#archlinux-ports | Logs for 2018-05-22

[00:05:21] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I can't sleep ... reinstaling parabola VM.
[00:05:57] <oaken-source> ebrasca: haha :D
[00:06:08] <oaken-source> I'm still working on a regression in gcc-8.1
[00:06:22] <oaken-source> but I might just go to sleep.
[00:06:28] <oaken-source> expect build failures in stage 3
[00:19:18] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Have good nigth.
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[08:18:05] <oaken-source> ebrasca: stage3 makes good progress. I pushed a new commit that fixes a couple of things.
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[11:42:25] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Hi
[11:47:30] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Can i ask you from what cpu architecture you are building?
[12:44:54] <oaken-source> ebrasca: I'm running the scripts on x86_64
[12:57:36] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I get "==> ERROR: Failure while downloading ftp://ftp.kernel.org"
[13:21:44] <oaken-source> ebrasca: yeah, the source urls for kbd and kmod are a bit broken.
[13:22:04] <oaken-source> try to find the files tarballs and signatures on the respective websites and save them to build/sources/
[13:22:39] <oaken-source> I didn't want to patch the pkgbuilds for that, because they will work perfectly fine if the sources are available
[13:26:21] <oaken-source> ebrasca: here for example: https://www.kernel.org
[13:27:23] <oaken-source> you'll generally find the files pretty easily through duckduckgo or similar
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[14:24:22] <ebrasca> oaken-source: remaining packages go up and down, is it normal?
[14:33:49] <oaken-source> ebrasca: yeah
[14:34:02] <oaken-source> the scripts figure out dependencies that need to be built along the way
[14:34:06] <oaken-source> and add them to the package list
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[14:34:46] <oaken-source> you can look at the file build/stage*/DEPTREE for the current state
[14:35:02] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I get much of "bsdtar: Failed to set default locale"
[14:35:25] <oaken-source> it lists the remaining packages to build, as well as their unmet dependencies, and what added them to the list
[14:35:32] <oaken-source> the bsdtar errors are probably benign
[14:36:22] <oaken-source> as long as it doesn't crash, probably everything is fine :)
[14:37:34] <ebrasca> oaken-source: How much space it need?
[14:37:55] <ebrasca> oaken-source: My VM have 40GiB of space.
[14:38:05] <oaken-source> that might not be enough. let me check
[14:40:16] <oaken-source> the complete directory tree of the riscv bootstrap takes 31GB
[14:40:21] <oaken-source> plus the size of the chroot
[14:40:51] <oaken-source> another 2GB for stage3 and stage4
[14:41:09] <oaken-source> plus the size of the toolchain packages
[14:41:18] <oaken-source> a couple hundred megabytes perhaps
[14:42:52] <oaken-source> so 40GB might be a bit close
[14:43:04] <oaken-source> I'd aim for 60 - 70 perhaps to be on the safe side
[14:43:10] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I have 40"GiB"
[14:43:38] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I have more than 40GB ...
[14:44:32] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Why sometimes GB is = to GiB?
[14:44:41] <oaken-source> I'm not sure what unit the du program uses
[14:44:44] <oaken-source> it just sais G
[14:45:04] <ebrasca> Yea
[14:45:20] <oaken-source> still, I'd go for 50% safety margin, so 60"G"
[14:45:23] <oaken-source> :8
[14:45:24] <oaken-source> :8
[14:45:25] <oaken-source> :)
[14:46:13] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Can I resize my VM disk bigger?
[14:47:03] <oaken-source> probably, yeah
[14:47:13] <oaken-source> truncate and resizefs maybe?
[14:47:19] <oaken-source> depends on your partition layout
[14:47:57] <ebrasca> oaken-source: 1 partion system
[14:48:22] <ebrasca> oaken-source: It is only for porting parabola to talos II ...
[14:51:02] <oaken-source> raw image or qcow2?
[14:51:10] <ebrasca> oaken-source: probably raw
[14:51:38] <oaken-source> if it's raw, you can try to use truncate to resize it, and then bind it to a loop device using losetup
[14:51:57] <oaken-source> and then resize2fs
[14:52:03] <oaken-source> wait, no
[14:52:04] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I think I am fine with 40G*
[14:52:13] <oaken-source> first repartition, then resize2fs
[14:52:36] <oaken-source> ebrasca: if you run out of space, you can always remove the ppc64le-makepkg directories from build/
[14:52:44] <oaken-source> only the packages/ directories are really needed for subsequent stages
[14:52:57] <oaken-source> come to think of it, this might be easier :)
[14:53:24] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Yea thanks.
[14:54:29] <ebrasca> oaken-source: 8GB of RAM is too small ...
[14:56:05] <oaken-source> ebrasca: should be enough
[14:58:25] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I can't run mezzano or my email server for now...
[15:12:39] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Yea stage3
[15:16:23] <oaken-source> :)
[15:17:27] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Is stage3 working?
[15:22:33] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I am almost sure pacman.patch is bad in stage 2 and 3.
[15:24:41] <ebrasca> oaken-source: In my "PKGBUILD" , I don't have anything about "armv7l".
[15:24:46] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Of pacman
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[15:27:20] <tyzoid> oaken-source / ebrasca: lmk if you want me to remove it, I like to use it to keep track of who's actually here working on ports
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[15:29:35] <ebrasca> tyzoid: I and oaken-source , he make the hard part.
[15:29:38] <ebrasca> l
[15:33:36] <oaken-source> oooh +v :O
[15:33:37] <oaken-source> thanks :)
[15:33:53] <oaken-source> ebrasca: pacman.patch might be bad on stage3, yeah
[15:34:06] <oaken-source> I haven't come across that yet
[15:34:17] <oaken-source> still building gcc
[15:34:34] <ebrasca> What is this of +v ?
[15:34:59] <oaken-source> it means you have a voice
[15:35:21] <oaken-source> doesn't do much :)
[15:35:42] <ebrasca> I was thinking it is someting like van/ban.
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[18:38:55] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Can I stop stage3 and later continue?
[18:40:56] <oaken-source> ebrasca: yes. but you have to restart the current running package build from the beginning
[18:41:08] <oaken-source> meaning, the scripts will do that for you
[18:41:52] <ebrasca> oaken-source: How long take you last time stage3?
[18:43:02] <oaken-source> ebrasca: a couple of days
[18:43:32] <oaken-source> the gcc build just failed after 10 hours of runtime. that's always fun ^^
[18:43:49] <oaken-source> oh wow, gotta restart stage1
[18:44:07] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Can I use more than 1 cpu threads for stage3?
[18:44:19] <oaken-source> ebrasca: yes.
[18:44:26] <ebrasca> oaken-source: How?
[18:44:28] <oaken-source> it will use the system makepkg.conf
[18:44:34] <oaken-source> I think
[18:44:35] <oaken-source> maybe
[18:44:37] <oaken-source> let me check
[18:45:04] <oaken-source> I'm wrong
[18:45:25] <oaken-source> stage3 will automatically use parallelism tailored to the number of available cpus
[18:45:30] <oaken-source> stage4 as wel
[18:46:53] <oaken-source> ebrasca: I made a mistake configuring the cross compiler in stage1
[18:46:59] <oaken-source> I'm afraid you have to restart
[18:47:12] <ebrasca> oaken-source: ...
[18:48:04] <oaken-source> reaching stage3 is fast though.
[18:48:15] <ebrasca> oaken-source: But stage 3 only uses 1 thread for me.
[18:49:06] <oaken-source> how many cpus does your virtual machine have?
[18:49:14] <oaken-source> and what does `nproc` return?
[18:49:46] <ebrasca> oaken-source: nproc give 8
[18:50:11] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I think 1 cpu and 8 threads.
[18:50:32] <oaken-source> stage 3 sets MAKEFLAGS to $((nproc + 1))
[18:50:56] <ebrasca> oaken-source: --enable-kvm -cpu host -smp threads=8
[18:51:02] <oaken-source> in src/stage3/makepkg.sh
[18:57:32] <oaken-source> ebrasca: are you in stage2 already?
[18:57:46] <oaken-source> if not, please pull again. I made some more changes to the patches
[19:00:29] <oaken-source> rawr. still broken.
[19:02:55] <oaken-source> hopefully fixed now
[19:12:52] <ebrasca> oaken-source: How do you reset to start from stage1 and save all downloaded sources?
[19:19:04] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I don't understand why in first place you have put CARCH=ppc64le , I have send you with CARCH=powerpc64le .
[19:29:15] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Copiling.
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[19:56:45] <oaken-source> ebrasca: I thought they were the same
[19:56:49] <oaken-source> and they almost are :)
[19:56:59] <oaken-source> to keep the sources, only remove build/stage*
[19:57:10] <oaken-source> and the build chroot created by librechroot, of course
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[21:34:45] <ebrasca> oaken-source: yea stage3
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[21:39:32] <oaken-source> ebrasca: already?
[21:39:40] <oaken-source> wow, your machine is more powerful than mine
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[21:41:19] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I get this http://ix.io I have qemu-user-static-binfmt.
[21:41:41] <ebrasca> http://ix.io
[21:42:37] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Can I run stage3 in talosII?
[21:43:08] <oaken-source> ebrasca: eh, I'd rather do it in a chroot
[21:43:20] <oaken-source> I think I know what's wrong
[21:43:35] <oaken-source> in qemu, the arch is called ppc64le, not powerpc64le
[21:44:18] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I think the same.
[21:44:26] <ebrasca> oaken-source: But I am not sure.
[21:45:40] <oaken-source> ebrasca: you can add the following line to /usr/bin/librechroot
[21:45:41] <oaken-source> powerpc64le) setarch=ppc64le; interpreter=/usr/bin/qemu-ppc64le-static ;;
[21:46:08] <oaken-source> in the 'case' before the cross compile checks
[21:47:45] <oaken-source> ebrasca: I might send a patch to the mailing list later.
[21:50:02] <ebrasca> oaken-source: I undestand how case work from common lisp.
[21:50:54] <ebrasca> oaken-source: For now it is working.
[22:27:24] <oaken-source> great :)
[22:27:38] <oaken-source> my stage3 just started the gcc build.
[22:28:03] <oaken-source> that's going to take a while, so I'll just go to sleep now
[22:35:48] <ebrasca> oaken-source: Good nigth.
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