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[13:27:21] <oaken-source> ebrasca: the key is to pass -mcpu=power9 to the glibc configure
[13:27:44] <oaken-source> or configure gcc with --with-cpu=power9
[13:27:48] <oaken-source> we should probably do both
[13:28:00] <oaken-source> talosII is power9, right? or was it power8
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[13:54:23] <ebrasca> oaken-source: talosII is power9 and talosI is power8.
[13:58:18] <ebrasca> Instead of --with-arch it is --with-cpu.
[13:58:41] <oaken-source> ebrasca: yes, but then it crashes somewhere else :)
[13:59:38] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Step by step. I like to see if for me it compile. ( gcc )
[14:02:55] <oaken-source> ebrasca: this might be interesting: https://gcc.gnu.org
[14:02:56] <phrik> Title:Michael Meissner - Patch, Split powerpc -mfloat128 into 2 parts (at gcc.gnu.org)
[14:03:41] <oaken-source> so it appears that the glibc configure script is outdated
[14:08:42] <ebrasca> what do you mean with "pass -mcpu=power9 to the glibc configure"?
[14:10:36] <oaken-source> ebrasca: I meant as a CFLAG
[14:12:53] <oaken-source> this really doesn't want to behave
[14:19:33] <oaken-source> ebrasca: you might want to join #fedora-ppc
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[20:41:51] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Have you read https://aur.archlinux.org ?
[20:41:53] <phrik> Title:AUR (en) - Search Criteria: powerpc-linux-gnu (at aur.archlinux.org)
[20:50:29] <ebrasca> oaken-source: in stage1 he make glibc-headers instead of glibc.
[21:21:12] <oaken-source> ebrasca: could you ping me about that again tomorrow? I've got to go to bed :-)
[21:24:03] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Maybe for tomorrow I am in stage2.
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[23:01:59] <bill-auger> ebrasca: you still here?
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[23:14:49] <ebrasca> bill-auger: yes
[23:23:51] <bill-auger> ebrasca: check this out - i think the FSF wants to help you with the POWER9 port https://lists.nongnu.org
[23:23:53] <phrik> Title:[GNU-linux-libre] ppc64el support in endorsed distros (at lists.nongnu.org)
[23:25:47] <ebrasca> bill-auger: Interesting.
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[23:33:02] <ebrasca> bill-auger: How I can subscribe to this mailing list?
[23:34:55] <bill-auger> https://lists.nongnu.org
[23:34:56] <phrik> Title:gnu-linux-libre Info Page (at lists.nongnu.org)
[23:35:48] <bill-auger> thats mainly the list where new FSDG distros evaluations get discussed
[23:36:02] <bill-auger> hyperbola is the one under review currently
[23:37:01] <bill-auger> but also for other general issues that concern all of the FSDG distros - like qt webengine fiasco
[23:37:41] <bill-auger> sure hope that one ends soon - the victims are falling like flies
[23:38:41] <ebrasca> bill-auger: What do you mean with victims?
[23:39:28] <bill-auger> the huge stack of packages that have been blacklisted merely becuase they switched from webkit to webengine
[23:40:09] <bill-auger> it been about one per week - at this rate most of KDE will be gone
[23:41:23] <eschwartz> butwhy
[23:41:31] <bill-auger> oh its a real mess
[23:41:33] <eschwartz> I thought the webengine thing was fud
[23:42:22] <ebrasca> Is webengine open-source and don't pass libre-source?
[23:42:55] <bill-auger> in a nutshell it goes back to the first week that the linux port of chromium was release - there were a bunch of unlicensed files in it and they worked until about 2012 trying to locate them all and license them - then it just fizzled out and the origin 9 year old issue is still open
[23:44:27] <ebrasca> bill-auger: Why they can't say every unlicensed file is licensed under X?
[23:45:19] <bill-auger> it is assumed that all chromium derrivative have inherited those discrepencies whatever they are - so qt5webengine, electron, and browsers like iridium and qupzilla
[23:45:58] <bill-auger> i think the problbem is that they can not find them all becuase the code base is so massive
[23:46:53] <bill-auger> im not so clear as to "why" - but the doubts have been hangin all this time and it seems that no one on the planet konws the truthof it - not even the chromium developers
[23:47:29] <bill-auger> i did some research about 6 months ago to try to spark interest in ending the madness somehow - this is everything i could find https://lists.gnu.org
[23:47:31] <phrik> Title:Re: [directory-discuss] FSF opinion on chromium, QtWebEngine, electron (at lists.gnu.org)