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[14:02:55] <girls> brtln: how strict is the "toolchain build order" comment in gcc's PKGBUILD?
[14:03:22] <girls> e.g. _when_ do you (and we) need to rebuild the toolchain in the said manner?
[14:04:04] <brtln> #notmycomment
[14:04:26] <brtln> I rebuild everything for new linux-api-headers
[14:04:34] <girls> but you're the maintainer, who needs to follow it - right?
[14:04:37] <girls> ok
[14:05:48] <brtln> the rest usually isn't needed, but it's a good sanity test for all components with new major release to build everything anyway
[14:06:15] <brtln> I don't bother for bugfix releases (or gcc bumps I push every now and then)
[14:07:00] <girls> but you recompile the chain for each linux-api-header release - also for minors?
[14:07:18] <brtln> no, I wouldn't do it for minors
[14:07:25] <girls> ok, thanks
[14:07:44] <brtln> from what I understand, theoretically you don't need a rebuild at all, I just think it's a good exercise
[14:07:56] <girls> so "for major bump of x: rebuild everything after x in the chain"
[14:08:27] <girls> I just don't want to miss anything upstream rebuilds (but probably does not release)
[14:08:32] <brtln> more like: wait for major bumps to accumulate and rebuild everything
[14:08:59] <brtln> yes, usually the final build hits the repo
[14:09:13] <girls> and that's all, we see
[14:09:17] <brtln> so that gcc in the middle of the chain never leaves my laptop and has ${pkgrel}.1 or pkgrel=0
[14:09:32] <brtln> can't wait for reproducible team to get pissed of at me for this…
[14:09:40] <girls> :-D
[14:10:11] <brtln> if you figure out something better, I'm happy to hear it though
[14:10:34] <girls> I'm afraid I don't understand enough of the internals there
[14:11:04] <girls> for archlinux32, I'd just recompile the chain from left to right for major releases and then publish them with a different sub_pkgrel
[14:11:50] <brtln> I have only vague idea what I'm really doing and nothing broke yet
[14:12:05] <girls> sounds familiar
[14:13:57] <brtln> I asked Allan once about relationship between --enable-kernel in glibc and linux-api-headers
[14:13:59] <brtln> "The linux-api-header version and running kernel do not need to match. The rebiuld for linux-api-headers is just to make sure there is no incompatibilites introduced (it is rare bbut happens). I only bumped a major version for that when other rebuilds were happening."
[14:14:13] <brtln> if that's of any help
[14:15:56] <girls> actually: no - but thanks anyway, you already helped me with what you said before :-)
[14:29:05] <guys> brtln: I guess you could make the repro people happy by publishing -stage1 packages, I've seen it for bootstrapping cross-compiler toolchains in the AUR
[14:29:14] <guys> probably not worth it...
[14:29:44] <brtln> yeah I'm fine with making them sad for now
[14:29:55] <girls> !grab brtln
[14:29:55] <phrik> girls: Tada!
[14:31:03] <brtln> in the future I will push everything to staging and watch the world burn
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