] <abaumann> which have no extensions. :-(
[15:31:25] <deep42thought> you can link agains binaries?
[15:31:29] <deep42thought> *against
[15:31:31] <abaumann> ah.
[15:31:31] <abaumann> no
[15:31:43] <abaumann> I though, you want to inspect binaries to see, what dependencies they have.
[15:31:53] <deep42thought> well, we need both parts
[15:32:04] <abaumann> .so is the development symlink. and so is .so.4
[15:32:05] <deep42thought> but we also need to do it in two separate places
[15:32:15] <abaumann> we should inspect the file with most digits and dots. :-)
[15:32:20] <deep42thought> lol
[15:32:27] <abaumann> ok .so.4 is the major release.
[15:32:46] <abaumann> coming from the opcode checker branch, which failed, because it was too slow..
[15:35:02] <deep42thought> looks, like we have currently 30542 different *.so and *.so.$version files in our repositories
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[15:36:15] <deep42thought> and so far we have 11079 "install targets" (e.g. things, you can give pacman to install: packages, groups, provides)
[15:36:45] <abaumann> uff. that's a lot.
[15:36:55] <deep42thought> yeah, but not too much
[15:37:03] <deep42thought> I wanted to include versions at some point anyway
[15:37:13] <abaumann> I'm playing with 80 packages at the moment, base and base-devel only.
[15:37:24] <abaumann> versions of packages?
[15:37:28] <deep42thought> yes
[15:37:35] <deep42thought> you can depend on specific versions
[15:37:45] <abaumann> isn't that something more for upstream?
[15:38:16] <abaumann> boost166, boost165, boost164, like debian?
[15:38:39] <deep42thought> assume a-1-1 depends on b=1 and you want to push b-2-1 into a-1-1's repository - then you should wait for a new b
[15:38:44] <deep42thought> umm for a new a
[15:39:08] <abaumann> ah. so the versions are used as sort of a build epoch and disappear for the end user.
[15:39:22] <deep42thought> no, they stay
[15:40:04] <abaumann> but packages use the same file paths..
[15:40:18] <deep42thought> what?
[15:40:29] <abaumann> not for libraries (hopefully)
[15:40:44] <abaumann> but for instance header files of package a-1 and a-2 both reside in /usr/include/a
[15:40:56] <deep42thought> yes
[15:41:14] <abaumann> some distros split p, p-devel and p-libs for this reason.
[15:41:31] <deep42thought> I see
[15:41:33] <abaumann> not to mention dist-doc (for a completely different reason) :-)
[15:42:26] <deep42thought> well, I could also skip the "versions" of .so and only include 21214 libraries, then
[15:44:06] <abaumann> I don't think that most Linux libraries are made for multi-installations. You end up in all kind of trouble to pick the right one (-I/usr/include/library-1.2 -lliblibrary-1.2).
[15:44:39] <abaumann> usually one version is dumped into standard locations and everybody uses that one.
[15:44:50] <abaumann> and many build systems assume it to be that way..
[15:44:53] <deep42thought> I don't plan to allow to install them in parallel - it's just, that I want to make sure nothing is linked against a replaced package
[15:45:09] <abaumann> ah. that's different.
[15:45:33] <abaumann> but it would be nice, if the version number would not "leak" publicly..
[15:46:03] <deep42thought> my plan was to check that all packages in the relevant repositories after the movement are linked against packages in these repositories (and not against versions that have been removed)
[15:46:04] <abaumann> I tried to play with "mock" (shim) packages in bootstrap32 which then provide the real package
[15:46:21] <deep42thought> well, the "link dependencies" do not leak to the enduser
[15:46:28] <deep42thought> not at all
[15:46:45] <deep42thought> ... only through tyzoid db interface ;-)
[15:46:50] <abaumann> hehe :-)
[15:47:12] <tyzoid> What now?
[15:47:23] <abaumann> it would avoid all the problems we had in the past with libmpfr for instance.
[15:47:51] <deep42thought> right
[15:48:26] <abaumann> mmh.. sounds sane. :-)
[15:51:43] <abaumann> buildmaster: why dont you build python-iwlib
[15:51:47] <buildmaster> "python-iwlib" would be built.
[15:52:00] <abaumann> buildmaster: why dont you build libkdepim
[15:52:00] <deep42thought> btw: this info comes now from the database
[15:52:04] <buildmaster> "libkdepim" is broken (104x built), but would be built.
[15:52:08] <abaumann> oh. cool. :-)
[15:52:14] <deep42thought> (which also actually decides, what should be built)
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[15:53:17] <abaumann> ah, kmailtransport has been built, so the akonadi problem is no longer..
[15:53:31] <tyzoid> deep42thought: Explains why it takes 4 seconds to respond rather than 30 :)
[15:53:44] <deep42thought> bash vs. mysql
[15:54:28] <tyzoid> since when is bash slow?
[15:54:36] <abaumann> since ever. :-)
[15:54:40] <tyzoid> it's the fastest
[15:54:46] <deep42thought> compared to what?
[15:54:57] <deep42thought> a messenger on a horse?
[15:54:58] * tyzoid is being sarcastic
[15:55:08] * deep42thought didn't notice
[15:55:22] <abaumann> I didn't :-)
[15:55:46] <tyzoid> https://github.com
[15:55:48] <phrik> Title: GitHub - tyzoid/Rope: Remote OPErations console (at github.com)
[15:55:58] <tyzoid> That said, it can be used to do some crazy stuff.
[15:56:03] <tyzoid> That's an entire terminal written in bash
[15:56:24] <deep42thought> isn't bash a terminal?
[15:57:08] <tyzoid> yup
[15:57:15] <tyzoid> well, shell
[15:57:52] <tyzoid> I wrote it for doing remote management of multiple systems.
[15:57:58] <abaumann> that's cool.
[15:58:22] <abaumann> https://github.com
[15:58:24] <phrik> Title: GitHub - andreasbaumann/cssh: SSH client for execution and copying data in a cluster of machines (at github.com)
[15:58:26] <abaumann> in C :-)
[15:59:18] <tyzoid> lol
[16:00:22] <tyzoid> abaumann: https://github.com why GOTO instead of a while loop?
[16:00:23] <phrik> Title: cssh/cssh.c at master · andreasbaumann/cssh · GitHub (at github.com)
[16:01:59] <tyzoid> regardless, looks interesting.
[16:02:16] <tyzoid> can you dispatch operations for later?
[16:02:24] <abaumann> no.
[16:02:42] <abaumann> it's really just a ssh/scp for more than one host.
[16:03:20] <tyzoid> I mean that's essentially what I've got too. When in the terminal mode, does it run all commands in parallel? Or does it just sequentially connect you to each device?
[16:03:49] <abaumann> no. it connects in parallel and returns resulting lines as they happen on the host.
[16:03:59] <abaumann> ..and why no goto? gotos are nice.. ;-)
[16:04:32] * deep42thought considers throwing away his bash scripts collection accomplishing what abaumann's cssh does much cleaner anyway
[16:04:32] <abaumann> the scp mode is unfinished..
[16:05:13] <abaumann> the nice thing is libssh, providing all stuff you need.
[16:05:29] <tyzoid> It's literally a replacement for a while loop. You return in all cases, so you can replace it with a do-while loop without interrupting control flow.
[16:05:31] <abaumann> huh. then I suddenly have to finish and maintain it. ;-)
[16:05:54] <tyzoid> lol
[16:06:02] <deep42thought> !grab abaumann
[16:06:03] <phrik> deep42thought: Tada!
[16:06:18] <tyzoid> deep42thought: No, you should migrate over to *my* collection of arcane bash scripts instead :P
[16:06:23] <tyzoid> plus, it has eye candy
[16:06:29] <deep42thought> :-D
[16:06:32] <abaumann> :-)
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[16:08:13] <tyzoid> deep42thought: I even implemented 'help help', in case help was needed to use the help command.
[16:08:27] <abaumann> lol
[16:10:00] <buildmaster> postgrest is broken (says eurobuild3).
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[16:34:57] <deep42thought> there you go: http://arch.eckner.net
[16:35:27] <deep42thought> and now I must go :-)
[16:35:27] <deep42thought> cu
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[16:41:38] <tyzoid> lol
[16:41:59] <tyzoid> abaumann: Look what you've gotten yourself into :P
[16:42:09] <abaumann> yeah. I see.
[16:42:23] <abaumann> well.. usually I complain that nobody is using my stuff..
[16:42:31] <abaumann> now I can not longer complain. :-)
[16:42:54] <tyzoid> I'm sure we can find something for you to complain about.
[16:42:59] <abaumann> mmh. I thought I had on build.opensuse.org build for cssh and some PKGBUILD file..
[16:43:05] <tyzoid> abaumann: btw, cssh doesn't work.
[16:43:08] <tyzoid> fix it
[16:43:15] <abaumann> ay ay.
[16:43:31] * tyzoid imagines what users will be saying
[16:46:46] <abaumann> huh?
[16:46:49] <abaumann> what's the problem?
[16:47:26] <abaumann> you need a file 'hosts' with entries like 'server' or 'user@server'.
[16:47:41] <abaumann> the you use 'cssh -H hosts uname -- -a'
[16:47:44] <abaumann> *then
[16:48:03] <abaumann> it has tons of segfaults and other problems, but it should at least spit out something..
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[18:12:55] <tyzoid> Polichronucci: Just saw your message earlier
[18:13:21] <tyzoid> The main issue is that gmail bounces all the forward messages back, with a 550 error.
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[18:37:01] <deep42thought> abaumann: cssh didn't work for me, it refused to use entries in my .ssh/config somehow ...
[18:46:01] <abaumann> because you need your own config. :-)
[18:46:24] <abaumann> just a file with some host entries 'server' or 'user@server'
[18:46:32] <abaumann> documentation can be improved. :-)
[18:48:03] <deep42thought> no, running "cssh nlopc46" throws me a invalid-fingerprint error
[18:48:17] <deep42thought> whereas "ssh nlopc46" works
[18:48:37] <deep42thought> having a server list does not change that
[18:50:01] <deep42thought> from another box it works fine
[18:50:37] <deep42thought> lol, hitting ctrl+d, it terminates with a segfault :-)
[18:52:12] <deep42thought> I'll open a few tickets, when I got some time :-D
[18:54:32] <abaumann> yes, please.
[18:54:51] <abaumann> but most bugs I know about, it/s just not finished. :-)
[18:55:27] <deep42thought> ah, ok
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[21:12:26] <abaumann> gnutls.PKGBUILD: line 1: $: command not found, so the first line contains '$Id$' without a comment. Is this known?
[21:16:34] <abaumann> ah. I'll make a bugreport. I know somebody who really likes my bug reports. :-)
[21:16:59] <guys> That is subtle
[21:17:07] <abaumann> :-)
[21:17:10] <guys> subversion turns that into $Id: PKGBUILD 315003 2018-01-17 13:12:39Z andyrtr $
[21:17:16] <guys> (which is valid bash)
[21:17:26] <abaumann> yes, bit it should have a '# $Id$'
[21:17:42] <abaumann> in gnutls it's '$Id$' directly in the first line of PKGBUILD
[21:17:48] <guys> I know it should, just pointing out that no one actually realizes this if they always run from svn :)
[21:17:59] <guys> realizes == realizes there is a bug
[21:18:32] <abaumann> so.. should I open a bugreport? :-)
[21:18:35] <guys> Yes!
[21:18:39] <abaumann> (y)
[21:20:51] <abaumann> I was doing a (. PKGBUILD; echo "${makedepends[@]}"), resulting in some really weird error messages..
[21:21:54] <abaumann> the other one comes from 'asp' which outputs '=> xxx is part of package yyy' resulting in 'line 1: ==: command not found'
[21:22:23] <abaumann> should be more of a stderr output instead of a stdout maybe..
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[21:33:55] <abaumann> mmh. that's not good. bye bye buildmaster..
[21:34:21] <abaumann> buildmaster: where are you going?
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[21:38:42] <abaumann> !wtf libSingular-4.1.0.so
[21:38:42] <phrik> abaumann: community/singular
[21:39:22] <abaumann> aha: and sagemath-doc installs singular-4.1.1
[21:39:56] <abaumann> but most likely it will fail again later as described in FS32#20
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[21:43:34] <tyzoid> wb rewbycraft
[21:44:41] <tyzoid> abaumann: You do know that phrik is just returning the results from x86_64 arch, right?
[21:45:15] <abaumann> ah. no. should I use phrik32 then? ;-)
[21:45:51] <tyzoid> if I ever find time, I'll extend pkgapi.arch32.tyzoid.com to include !wtf capability
[21:46:00] <tyzoid> but just making sure you were aware
[21:46:07] <abaumann> thanks.
[21:46:32] <abaumann> in this case, I think it doesn't matter, there is a version mismatch regardeless of the architecture, I think.
[21:47:00] <tyzoid> yeah. Our stuff is usually the same, but it's those times where it's different that hair gets pulled out.
[21:47:19] <abaumann> :-)
[21:51:55] <abaumann> so. late. cu.
[21:52:11] <abaumann> on my half-disk of the flat earth ;-)
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