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[02:48:33] <{levi}> I can't join #archlinux32 as I'm not registered, I guess. Just wanted to report that mplayer is broken in latest ffmpeg. Probably just needs a rebuild; looking for old libs.
[02:50:45] <{levi}> I have testing repos enabled. Still seems to run in x64 though.
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[08:06:47] <oaken-source> I'm really happy with how few of these cross-compile patches I have to touch in order for the packages to build for the new arch.
[08:06:53] <oaken-source> ebrasca: stage2 is almost finished on my end
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[10:29:43] <ebrasca> oaken-source: wow
[10:52:44] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Have you end stage2 in your end?
[11:03:49] <oaken-source> ebrasca: yes, just finished
[11:05:44] <ebrasca> oaken-source: ¿Share code?
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[11:25:24] <ebrasca`> oaken-source: ¿Share code?
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[12:30:10] <oaken-source> ebrasca: sorry for the late reply.
[12:30:25] <oaken-source> ebrasca: I set up a branch 'ppc64le' in the repo
[12:34:23] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Have you add my name?
[12:40:05] <oaken-source> ebrasca: not yet. Should I take the name from here: https://www.parabola.nu ?
[12:40:08] <phrik> Title:Parabola GNU/Linux-libre - Hackers (at www.parabola.nu)
[12:40:50] <ebrasca> oaken-source: My name is Bruno Cichoń and my nick is ebrasca.
[12:45:46] <ebrasca> oaken-source: yes from this link.
[13:31:53] <oaken-source> ebrasca: done
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[14:25:17] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I have clone you repo.
[14:26:01] <ebrasca> oaken-source: configure: error: *** binary128 floating point type (GCC >= 6.2) is required on powerpc64le.
[14:27:37] <oaken-source> when does that happen?
[14:27:39] <oaken-source> in stage 1?
[14:27:49] <oaken-source> on branch ppc64le?
[14:28:53] <ebrasca> yes and tes
[14:29:00] <ebrasca> yes and yes.
[14:29:22] <ebrasca> stage 1 ppc64le
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[14:41:09] <oaken-source> ebrasca: could you send me the full build log?
[14:49:23] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Do you mean config.log?
[14:52:02] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Here http://ix.io
[14:54:36] <ebrasca> oaken-source: And http://ix.io
[15:26:20] <oaken-source> ebrasca: how odd, it is missing the configure flags...
[15:26:31] <oaken-source> let me take another look at the scripts
[15:29:01] <oaken-source> ebrasca: right. I found my error
[15:29:07] <oaken-source> will push a fix soon
[15:35:15] <ebrasca> oaken-source: We are doing this port good.
[15:53:02] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Can you tell me when you push your fix?
[16:13:10] <oaken-source> ebrasca: fix is pushed
[17:49:17] <ebrasca> oaken-source: http://ix.io
[17:56:28] <oaken-source> ebrasca: :|
[17:56:56] <oaken-source> it just worked for me an hour age
[17:56:59] <oaken-source> *ago
[17:58:13] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I have fix it updating version.
[17:58:48] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I only ask about it.
[18:00:43] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I get pkgver=8.1.0 of gcc-libs ...
[18:01:15] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Do you have last update of parabola?
[18:01:35] <oaken-source> ebrasca: I think I do, yes
[18:02:27] <ebrasca> oaken-source: http://ix.io
[18:03:43] <oaken-source> oh damn, you know what - I am indeed working on outdated pkgfiles
[18:04:39] <oaken-source> I forgot that asp doesn't fetch updates automatically
[18:04:45] <oaken-source> rebuilding on updated pkgfiles now.
[18:07:04] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Do I wait for you or I try to fix it?
[18:07:43] <oaken-source> no need to wait, go ahead and give it a shot
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[18:48:02] <oaken-source> I had to restart again - working on outdated pkgfiles is no fun ^^
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[18:50:15] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Not all packages are outdated.
[18:50:50] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I think gcc-libs can give problems to update.
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[19:15:27] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I think I better wait.
[19:16:16] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Why make duplicate work?
[19:16:30] <oaken-source> true.
[19:20:13] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I go test some mezzano usb image.
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[19:47:12] <ebrasca> oaken-source: back
[19:47:19] <oaken-source> ebrasca: welcome back
[19:48:33] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Do you think you can have stage updated for today?
[19:54:04] <oaken-source> ebrasca: I'm not sure, I had to go back to stage 1
[19:54:18] <oaken-source> the gcc-8.1.0 update was a bit meaner than I anticipated
[19:54:22] <oaken-source> but I think I got it figured out
[19:54:44] <oaken-source> ah, back to stage2
[19:58:21] <ebrasca> oaken-source: In stage2 gcc-libs is the most hard part I think.
[19:59:58] <oaken-source> eh, we'll figure it out.
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[21:20:35] <ebrasca> oaken-source: How are you going?
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[21:27:43] <oaken-source> ebrasca: almost finished with stage2
[21:27:45] <oaken-source> again :)
[21:30:35] <ebrasca> oaken-source: For me gcc-libs is hard .
[21:32:28] <oaken-source> I rebuilt stage1 with a 8.1.0 gcc
[21:32:34] <oaken-source> that made it easier I think
[21:32:40] <oaken-source> but now perl breaks
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[22:02:55] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I can try help if you need it.
[22:03:48] <oaken-source> ebrasca: eh, it's fine. the problems are mostly trivial stuff.
[22:03:59] <oaken-source> I'll hand it back over to you for stage 3 :)
[22:04:09] <oaken-source> half an hour maybe
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[23:05:55] <oaken-source> ebrasca: takes a bit longer than I thought. might not finish today
[23:07:43] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Take your time.
[23:08:47] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Have good nigth.
[23:10:22] <oaken-source> you too :)